Bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks that designed and manufactured by Versalift are available in working heights ranging from 29 to 235 feet.  We pride ourselves on our ability to design and deliver the highest quality, safest, and most reliable aeriel lifts in the industry.  When you buy a Versalift bucket truck, it comes with more than 50 years of innovation, engineering, and manufacturing excellence.  Versalift Bucket trucks are backed by the strongest Distribution network in the business, our family of dealers can all of your service and maintenance needs whether you have just one bucket truck or a fleet of 1000 or more.

We have organized our bucket trucks aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks by height below.

100ft & Above

Elevated Work platform Aerial lifts that have vertical reach of more than 100 feet are able to safely and reliably access some of the tallest elements of electrical infrastructure in the world. They are also used to service and repair wind turbines and their blades.

29ft - 45ft

Bucket trucks with vertical reach of 29’-45’ commonly function function as everyday service vehicles for telecommunications and electric utility companies. Bucket vans, with a reach of 29’ are service vehicles for large corporate fleets and small, local businesses alike.

45ft - 65ft

Bucket Trucks that range in height between 45 and 65 feet are extremely versatile.  Used predominantly in the Telecommunications, Power Utility, and Tree Care industries, these trucks are often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of the industry.  Versalift Bucket Trucks in this range are the safest, most reliable, and most trusted lineman tool offered.

65ft - 100ft

Bucket trucks with a working height of 65’-100’ augment the abilities of service fleets by providing a safe and efficient way to access and complete tasks in high places. Optional configurations make these bucket trucks extremely versatile, especially for fleets that must complete any task in a set geographical area.