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Bucket trucks are incredibly important to the industries that use them. Because so much of the power grid is connected through overhead means, aerial lifts are essential to both the Power Distribution Industry and Power Transmission Industry. Nearly every home and business in the United States is connected to the power grid, and so bucket trucks can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in bedroom communities and in business districts. As important as they are to electric utilities, they are equally important to the telecommunications industry. As is the case with electric power delivery, a majority of non-mobile telecom data is transferred via overhead cabling. As a result, aerial lifts play crucial role in the maintenance and servicing of the telecommunications network.

Municipalities, Public Works and state Departments of Transportation rely heavily upon bucket trucks to service and maintain highway lighting, traffic signals and signage. Additionally, public parks departments and forest services rely upon bucket trucks to care for and maintain trees on public lands.

More than 30 years ago, Versalift invented the Articulated Telescopic Bucket Truck, and it has continued to deliver the safest, most reliable and highest quality bucket trucks to its customers in a variety of industries.  If you are responsible for a fleet that maintains electrical power distribution or transmission lines, telecommunication lines, lighting, signage and traffic signals, or forests and parks, Versalift’s high-quality, safe and reliable catalog of are essential to your future success.


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Versalift is a leading manufacturer of bucket trucks, aerial devices, digger derricks and other specialty equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution, investor-owned utility, telecommunication, light & sign, and tree care industries. Working with co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and family of dealers, the company manufactures, sells and services bucket trucks in North America, South America and Europe.

Because of the huge variety of industries served by Versalift, there is demand for a wide variety of bucket trucks. Geography and population density are major factors in determining the best bucket trucks for a fleet. In densely populated areas, like cities, bucket trucks need to be small and maneuverable, but still have the ability to reach as high as 65 feet in the air. SSTs can be equipped with articulated telescopic aerial lifts, and meet that challenge. VSTs are heavier-duty and are more powerful, and so can reach higher. They require more space, and are less maneuverable, so they are better suited to areas with less population density. The VO line is rugged and tough, and, with its overcenter aerial lift, it has the stability and power to serve the forestry and tree maintenance industry.

Versalift’s Transmission bucket trucks are stable, powerful and able to reach as high as 217 feet. They predominantly serve the Power Transmission Industry and the Wind Energy Industry. The Transmission Aerial line of Versalift products is the industry standard for those bucket trucks that handle the biggest jobs.


Versalift Service is best in its class
We make putting our customers first our number one priority. Truly, customer service is a point of pride within our family of distributors, and each of us takes ownership in providing great service to you. We have grown to become the leader in Bucket Truck safety, reliability and quality in North America, South America, and Europe precisely because we take the time to put our customers first.

Service begins with our warranty, which comes standard with every purchase. Additional warranty extensions allow you to bring your bucket truck into one of our dealer service centers for as many as three years. Service, parts and routine maintenance are part of every service plan, and your service plan is stored on your own page within the Versalift Partner Program (VPP). The VPP allows you to manage everything you need to support and maintain your bucket truck from the device of your choosing: tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. Through the VPP, any customer can access their Bucket Truck manuals, order parts, schedule a maintenance call, or set up a time to speak directly with an engineer.

TruGuard is Versalift’s proprietary upper control isolating system, and it provides another level of protection to linemen working in an aerial lift from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground electrical contact. TruGuard comes standard on many Versalift products, and it is an available customization on all others. When we deliver a truck to a customer, we deliver it with the expectation that no parts will need to be replaced. Unlike our competitors, there are no recommended parts to be replaced. Versalift bucket trucks are engineered to the highest standard of quality so that they last safely and reliably to the benefit of our customers.

The Versalift Global Partner Program offers best in class Maintenance, Service, Parts, and Engineering Support no matter where you are in the World.
Access the Portal from your computer, tablet, or smartphone while in the field to gain immediate access to all of your trucks records, manuals, and part lists. Need to buy and ship a small part quickly, no problem, Versalift has you covered, you can even charge the purchase to your fleet account or via PO to a client. We are happy to walk you through and operational or maintenance safety procedure, connect instantly to your inside support representative. Use the system to schedule an on site service call or bring your truck in to one of our multiple Service and Distribution Centers. Whether you manage just one truck or fleet of hundreds, we are your partner.


TruGuard is Versalift’s best-in-class proprietary upper control isolating system, which provides another level of protection to linemen working in aerial lifts from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground electrical contact. TruGuard comes standard on many Versalift products, and it is an available customization on all others.

The Versalift Green Fleet Initiative offers several ways to add to your bottom line while reducing your environmental impact. Versalift provides a carefully selected set of environmentally friendly and cost-saving options: a grouping of products and enhancements that represent low environmental impact and high efficiency.


A program designed for Fleet managers

The Versalift Global Partner Program is a site specifically created for dealers and end users that aggregates all of the service history, warranty information and technical specifications for every bucket truck. Order parts, book time to speak with an engineer, and much more.