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Bucket trucks are incredibly important to the industries that use them. Because so much of the power grid is connected through overhead means, and it must be managed and maintained, aerial lifts are essential to both the Power Distribution and Power Transmission Industries. Nearly every home and business in the United States is connected to the power grid, and so bucket trucks can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in suburban communities and in business districts.

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Bucket trucks are crucial to electric utilities and they are equally important to the telecommunications industry. A majority of non-mobile telecom data is transferred via overhead cabling. As a result, aerial lifts play a crucial role in the maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications network.

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Bucket trucks support the important work of Municipalities, Public Works and State Departments of Transportation in the service and maintenance of highway lighting, traffic signals and signage. Additionally, tree care companies, public parks departments and forest services need bucket trucks to care for and maintain trees on public and private lands.

Aerial lifts have been the focus of Versalift in its effort to continue to innovate its engineering and manufacturing processes, and the company has continued to deliver the safest, most reliable and highest quality bucket trucks to its customers, in a variety of industries, for more than 50 years. If you are responsible for a fleet that maintains electrical power distribution or transmission lines, telecommunication lines, lighting, signage and traffic signals, or forests and parks, Versalift’s high-quality, safe and reliable catalog of bucket trucks is essential to your future success.

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Aerial lifts, digger derricks and cable placers for the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution, Telecommunications, Tree Care, Sign and Lighting Industries.
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Bucket truck safety is central to Truguard™, an improved version of the original, which was released in 2012 as Versalift’s best-in-class proprietary upper control isolating system. TruGuard™, which provides another level of protection to linemen working in aerial lifts from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground electrical contact, comes standard on every insulated aerial lift that is manufactured by Versalift.

TruGuard™ includes a redesigned proprietary isolation mechanism designed to create an increased isolation gap between the boom and the bucket.  This safety improvement allows for durable alloy controls that stand the test of time to be used instead of using plastic controls.

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Bucket trucks, cable placers, digger derricks and other utility trucks are the sole focus of Versalift. Because of the variety of industries served by Versalift, there are hundreds of unique lift configurations. Geography and population density are major factors in determining the best bucket trucks for a fleet. In densely populated areas, like cities, bucket trucks need to be small and maneuverable, but still have the ability to reach as high in the air.

Elevated work platforms provide flexibility to any number of construction and maintenance projects. Our popular SST line can be equipped with articulated telescopic aerial lifts, and meet that challenge. VSTs are heavier-duty and are more powerful, and so can reach higher. Built for stability and versatility, VSTs are engineered to work in any environment. The VO line is tough, and, with its overcenter aerial lift, it has the ruggedness, side reach and power to serve the forestry and tree maintenance industry.

Aerial devices that reach well over 100 feet are a specialty in which Versalift takes some pride. Versalift’s CTA, PHX, and SKY series bucket trucks are stable, powerful and able to reach as high as 217 feet. They predominantly serve the Electric Power Transmission Industry. The Transmission Aerial line of Versalift products is the industry standard for those bucket trucks that handle the biggest jobs.

Aerial lifts that put people high into the air can be dangerous. The risk associated with working at height and around electricity can be mitigated by caution, training, and the highest level of equipment. At Versalift, we believe in only the highest standards of quality in manufacturing, and we go above and beyond the norm to design, build, and deliver the safest and most reliable aerial lifts available in the industry. By continuously innovating and creating new technologies to improve work effectiveness and enhance safety, Versalift has earned its reputation for quality.

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With one of the largest rental fleets in the United States and Canada, NESCO Specialty Rentals has service locations across the continent. Additionally, NESCO Specialty Rentals sells specialty equipment, offering several advantageous financing options. TRAC leases, Split TRAC leases and Fair Market Value leases are available to customers through NESCO Specialty Rentals. For more specific information on how Versalift and NESCO are working together.

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Bucket trucks are essential to the power grid and its connected circuits. The power grid is a complex network of electrical power lines comprised of transmission and distribution lines. The backbone of the grid is made up of nearly 300,000 miles of transmission power lines. Additionally, there are millions of miles of distribution lines, and they must be maintained.

Aerial Lifts for Power Transmission – Because the majority of American electrical power is moved within the high-voltage transmission network through towers that carry it far overhead, the aerial lifts that are used to service it must be extremely stable and able to reach hundreds of feet into the air.

