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Bucket trucks near me

Bucket trucks and other equipment manufactured by Versalift are available for purchase or lease through Versalift distributors. Find a Versalift bucket truck distributor near you by clicking the link below.

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Bucket Trucks Near Me – Versalift Offers Lowest True Cost of Ownership Nationwide

Bucket Trucks Near Me – Where to Buy a Bucket Truck

Bucket trucks are available for purchase through Versalift distributors across North America, and around the world. Versalift distributors have the advantage of delivering a lower true cost of ownership to contractors and fleet organizations due to smarter, more reliably designed equipment. Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift are built using stronger, advanced lightweight materials. The reliability of Versalift equipment is borne out by the company’s industry leadership in both warranty and product recall rates. Versalift distributors are the right choice to buy, lease, service and test bucket trucks.

Bucket Trucks Near Me – Where to Lease a Bucket Truck

Bucket trucks are available for lease through TRLRents.com, a Time Manufacturing Company brand, where equipment is available for least through several competitive and flexible financing programs, including RPO.

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A Lower True Cost of Ownership Through Smarter, More Reliable Design –  Bucket trucks, high reach aerial lifts, digger derricks, cable placers and other equipment manufactured by Versalift feature smarter and more reliable design, which results in less time in the shop and more time at work. Versalift equipment has the lowest warranty claim rate in the industry. Watch the video to learn more.

Bucket Trucks Near Me

Search for bucket truck service, parts, maintenance and training by location near the top of our homepage at Versalift.com

Select your region, state or international market, and choose from a dropdown menu located near the top of the home page. Or click the direct links below to find Bucket Trucks near me in your direct location:

Bucket Trucks Near Me Locations Versalift

Bucket Trucks Near Me – Top Factors When Choosing a Bucket Truck

Aerial lifts by Versalift are the best in the business. This VST 6000 is world class.

Bucket trucks have several applications, and they are kept busy performing elevated tasks in support of electric power, telecommunications, city lighting and signage and other infrastructure-oriented organizations. There are important factors when determining the kind of equipment that best fits the needs of both the organization and the operators for which it is responsible. Operator safety is always the top priority in every piece of equipment manufactured by Versalift.

Top factors when choosing a bucket truck:

    • Platform height
    • Platform capacity
    • Material handling capacity
    • Insulation requirements
    • Overall equipment reliability


Choosing A Bucket Truck – Platform Height

Platform height is a basic factor that buyers consider when purchasing a bucket truck. Depending on the industry in which the equipment is being used, platform heights are largely standardized. For example, telecommunications aerial equipment tends to be standardized to work at approximately 30 feet up. Electric power distribution service vehicles tend to work at heights exceeding 40 feet, and often need to be much taller than that.

Versalift bucket trucks near me can be organized into four platform height ranges. Platform heights five feet below the bucket truck’s actual working height.

Bucket trucks – 29-45 feet – https://versalift.com/bucket-truck/heights/29ft-45ft/

Bucket trucks – 45-65 feet – https://versalift.com/bucket-truck/heights/45ft-65ft/

Bucket trucks – 65-100 feet – https://versalift.com/bucket-truck/heights/65ft-100ft/

Bucket trucks – 100 feet and up – https://versalift.com/bucket-truck/heights/100ft-and-above/

Find A Bucket Truck Near Me – Material Handling

On many job sites, ongoing work often requires that bucket trucks have significant material handing capacity. If needing a jib and winch is a job requirement, material handling becomes  one of the top factors to consider when choosing a bucket truck. There are several popular Versalift bucket trucks, including the VST-47-MHI, which have optional jib and winch configurations, and that can serve highly specific purposes for operators. Often thought of as a ‘Total Package,’ the VST-47-MHI has a material handling capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Versalift Library

Finding A Bucket Truck Near Me – Insulation

Insulated aerial lifts are required equipment in industries responsible for the construction and maintenance of electric utility distribution infrastructure. While the electric utility construction and distribution industries are primary users of insulated units, they are also commonly used in tree care, forestry and line-clearing applications. Additionally, municipal applications for bucket trucks, light traffic signal maintenance, often require insulated equipment. Versalift insulated aerial lifts meet or exceed all ANSI dielectric isolation standards, and are the gold standard in operator protection.

