Versalift bucket trucks are designed to meet or exceed customers expectations.







The Versalift Aerial Platform Lift is engineered and designed to perform as stated on published specifications. Only quality material and workmanship are used in the manufacture of this product. With proper installation, regular maintenance, and periodic repair service, the equipment will provide excellent service.

Those parts of the Versalift that are manufactured by Time Manufacturing Company are warranted for one full year from date of purchase. Structural components will carry a lifetime warranty for defects in material and workmanship which existed at the time of initial delivery, wear components are not covered by this statement. This warranty is issued only to the original purchaser and promises that Time Manufacturing Company manufactured products are free from defects in material and factory workmanship when properly installed, serviced, and operated under normal conditions, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty is limited to correcting without charge at its factory any part or parts thereof which shall be returned to its factory or one of its Authorized Service Stations, transportation charges prepaid, within one year after being put into service by the original user, and which upon examination shall disclose to the Manufacturer’s satisfaction to have been originally defective. Correction of such defects by repair to, or supplying of replacements for defective parts, shall constitute fulfillment of all obligations to original user.

This warranty shall not apply to any of the Manufacturer’s products which must be replaced because of normal wear, which have been subject to misuses, negligence or accident, or which shall have been repaired or altered outside of the Manufacturer’s factory (unless authorized by the Manufacturer in writing), products which have not been maintained and operated in accordance with Time Manufacturing Company’s operators, maintenance manuals and bulletins, products which are repaired without using original Time Manufacturing Company parts. This limited warranty does not cover transportation fees and/or consumables used for the repair. Manufacturer shall not be liable for loss, damage, or expense directly or indirectly from the use of its product or from any cause. The above warranty supersedes and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and of all other liabilities or obligations on part of Manufacturer. No person, agent, or dealer is authorized to give any warranties on behalf of the Manufacturer or to assume for the Manufacturer any other liability in connection with any of its products unless made in writing and signed by an officer of the Manufacturer.

Warranty Claim Instructions

In our effort to serve our customers more efficiently and to expedite the warranty claim process, TIME Manufacturing Co. offers the following instructions for submitting a warranty claim.

1. All requests for warranty reimbursement of labor and/or parts must be submitted on a TIME Manufacturing Company Warranty Claim Form. Invoices for warranty reimbursement received without a completed warranty form will be returned, further delaying consideration for warranty reimbursement. A Warranty Claim can be submitted online through the VGPP, faxed to 1-877-329-7278, or by mail.

2. A Warranty Claim Form must be completed and returned to TIME within ninety (90) days of the work performed. Any parts, relative to the repairs, must accompany the claim form. Should a claim form arrive without the affected parts, a notice will be issued. Pursuant to that notice, the parts must be received within fifteen days. Failure to follow this policy will result in the denial of the warranty claim requiring you to resubmit your claim and start the process over.

3. When requesting a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number, the following six items must be provided.

a) Part number
b) Description of part
c) Quantity
d) Reason for return (defect found)
e) Model and serial number of affected aerial
f) Invoice, sales or purchase order number that the parts where purchased on (replacement parts)

4. If the part is a replacement part the same information as above is required. Contact the Customer Service Department at 866-543-8887 for assistance in obtaining an RGA number.

Note: Parts costing less than $50.00 do not need to be returned (unless requested). If filing for labor reimbursement only, you may file the claim online, fax the claim to 877-329-7278 or mail it to P.O. Box 20368, Waco, TX. 76702-0368.

5. For proof of purchase, the purchase order or sales order number referencing the replacement part must be noted on the Warranty Claim Form.

6. Online claims are preferred. If the claim is hand written, please be as legible as possible. In the “failure description” section, be detailed with your explanation and if additional space is necessary, attach another sheet of paper.

7. When returning parts for warranty consideration, write the RGA number on the outside of the package and enclose a copy of the completed Warranty Claim Form in the box or securely attach the claim to the shipment. Send all shipments to:

Time Manufacturing Company
Attention: Warranty Returns
7601 Imperial Drive
Waco, Texas 76712


8. The original copy of the Warranty Claim Form must be filed online, or by either fax or mail.

9. As always, please call our Customer Service Department if you have any questions about these procedures or need assistance.


