• Time Manufacturing Company Relaunches Corporate Website Time Manufacturing Company, owner of market-leading utility equipment brands Versalift and Aspen Aerials, relaunched its corporate website on March 18th. Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of world-class vehicle-mounted aerial lifts, digger derricks, bucket trucks, cable placers, and bridge inspection equipment. Supplier to key telecommunications and electric utility… Read more »

  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – ANSI Standards Promote Safety & Competitiveness   “Mobile Elevating Work Platform,” or MEWP, is terminology being used by ANSI to describe some Aerial Work Platforms in its ANSI A92.2 Standards.  ANSI, which is the American National Standards Institute, provides a set of standards for all American manufacturers and producers, and… Read more »

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  • Bridge Inspection Equipment Manufacturer Aspen Aerials is Rising to Meet Demand   Bridge inspection equipment is in constant use as states, counties and municipalities work to monitor, maintain and improve the safety and reliability of their transportation infrastructure system, across the United States. Aspen Aerials is at the forefront of bridge inspection innovation, with units… Read more »

  • Forestry Bucket Trucks at Versalift Forestry Forestry Bucket Trucks are a specialized type of aerial lift-equipped utility vehicle. The best forestry bucket trucks are designed, assembled and upfitted specifically for the rugged work of maintaining timberlands, parks, forests and other wild places.  Versalift Forestry builds robust, high reaching units that are uplifted with durable bodies, world-class… Read more »

  • Cable Placer vehicles are unique pieces of mobile equipment that have proven to provide the most cost effective method of construction and maintenance of Cable TV and Telecom aerial cable networks. These cable placer trucks are upfitted and configured to support a complete set of cable handling equipment to provide operators with the most efficient… Read more »

  • Waco, Texas – Aerial lift manufacturer Versalift, a Time Manufacturing Company, announced today that it has acquired Cannon Truck Equipment in a transaction that establishes a new company-owned distributor called “Versalift Midwest”. Versalift Midwest sells new Versalift truck-mounted aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks. It will also serve customers with a broad set of… Read more »