Finding A Bucket Truck Near Me – Equipment Reliability

Equipment reliability is an integral part of owning a bucket truck. Versalift equipment has the lowest warranty rate in the business, and has had fewer recalls than any other major manufacturer of aerial equipment. The more reliable a bucket truck is, the less time that truck spends in service. An important part of equipment reliability is making sure that we have the parts that our customers need, and that we have them available to be shipped next-day. Versalift has a nationwide service network with the skill, training and certification to service and repair not just Versalift equipment, but competing brands as well.

Aerial lifts by Versalift are the best in the business. This VST 6000 is world class.


Bucket Trucks Near Me – Versalift Safety Systems

As a market-leading innovator, Versalift created both the Electroguard and TruGuard® safety systems, which combine to offer the safest telescopic insulated aerial units on the market, at any height and position, including fully retracted.

With the invention of TruGuard®, the most advanced bucket truck safety system available on the market today, Versalift is working to protect the next generation of utility linemen. TruGuard® comes standard on almost all insulated Versalift bucket trucks under 100’.

Click here to learn more about how Versalift helps bring your linemen home safely.

Bucket Trucks Near Me – Best Units for Telecommunications

Versalift Bucket trucks, digger derricks and cable placers that are used for telecommunications can be found on the Versalift Telecommunications Equipment page. The most popular smaller telecommunications units are the Tel-29 and Vantel-29. Cable placer units, like the STP-36 and VTP-40 heavy cable stringer remain important units to telecommunications construction and maintenance fleets. Additionally, fleets responsible for network construction rely upon the TMD series of digger derricks.

Bucket Trucks Near Me – Best Units for Electric Utility Maintenance and Construction

Versalift Bucket trucks, digger derricks and cable placers that are used for electric utility distribution can be found on the Versalift Electric Utility Distribution Equipment page. Insulated bucket trucks near me are available at every height. Safety innovations, smarter design and more reliable design make Versalift the right choice for fleets in the electric utility industry.

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TruGuard™ aerial lift safety system by Versalift is unique because it ensures the upper control panel, and everything in and on it, are isolated from the rest of the aerial lift. Constantly innovating, the newest version of the  TruGuard™ system includes a a 40% increase in the the insulation gap making Versalift insulated aerial lifts the safest in the industry.

“Invisible to the operator, TruGuard™ acts like an airbag or seatbelt – there in case of an incident. It does not alter the operational performance of the aerial lift in any way, and does not require additional training.” – James Christian, VP Engineering, Versalift

Bucket Trucks Near Me – Best Units for Forestry Applications


Bucket trucks near me that are built for forestry applications can be found at Versalift Forestry. Popular forestry units offered by Versalift Forestry include the Versalift Overcenter VO-260 and VO-270 models, available in rear-mounted and standard forestry configurations. See how Versalift Forestry equipment, including bucket trucks near me, create a lower true cost of ownership for forestry fleets.

Finding the Right Bucket Truck: Using the Equipment Comparison Tool at Versalift.com

One of the most popular tools at versalift.com is the equipment sort and filter tool. Visitors to the website search for bucket trucks using the equipment comparison tool every day. There are several ways to search for the right piece of equipment, including by model, industrial application, working height and by other specific attributes such as insulation or material handling capacity.

Find Bucket Trucks Filter Sort Equipment

  • Searching Bucket Trucks by Model – In many cases, Versalift customers visit the website with a specific unit in mind.  Two of the most commonly searched specific units are the Versalift VANTEL-29 and VST-47-MHI units, which create unique value for fleets in their respective markets.

  • Searching Bucket Trucks by Industrial Application – A useful way to begin sorting Versalift equipment is to view by industry. Starting this way allows visitors to see the range of bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks available to any industry, including electric utilities, telecommunications, municipal and forestry organizations.

  • Searching Bucket Trucks by Equipment Type – Visitors to the Versalift website can refine their search quickly to isolate by equipment type. Equipment types include units like digger derricks, cable placers, articulated telescopic units and VANTELs.

