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Bucket Trucks for Electric Power Distribution

Versalift insulated bucket trucks, digger derricks, aerial lifts and cable placers create the best value for electric power distribution network management.

Bucket Trucks in the Electric Power Distribution Industry

Insulated aerial lifts and digger derricks play a critical role in the Electric Power Distribution Industry. Because the majority of electrical power is distributed to homes and businesses through overhead means, insulated aerial lifts provide linemen safe access to the distribution lines they must manage and maintain.

Since its founding in 1965, Versalift has been a leading innovator in the development of insulated aerial lifts

Working Height
35.58 ft (10.67 m) - 99.75 ft (30.18 m)
Height to Bottom of Platform
30.58 ft (9.14 m) - 94.75 ft (28.65 m)
Horizontal Reach
23.42 ft (7.01 m) - 61.67 ft (18.59 m)
Stowed Travel Height
9.75 ft (2.74 m) - 12.42 ft (3.66 m)
Platform Capacity
350 lbs (158.76 kg) - 600 lbs (272.15 kg)
Insulated or Non-insulated
Material Handling


Growing Need for Cheaper, More Reliable energy

With increasing demand for uninterrupted, inexpensive energy, the companies that build, repair, maintain and manage electrical power distribution networks need the tools to meet that demand. Versalift insulated aerial lifts, with a reputation for safety, reliability and overall quality, are those tools.

Challenges Facing the Power Distribution Industry

The electric power distribution industry faces several challenges. Growing demand from customers and heavy investment in upgrading existing aging infrastructure are two major hurdles. Each year, investor-owned utilities, electricity co-ops and other organizations are investing billions of dollars in improvements to distribution infrastructure. With the onus on electrical distribution companies to improve efficiency and lower costs, fleet managers need to make sure they purchase or lease the bucket trucks that will help their organizations continue to safely do just that.

The Versalift Fleet of Insulated Aerial Lifts for Electrical Power Distribution

Versalift designs and builds insulated aerial lifts with material handling options and digger derricks to its customers. These customers include hundreds of electrical power distribution maintenance fleets around the world. Versalift bucket trucks come in a variety of working heights. They are engineered to serve the specific set of functions required in the construction, maintenance and management of the grid.

Investor owned utilities, electrical co-ops and other power distribution organizations must ensure the safety of their people. Because electricity is dangerous, it is crucial that fleet managers choose the safest equipment available to them. At Versalift, safety is our highest priority. We have invented several safety innovations, including ElectroGuard and TruGuard. ElectroGuard is available on every insulated telescopic and articulated telescopic aerial lift up to 60 feet. Many of our lifts can be customized with TruGuard™, our patented upper control isolation system. The optional TruGuard™ Safety System provides an added layer of protection to linemen who are working at the platform.

Versalift Equipment for Electric Power Distribution

Choose from a huge variety of Versalift aerial lifts, from van-mounted, 29’ lifts to articulated telescopic VSTs with material handling capabilities, reaching 108’. Our insulated aerial lifts are complemented by the powerful, innovative TMD Digger Derrick series, which increases productivity with full pressure hydraulic controls.

Versalift insulated aerial lifts are designed to work as part of your team

Each Versalift aerial lift is delivered with the configuration, warranty and parts support that our customers require. We are committed to keeping our customers’ fleets in service and functioning with as little downtime as possible.

At Versalift, we work directly with fleet managers to design custom solutions that provide the required tools, controls and configurations.

Choose from a variety of Versalift insulated aerial lifts and digger derricks, each of which is built specifically for the Electrical Power Distribution Industry. Customizations support fleet managers to be fully confident in their equipment and the safety of their employees.


At Versalift, every insulated aerial lift is designed to exceed the dielectric requirements of ANSI and OSHA.

Less Downtime, Faster Response, More Profitable

Your Versalift will spend more time at work

Your Versalift bucket truck has the configuration, warranty and parts support that reflect our commitment to keeping our Electrical Power Distribution Customers’ fleets on the road, and functioning with as little downtime as absolutely necessary.

Choose from a huge variety of Versalift aerial lifts, from van-mounted, 29’ lifts to articulated telescopic VSTs with material handling capabilities, reaching 108’. Our insulated aerial lifts are complemented by the powerful, innovative TMD Digger Derrick series, which increases productivity with full pressure hydraulic controls. Our insulated aerial lifts provide electric power distribution fleet managers with the tools they need to safely maximize the capability and efficiency of their fleets. This means less downtime, faster fleet response and greater profitability.


The culture of innovation and quality at Versalift powers our passion to be the best.

  • ElectroGuard - Provides a 42" dielectric gap in the Versalift boom, which is more than double the gap of our competitors
  • TruGuard 2.0™ - Versalift's newly redesigned upper control isolating system provides another level of protection to linemen working in an aerial lift from phase-to-phase electrical contact
  • Non-lub Lift Bearings - Non-Lub lift bearings require little to no maintenance and are designed to last the life of the truck
  • No Mandatory Tear-downs - Versalift bucket trucks are engineered to the highest standard of quality so that they last safely and reliably

About Versalift

As the industry quality leader in bucket trucks, Versalift also manufacturers aerial devices, digger derricks and other specialty equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution, investor-owned utility, telecommunication, light & sign, and tree care industries. Working with co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and family of distributors, the company manufactures, sells and services bucket trucks in North America, South America, and Europe and employs nearly 700 associates worldwide. For further information about telescopic articulated bucket trucks please contact us at sales@versalift.com.

  • Horizontal Reach
    40.2 ft (12.25 m)
    Sheave Reach
    50.3 ft (15.33 m)
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  • Horizontal Reach
    35.2 ft (10.73 m)
    Sheave Reach
    45.4 ft (13.84 m)
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  • Working Height:
    60.5 ft (18.4 m)
    Insulated or Non-insulated:
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