Used bucket trucks for sale – certified by Versalift, and guaranteed to last.  We add value to your business by providing used bucket trucks, digger derricks and cable placers where and when you need them. Many of our used bucket trucks are fleet vehicles which have been carefully maintained, and are ready to go to work right away.

If you are planning to buy a used bucket truck you will want to act fast to get on a waiting list as most fleet managers keep their old bucket trucks in forces as they await delivery of their new custom built ones.  As a manufacturer, Versalift is uniquely positioned to expedite the turnaround and delivery of your new used bucket truck.  Please contact us today by visiting our factory store at Utility Truck Trader.

Bucket Trucks for sale are available across every industry that we serve in with our New models.  Every industry has a maintenance and service guideline that is specific to how used bucket trucks will be used in the field.  An advantage of buying used from our factory store is that we have access to history, service records, and certify our used aerial lifts to meet the same standards as those purchased new for your industry.


Used bucket trucks are essential to the power grid and its connected circuits. The power grid is a complex network of electrical power lines comprised of transmission and distribution lines. The backbone of the grid is made up of nearly 300,000 miles of transmission power lines. Additionally, there are millions of miles of distribution lines, and they must be maintained. Businesses that are responsible for those lines often rely upon used bucket trucks to do that.

Power Transmission – Because the majority of American electrical power is moved within the high-voltage transmission network through towers that carry it far overhead, the used aerial lifts that are used to service it must be extremely stable and able to reach more than one hundred feet into the air.

Power Distribution – Power is transferred through substations to individual communities through lower-voltage distribution lines.  Outages can cost electrical utilities tens of thousands of dollars a minute, and reliable used aerial lifts can help an organization to efficiently manage them.


A telecommunications fleet that includes used bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks has a crucial daily role in the installation, maintenance and servicing of the thousands of systems that comprise the American telecom network. This network consists of fixed-wire copper transmission cabling and fiber optic cabling that interconnect data and voice communication.  In order to be consistently profitable, these private and public networks require maintenance fleet vehicles and fast-response trouble trucks to be deployed at moments notice.  Our telescopic, telescopic-articulating and overcenter used aerial lifts, and our digger derrick and cable placer series ensure that any fleet will be well equipped.

Light Telescopic (LT) – Lightweight used aerial lift mounted on a nimble chassis.

Telescopic (TEL) – Workhorse used bucket truck for overhead systems maintenance.

Side by Side Telescopic (SST) – Heavier workhorse used bucket truck for overhead systems maintenance

Side Mounted Telescopic Articulating (VST) – Capable of reaching from 40 to 100 feet in the air, VST Used Bucket Trucks can provide power, stability and durability to a telecommunications fleet.


Municipalities, public works organizations and State Department of Transportations (DOTs) lean upon used bucket trucks to service and maintain street and highway lighting, traffic signals and signage. Often, city transportation departments are required to maintain a diverse set of communication instruments. To address the specific challenges of managing this equipment, Versalift presents used bucket trucks that include light telescopic, telescopic, side-by-side telescopic and telescopic articulating lifts.


As a part of their normal course of business, utility companies must address a set of challenges associated with vegetation management and tree care. Preventing trees from interfering with power delivery infrastructure is an essential task.  Additionally, public parks departments and forest services will sometimes rely upon used bucket trucks to care for, and maintain, trees on public lands.  Versalift Overcenter (VO) used aerial lifts are extremely durable and can reach over 75 feet in height.  VO used bucket trucks have optional elevators, which can put technicians more than 100 feet into the air, as well as optional material handling.  Versalift SST used bucket trucks can also provide material handling and more than 450 pounds of platform capacity for when the job requires it.


LT – Versalift light telescoping Used Bucket Trucks are safe, reliable, and versatile, and are commonly found within the telecommunications and light utility industries.

SST – Versalift SST Used Bucket Trucks are versatile, customizable and have industry leading reach. With built-in redundant safety features and lower lifecycle costs, SST Used Aerial Lifts are safe, reliable and the highest quality in the industry.

STP – The STP cable placer Used Bucket Truck is predominantly used for the stringing of new cable. With industry-leading side reach and platform capacity, it is used in the telecom, and electrical power distribution and transmission industries

T – With a telescoping lift, the lightweight Versalift T series is customizable and versatile, and is predominantly used in the telecom and light & sign industries

TEL – The TEL series of Versalift Used Bucket Trucks features a simple telescoping Used Aerial Lift. Safe and reliable, TELs are customizable and versatile, and are common fleet vehicles in a variety of industries.

TMD – The TMD line of Versalift Used Digger Derricks is essential equipment for the construction and maintenance of telecom, distribution, and transmission networks. Choose from a range of sheave heights and load capacities.

VANTEL – Van-mounted telescoping lifts designed and built for the telecommunications industry. Highly maneuverable, with extra storage for equipment and parts, these buckets are high quality, safe and reliable. (Change image)

VN – Versalift non-overcenter Used Bucket Trucks offer high reach and stability, and can be configured with a variety of options. These Used Aerial Lifts are commonly used in vegetation management and as a telecommunications and power distribution fleet vehicle.

VO – The Versalift VO overcenter line of medium-heavy duty Used Bucket Trucks offers high horizontal and vertical reach. Highly customizable, the VO line is in high demand across a variety of industries.

VST – Versalift VST Used Bucket Trucks feature an articulating telescopic lift, and are built for medium to heavy duty work. Versatile and durable, the largest VSTs can reach over 100 ft into the air. Able to be customized in a number of ways, VST Used Bucket Trucks are used in a variety of industries.

VTP – The Versalift VTP line of used cable placers is primarily used for the stringing of new cable. With industry-leading side reach and platform capacity, the VTP line features fully hydraulic controls and up to 8,000 lbs of rear reel cable carrying capacity.

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