Job Title:                                Quality Assurance Tester/Inspector

General Summary:

Conduct visual inspections and functional, structural, and dielectric testing (when required) of Versalift Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks, and create records of such testing and inspection, to provide evidence that the unit was produced in compliance with the Lift Order and meets or exceeds designed performance.


Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Read and understand the Lift Order, which defines the features of the unit. Visually inspect the unit to determine that all features of the order are fulfilled by the unit, including model, serial numbers match, paint color and options.
  2. Safely use lifting devices to mount and dismount units.
  3. Safely operate the unit to perform all functions listed on the test sheet and check each item as it is completed.
  4. Have all operational problems repaired by Assembly personnel, as encountered, prior to resuming the test procedures.
  5. Inspect critical welds while weight testing the holding valves.
  6. Safely set up and perform dielectric tests as required by the units design and fill out appropriate test forms.
  7. List all discrepancies needing attention before the unit can be shipped, such as paint touch up, covers left off for test inspection, etc.
  8. Record all testing information as a reference for the Final Inspection.
  9. Perform all functions within the guidelines of prescribed safety standards.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Must be able to read and comprehend Work Orders and Change Orders.

Must be able to read and comprehend engineering drawings.

Must be able to recognize lift parts and accessories.

Must be able to recognize visible weld discrepancies.

Must be able to perform functional tests.

Must be able to perform dielectric tests.

Must be able to function as a team member.

Must be able to communicate effectively, verbally and in written form.

Must be able to effectively train other tester/inspectors.

Ability to work in heat, cold, dust, noise, inside or outside as required.

Must be able to work shifts, hours and overtime as required.


About Us

Versalift a Time Manufacturing Company, is situated on 28 acres in Waco, Texas where two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with over 300,000 square feet under roof, comprise one of the premier factories of its kind in the world. Through vertical integration Time monitors and maintains the quality of all products from the initial purchase of steel all the way through final testing. With over 50 years of experience in the aerial lift industry, Versalift continues to adapt to changing markets, in a changing world, with a clear commitment to quality through unequaled innovative design and manufacturing.

Aerial lifts have been the focus of Versalift in its effort to continue to innovate its engineering and manufacturing processes, and the company has continued to deliver the safest, most reliable and highest quality bucket trucks to its customers, in a variety of industries, for more than 50 years. If you are responsible for a fleet that maintains electrical power distribution or transmission lines, telecommunication lines, lighting, signage and traffic signals, or forests and parks, Versalift’s high-quality, safe and reliable catalog of bucket trucks is essential to your future success.

Job Type: Full-time



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