• All accounts will be credited upon the processed return. This procedure typically takes under 30 working days to complete.
• Please keep all shipping receipts until you have received credit for each of the returns. TIME Manufacturing Co. reserves the right to require proof of return shipment to credit your account.
• Every effort should be made to return parts within 30 days of receipt.
• The following parts are NON-RETURNABLE: special orders (including obsolete piece parts and assemblies), miscellaneous hardware, and manuals.

Warranty Claim Instructions (continued)

Detailed Instructions for completing the Warranty Claim Form

1. Choose the “Type of Claim” by checking the box in front of Warranty, Pre-In Service, or Defective Parts.

2. Enter the RGA number provided by the Customer Service Department in the “RGA #” field.

3. Enter your Dealer File Number in the “Dealer File #” filed.

4. Choose the type of number you are referencing for the parts you are claiming and enter the number in the PO/SO number field.

a. Choose “PO#” for your Purchase Order Number or “SO#” for the TIME Manufacturing Company Sales Order number by checking the appropriate box.
b. Enter the PO/SO number, which ever you choose, in the “PO#” & “SO#” field.

5. Enter the name of the equipment owner in the Equipment Owner” field.

6. Enter your distributor name in the “Distributor” field.

7. Enter your street address in the “Address” field.

8. Enter your city, state and zip code with a comma separating each in the “City, State, Zip” field.

9. Enter your email address, which you would like any correspondence for warranty issues to be sent, in the “Email” field.

10. Enter the date that the Warranty Claim Form is completed in the “Prep Date” filed.

11. Enter the date the unit had the failure in the “Failure Date” field.

12. Enter the date the unit was placed in service in the “In-Svc Date” field. If you are uncertain as to the actual date, you may contact the Customer Service Department for this information.

13. Enter the date you completed the repairs in the “Repair Date” field.

14. Enter the serial number of the unit on the Warranty Claim Form – one unit per claim – in the “Serial #” field.
15. Enter the model number of the unit on the Warranty Claim Form in the “Model #” field.

16. Choose the type of claim description that best suits your claim by checking the box in front of Structural, Hydraulic, Electrical, or Bulletin. In the case you select “Bulletin”, you must enter the bulletin in the “Bulletin #” filed.

17. Enter a text description, of the repairs that have been made, in the lined section below the “Claim Description” choices. Remember to be as descriptive as possible so we may understand as completely as possible the actual repairs that were rendered and the problems you ran into while make the repairs.

18. Enter the details of the claim in the “Claim Detail” boxes.

a. Enter the quantity of each part in the “QTY” field.
b. Enter the part number for each quantity in the “Part #” field.
c. Enter a description of the part in the “Description” field.
d. Enter the price you paid for each item, according to your SO, in the “Price Each” filed. If you paid different amounts for the same part number, you must place them on different lines.
e. Enter the extended price for each line in the “Extended Price” field. This is calculated by multiplying the amount in the “Price Each” field times the number of parts in the “QTY” field.
f. Enter the total amount of dollars claimed in the “TOTAL PARTS CLAIMED” field. This is calculated by adding all of the amounts in the “Extended Price” fields above.

19. Enter the labor hours for the total claim in the “Labor Hours Claimed” section.

a. Enter the total number of hours for the claim in the “Hours” field.
b. Enter the rate for the labor submitted in the “$” field. This should be either the current warranty rate or your shop rate depending on the warranty policy.
c. Enter the total amount for the labor hours claimed in the field next to the rate field. This is calculated by multiplying the total hours claimed times the rate you are claiming.

20. Enter the total dollar figure for the claim in the “Claim Summary” field. This is calculated by adding the amounts you entered in the “TOTAL PARTS CLAIMED” and “Labor Hours Claimed” fields.

21. Please note: if you are submitting this on line, the following fields will automatically calculate for you; Extended Price, Total Parts Claimed, the total for the Labor Hours Claimed, and the Claim Summary. Once you are completed with the form, you may submit the form.

Please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department at 866-543-8887 if you have any questions.

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