Aerial Lifts in Maryland

Aerial lifts support the flow of power and data across Maryland

Aerial lifts are critical to the success of transportation infrastructure, data information systems and the flow of electric power across Maryland. Moreover, aerial lifts create a safe and effective way to provide necessary maintenance and service to wind turbines, which are proving to be a very powerful source of renewable energy. Forestry and tree care applications for vehicle-mounted aerial lifts are numerous, and as is the case with virtually all forestry work, Maryland’s rugged forests demand the toughest equipment. Maryland’s highways that cross the state are primarily the responsibility of the the Maryland Department of Transportation, which uses aerial lifts to manage and maintain signage, traffic signals and lighting.

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Electric Power and Utility Industry in Maryland

Aerial lifts that support electric utility infrastructure spend a great deal of time in service. As a state, Maryland is reliant upon nuclear power. Maryland’s only nuclear power plant, the Calvert Cliffs power station, accounts for 44% of the state’s net electricity generation. Renewables account for an additional 10 percent of net electricity generation.

Aerial lifts support the work of all of the electric utility companies. Some of the major electric utility providers in Maryland are:

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Telecommunications Construction & Maintenance in Maryland

Aerial lifts enable efficient construction and management of telecommunications infrastructure. High speed data connections and cable TV systems are supported through telecommunications cable, which is more often than not strung overhead. Consumers have a great deal of choice in Maryland, as there are a total of 131 internet service providers in the state.

Versalift aerial lifts have supported major telecommunications providers for decades. Some of Maryland’s telecommunications and CATV companies are listed below:

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Bucket Trucks and their applications for Forestry in Maryland

Forestry bucket trucks that are used to support forestry and vegetation management efforts in Maryland must be rugged and durable to match the jobs they perform.  Nearly 50% of the total land area of Maryland is covered by tree canopy. The state forests in Maryland are the responsibility of the Department of Natural Resources. Logging is serious business in the state, where forest products generate more than $4 billion per year. Versalift Forestry provides a lower true cost of ownership to forestry fleets. Learn more at



Aerial lifts for Bridge Inspection in Maryland

Bridge inspection equipment in Maryland is necessary because all bridges in the state must be inspected at least once every 24 months. With more than 5,300 bridges in the state, the Maryland Department of Transportation stays busy just ensuring that bridge inspection engineers, and other contractors who are licensed for Maryland bridge inspection, get their work done on time.

The Bay Bridge, which is also called the William Preston Lane Jr Memorial Bridge, spans the Chesapeake Bay. The bridge itself is almost 5 miles long, and its highest point is at 186 feet. Some consider the Bay Bridge to be among the world’s scariest bridges to drive, due to frequent and violent storms that lower visibility for drivers.

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With a population of more than six million people, Maryland is just south of Washington DC, and is inextricably linked to the nation’s capital. Annapolis is the state capital and home to the United States Naval Academy. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, with a Metropolitan Statistical Area of nearly 3 million people. Because Baltimore is a principal city in the larger Washington DC- metro area, it is actually considered to have a population approaching ten million people. Frederick is a city and community closely tied to American history, as a crossroads and Civil War capital of Maryland.

Notes on Aerial Lift Safety from the United States Department of Labor

Maryland Aerial Lift Safety

Maryland Aerial Lift Safety is highly visible due to population density and the number of roads in the state. All safety codes are strictly enforced throughout the state, and are written to be in alignment with the United States Department of Labor’s OSHA regulations on Aerial Lift Safety.

You can find the OSHA Aerial lift factsheet here.