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BrandFX is Versalift's sister brand. The company manufactures fiberglass bodies utilized by a broad range of infrastructure equipment companies and essential fleet organizations. Our engineering teams collaborate to bring to market the lightest advance composite products that save our customers significant payload.

Truck Bodies With Sustainability Advantages - BrandFX

Truck bodies that are manufactured using advanced composite materials by BrandFX have several sustainability advantages, simply by virtue of being far more lightweight than the competition. Fuel savings, reduced wear and tear on brakes, suspension and other wear parts and shorter, safer stopping distances are three clear lightweight advantages of BrandFX. Additionally, our truck bodies are highly durable and long-lasting.  Most of the BrandFX truck bodies that are currently on the road have been transferred onto new chassis, and many BrandFX truck bodies are used in regular operation more than 30 years after they were initially purchased. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies can enable fleets to downsize some of their equipment, without impacting payload capacity. That can often mean thousands of dollars in savings per fleet unit.

Fuel savings, reduced wear and tear on brakes, suspension and other wear parts and shorter, safer stopping distances are three clear lightweight advantages of BrandFX.

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Truck Bodies, Inserts, Toppers and Accessories

Truck bodies by BrandFX protect fleets from fines, penalties and other unwanted expenses with lightweight durability, practicality and safety of fiberglass.

Lightweight Truck Bodies – Lightweight truck bodies enable fleets to use less gas and typically incur lower costs of maintenance than truck bodies made from traditional materials.  With shorter stopping distances and with greater payload capacity, lightweight truck bodies reduce fuel consumption. These lightweight advantages are examples of how BrandFX lightweight truck bodies save fleets time and money.

Truck Bodies for EVs and ePTO Systems – Truck bodies for EVs are becoming more common. Recent regulations and incentives have encouraged businesses to add more electric vehicles and battery powered aerial systems to their fleets. Truck mounted aerial lifts with ePTO systems are heavier and require a lighter truck body to stay within GVWR requirements. BrandFX fiberglass truck bodies can help fleets achieve their EV and ePTO goals.

Fiberglass Truck Bodies – Fiberglass truck bodies are valuable because they help work trucks, bucket trucks, and service trucks avoid overweight penalties. Fleet vehicles can stay under the GVWR requirements needed for a CDL and offer a clear payload advantage. The ability to transfer a lightweight, durable body or insert to the next chassis is another reason why Versalift offers a lower true cost of ownership.

Steel Truck Bodies – Steel truck bodies often represent the lowest initial cost to buyers who are in the market for a service truck body or line body. Some steel truck bodies can corrode, dent and scratch easily, and in areas where roads are salted in winter, they have persistent rust issues.

Aluminum Truck Bodies – Aluminum truck bodies are lightweight, sufficiently strong and resist corrosion and rust. With their perks, aluminum truck bodies have their drawbacks. Unless reinforced, aluminum lacks the durability of steel and fiberglass. Aluminum truck bodies require specialized treatment and tools to repair and maintain.

Please click on the below links for detailed information on specific advanced composite truck bodies available through BrandFX website:

  • Line Truck Bodies for Heavy Truck Mounted Equipment, such as EverLast ™ line truck bodies, create value for infrastructure fleets that support the electric utility, construction and forestry industries. Everlast™ truck bodies last longer than the competition, while offering benefits to fuel efficiency and a promise to never rust, dent or corrode. EverLast™ truck bodies create value for fleets with a powerful combination of long-lasting durability and lightweight efficiency.
  • Service Truck Bodies for Industrial and Roadside Service include the EverLast™ line, which creates value for commercial and industrial service fleets including gas and water utilities, pest control services and roadside emergency services. BrandFX customers benefit from a lightweight, super-durable service truck body manufactured from advanced composite materials.
  • UtilityFX™ All-Composite Cutaway Truck Bodies by BrandFX feature spacious and well-ventilated cabins, and generous outer storage compartments. BrandFX UtilityFX™ is the first all-composite cutaway truck body available to commercial fleets in the United States. Highly durable and lightweight UtilityFX™ cutaways create lasting value for service fleets across North America.
  • UltimateFX™ Truck Bodies – are the first and only all-composite body and understructure combination available for the North American work truck market. Beyond their lightweight advantages, UltimateFX™ truck bodies create value for fleet customers with a lifetime guarantee of zero corrosion and zero oxidation.
  • Truck Inserts – BrandFX Composite WorkPods™ are available to fleets and contractors through BrandFX distributors. Practical and cost-effective, WorkPod™ composite work truck inserts provide advanced mobile storage and work space that is required for tougher jobs. BrandFX Composite WorkPod™ inserts can help some fleets to eliminate the need for standard commercial vans by combining an open interior space with convenient, exterior-accessible compartments in a work truck insert.


Telecommunications, construction, roadside mechanics, agriculture, electric utility, forestry, oil & water utility and sign & signal maintenance are some of the fleet industries that are supported by BrandFX truck bodies, toppers, inserts and work pods.

Truck Bodies, Toppers and Workpods

Truck bodies, toppers and workpods that are built by BrandFX are lightweight and super durable. Because they are made from advanced composite materials that do not rust, dent or corrode, BrandFX products are regularly remounted on three or more chassis. BrandFX service bodies, line bodies and other work truck solutions are the life cycle leader because they provide value every day and outlast the competition by decades.

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BrandFX - Fiberglass Division - Advanced Composite Materials

Truck Bodies – BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies allow fleets to downsize the weight of their equipment with minimal impact on payload. That means thousands of dollars in bottom line life cycle savings per fleet unit. Data suggests that by taking advantage of truck rightsizing, alternative fuels and lightweight materials, fleets can accomplish up to 50% fuel savings as well.  Lightweight, long-lasting truck bodies have lower emissions and lower maintenance costs.

BrandFX Is a Time Manufacturing Company

Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, including bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers, truck bodies, buckets, and other specialty equipment for electric utility, telecommunications, bridge inspection, tree care and other fleet-supported industries. 

You know you’re getting something special when you get a Versalift aerial lift with a BrandFX advanced composite line body because BrandFX and Versalift share the Time Manufacturing Company engineering team. BrandFX truck bodies are the life cycle leader, and are recommended to customers seeking a lower true cost of ownership.

BrandFX was acquired by Time Manufacturing Company in 2019, and  is the largest supplier of fiberglass truck bodies in the United States.  Through Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Ecoline, and Bluelift brands, Time Manufacturing Company provides equipment to co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and distributors. 

We are well positioned to answer questions about the sustainability of the BrandFX brand, and of Time Manufacturing Company commitment to sustainability.