Bucket Trucks for Power Distribution – Power is transferred through substations to individual communities through lower-voltage distribution lines. Outages can cost electrical utilities tens of thousands of dollars a minute, and a fleet of high-quality, safe and reliable aerial lifts allows an organization to efficiently manage them.

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Bucket Truck Telecommunication Fleets include Aerial Lifts, Cable Placers and Digger Derricks and have a crucial role in the installation, maintenance and servicing of the thousands of systems that comprise the American telecom network. This network consists of fixed-wire copper transmission cabling and fiber optic cabling that interconnect data and voice communication. In order to be consistently profitable, these private and public networks require maintenance fleet vehicles and fast-response trouble trucks to be deployed at moments notice. Our family of telescopic, telescopic-articulating and overcenter aerial lifts, and our digger derrick and cable placer series ensure that any fleet will be well equipped.

Aerial platforms for telecommunications fleets include Light Telescopic (LT) – Lightweight aerial lift mounted on a nimble chassis. Telescopic (TEL) lifts, also know as Squirt Booms are workhorse bucket trucks for overhead systems maintenance. Cable Placers in both heavy duty (VTP) and standard duty (STP – new for 2017) versions are now available. Our world class Digger Derricks (TMD) models range from 27 ft to 60 ft in sheave height.

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Bucket trucks to service and maintain street and highway lighting, traffic signals and signage are needed by Municipalities, public works organizations and State Department of Transportations (DOTs). Often, city transportation departments are required to maintain a diverse set of communication instruments. To address the specific challenges of managing this equipment, Versalift presents a broad line of bucket trucks that includes light telescopic, telescopic, side-by-side telescopic and telescopic articulating lifts across our (T) (TEL) (VANTEL) (SST) and (VST) Series

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High-reach aerial work platforms for Wind generation and Blade Maintenance are part of a new  industry, emerging around the world. The growing need for taller and more stable aerial lifts has recently accelerated. Several factors contribute to this trend:

  • Major infrastructure projects, particularly the task of updating and upgrading transmission power lines, which are getting taller to accommodate the expanding need for consistent electricity across the country.
  • The advent of new electricity generating technologies, such as solar energy and wind energy, has made it possible to move transmission lines further away from communities.

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tree care service


Bucket trucks specifically built for vegetation management are part of the normal course of business, for utility companies that must address a set of challenges associated with tree care. Preventing trees from interfering with power delivery infrastructure is an essential task. Additionally, public parks departments and forest services rely upon bucket trucks to care for, and maintain, trees on public lands.

Bucket trucks like the Versalift Overcenter (VO) units are extremely durable and can reach over 75 feet in height. VO bucket trucks have optional elevators, which can put technicians more than 100 feet into the air, as well as optional material handling. The Versalift SST Series of bucket trucks can also provide material handling and more than 450 pounds of platform capacity for when the job requires it.

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Bucket truck service is an essential component of ownership. Versalift equipment offers a lower true cost of ownership, and customer service has helped us grow to become a global leader in bucket truck safety, reliability and quality. Excellence in customer service continues to be both an area of distinction and point of pride.

Aerial lifts are no exception to the general truism that great service begins with excellence in manufacturing. Versalift’s American-made aerial lifts go through a rigorous quality assurance process that begins with the delivery of raw materials, and ends only when customers have taken delivery of their new aerial lift after assembly, operation, and safety check.

Bucket trucks from Versalift come with a world class warranty standard that is included with every purchase. This warranty can be extended to a total of three years. Many Versalift bucket trucks are still in service after 30 years, and can be refurbished, remounted or repaired at any service location.

The Versalift Global Partner Program (VGPP)

The Versalift Global Partner Program (VGPP) empowers customers to manage everything they need to support and maintain their bucket truck from any web connection, at any time.

  • Order parts
  • Charge purchases to a fleet account via PO or credit card
  • Review operational or maintenance safety procedures
  • Connect instantly to an inside support representative
  • Schedule an on-site service call
  • Order replacement manuals



Whether you manage one truck or a fleet of hundreds, Versalift is your partner.

The Versalift Global Partner Program is a members-only website, created for customers who are responsible for managing or maintaining a fleet of bucket trucks, digger derricks and other utility vehicles. The secure system tracks technical specifications for every aerial lift and associated chassis. Today, access to the Versalift Global Partner Program is included in every purchased or leased lift.