  • Searching Bucket Trucks by Working Height – By adding a working height, visitors can further refine a search, enabling the creation of a short list of suitable bucket trucks.

  • Searching Bucket Trucks by Specific Attributes – Select whether your equipment requirements include insulation or material handling capacity. Versalift bucket trucks feature the most advanced safety systems available on the market, and several jib and winch configurations

For a more detailed explanation on how to use the Equipment Search and Filter tool, please read our article on finding, sorting and filtering bucket trucks on the Versalift blog


Bucket Trucks Near Me – Four Things To Know

Bucket trucks near me are available for purchase through Versalift distributors
All ready-to-go equipment is built to meet or exceed the specifications of our largest fleet customers. Ready to to units include the most in-demand makes and models of Versalift equipment, such as the VST-47-MHI lightweight insulated material handler, the popular VANTEL-29 and the VTP-40 cable placer unit. You Can Browse Current Ready To Go Equipment Here

Versalift Distributors
Versalift distributors upfit and deliver new equipment that is built to spec for fleet customers in their regions. In addition to upfitting and selling new equipment, they also offer a broad range of services, including maintenance, testing, parts, warranty, mobile service, equipment financing, rental equipment and operator training. Versalift distributors are staffed with experienced sales engineers who bring decades of expert knowledge to their customers.

Bucket trucks near me – Ready to go equipment direct from Versalift
Bucket trucks near me are available nationwide and features a fleet of ready-to-go equipment that meets or exceeds the specifications of our largest fleet customers. Located at company-owned distributors, these bucket trucks, cable placer units and diggers are some of the most popular pieces of Versalift equipment available on the market. A detailed inventory of ready to go bucket trucks near me is available online.

Bucket trucks near me in Texas – Versalift Southwest is a full service distributor of aerial access equipment, working with fleet and contractor organizations across the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Take a closer look at current ready to go equipment, book service, order parts and see a complete list of quality accessories and brands carried by the bucket truck distributor at https://southwest.versalift.com/.

Bucket trucks near me in Georgia and North Carolina – Versalift Southeast is a full-service, company-owned distributor of Versalift equipment. As a full service distributor, Versalift Southeast offers new and used equipment, warranty, parts, training and support, while also dispatching trouble trucks for mobile service as well as regularly scheduled bucket truck maintenance. Versalift Southeast has multiple locations across the American southeast including Georgia and North Carolina, and serves the broader American southeastern region of the United States. For many more details on bucket trucks near me in North Carolina and Georgia, including service hours, parts, warranty services, and currently stocked ready-to go equipment, please visit https://southeast.versalift.com/

Bucket trucks near me in Washington state – Versalift Northwest is located in Salem, Oregon, and serves the American Northwest with new and used bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks. In addition to providing built-to spec bucket trucks, Versalift Northwest stocks regularly needed wear parts, provides regularly scheduled service & maintenance for valued customers, including specialized services like hydraulic systems testing and operator training. Make an appointment, book testing, buy parts and learn more about Versalift Northwest at https://northwest.versalift.com/.

Bucket trucks near me in Michigan – Versalift Midwest is a company owned distributor of Versalift bucket trucks, cable placers, digger units, high access equipment and van-mounted aerial devices. In addition to new, built-to-spec equipment, Versalift Midwest also stocks ready-to-go units that are primed and ready to enter service and get to work today. Services include repair and maintenance, welding and fabrication, equipment testing for ANSI and DOT requirements, operator training and much more. Book service, schedule an appointment and view a complete list of bucket truck services at https://midwest.versalift.com/.

Bucket trucks near me in Pennsylvania – Versalift East sells and services bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks across much of the American Northeast. Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Versalift East serves municipal, fleet and contractor customers in the great states of Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. Offering complete fleet solutions, Versalift East is a one-stop shop for fleets of bucket trucks and other utility equipment, with prompt on-site service, 24-hour emergency roadside service, in-house fabrication, complete equipment testing services and operator training. Read the complete service offering and review equipment and accessories available now at https://east.versalift.com.

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