Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale – Financing and Rental Options

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Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale – Financing and Rental Options at Versalift Aerial Lift Equipment for Sale and built by Versalift serve a global base of customers across a broad group of industries. Often, fleets encounter jobs that require additional equipment, and that means that they need to either purchase or rent. Versalift Capital and TRL… Read more »

Aerial Lifts for 5G Construction & Ongoing Maintenance

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5G Bucket Truck

Aerial lifts are installed onto tens of thousands of trucks in American telecommunications fleets. Over the next decade, telecommunications fleets will need to grow to address the enormous project of implementing a 5G nationwide wireless network.The aerial lifts that are built for current telecommunications networks can only handle a portion of the task of building… Read more »

BrandFX Joins Versalift With Time Manufacturing Acquisition

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BrandFX Joins Versalift With Time Manufacturing Acquisition welcome message

In a release made public on November 6, 2019, Time Manufacturing Company, the parent company of Versalift, has announced that it has acquired BrandFX, the world’s largest composite body manufacturer. Established in 1984, BrandFX provides innovative, lightweight “line” and “service” bodies to fleets throughout North America. BrandFX bodies are widely considered to be the best… Read more »

Bucket Truck – Versalift PHX 150-I – Innovative & Insulated Unit for the Highest-Reaching Jobs

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Bucket truck manufacturer Versalift has recently introduced the PHX-150-I, a new and innovative Heavy Duty 150 Foot Transmission Aerial Lift, specifically designed for the construction and maintenance of electric power transmission lines. These lines connect power generation plants to substations, and are located high in the air because they carry the most powerful and potentially… Read more »

Aerial Lift – Portrait of a Popular Versalift Bucket Truck – SST-37-EIH

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Aerial Lift Fleet Equipment- Power Distribution Aerial lift-equipped vehicles that are designed and built by Versalift offer several key advantages to the fleets and other organizations that use them. Versalift distributors offer fleets and contractors a lower true cost of ownership. This is in large part because of smarter engineering and more reliable equipment design…. Read more »

Aerial Lift Manufacturing Efficiency – Versalift Meets Demand Faster than Its Competitors

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Aerial Lifts - Versalift Distributors are Quoting Faster Delivery

Aerial Lifts – Versalift to Meet Growing Demand Faster than the Competition Aerial lifts are an ordinary sight in North America – we see them every day as we drive to and from work, on the side of road, supporting technicians who are restoring power, changing lighting or signage, or any number of tasks that… Read more »

Forestry Bucket Trucks – Custom Built at Versalift Forestry

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Forestry Bucket Trucks at Versalift Forestry Forestry Bucket Trucks are a specialized type of aerial lift-equipped utility vehicle. The best forestry bucket trucks are designed, assembled and upfitted specifically for the rugged work of maintaining timberlands, parks, forests and other wild places.  Versalift Forestry builds robust, high reaching units that are uplifted with durable bodies, world-class… Read more »

Versalift Inks Landmark Agreements with XUJI ELECTRIC, A subsidiary of the State Electric Grid of China

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Aerial lift manufacturer Versalift signs two new partnership agreements with Xuji Electric, a wholly owned subsidiary of the State Electric Grid of China, on December 18, 2018. This date, which falls on the 40th anniversary of the opening of China to foreign investment, is an auspicious moment. Versalift is a global manufacturer of bucket trucks,… Read more »

Aerial Lifts by Versalift Have A Lightweight Advantage

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Aerial lilt - Versalift - VO-350-X-MHI

Aerial Lifts built by Versalift have earned their reputation for lasting quality and durability. Their lightweight construction is a difference-maker that fleets find attractive. Aerial lifts, which are built to safely and efficiently convey technicians into the air to service, install and maintain overhead systems, can be found on every continent, except Antarctica. There are… Read more »