Find Bucket Trucks – Search and Filter at

Find Bucket Trucks Filter Sort Equipment

Bucket Trucks – Versalift Equipment Filter

Find bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift can be searched and sorted by several equipment attributes at the company’s website, Prominently displayed near the top of the Versalift home page is the ‘VIEW LIFTS’ button, which takes users directly to the VIEW ALL EQUIPMENT page at

Bucket Trucks Filter Sort Equipment

Bucket Trucks – View All Equipment

Bucket trucks are initially presented by height on the VIEW ALL EQUIPMENT page. Visitors can use a series of filters at the top of the page to refine the equipment they want to view. Visitors can opt to filter equipment by model, industry application, equipment type, working height and additional bucket truck attributes.

Find Bucket Trucks Filter Sort Equipment

Sort & Filter Bucket Trucks:

  • Versalift Model – Bucket truck customers often visit the website with a specific unit in mind.  For example, VANTEL-29 and VST-47-MHI units have gained a broad appeal.

  • Industry Application – Sort Versalift equipment by industry to see the range of fleet vehicles available to electric utility, telecommunications, municipal and forestry organizations.

  • Equipment Type – Refine a search quickly to isolate digger derricks, cable placers or articulated telescopic units

  • Working Height – Further refine a search by selecting a range of equipment working heights

  • Insulated Unit (Y/N) – Select whether your bucket truck requirements include insulation. For more information on Versalift safety systems, please visit

  • Material Handling (Y/N) – Select whether your equipment requirements include material handling capacity. Versalift bucket trucks feature several jib and winch configurations

Bucket Truck Search – An Example

In our example, a visitor is looking for electric power distribution equipment at

  1. First, the visitor clicks on the ‘view lifts’ button.

  2. The visitor then chooses ‘Electric Power Distribution,’ and ‘45ft – 65ft’ Height Range.

  3. Lastly the visitor opts for Material Handling and Insulation options, and clicks ‘Apply.’


By using the Find Bucket Truck filter tool, our visitor ends up with a short list of Versalift bucket trucks that meet his requirements. From this short list of search results, the visitor can select three units to compare, side-by-side. Further detail and downloads are available.


Find Bucket truck searches are a popular tool at Any visitor to the website can perform searches like this at, and continue to add further detail, refining bucket truck, cable placer, digger derrick and high reach equipment searches, before contacting the company directly.

Search bucket trucks From Anywhere Using the Sort & Filter Tool at