Green Initiatives

Versalift Green Initiative

Versalift Green Initiative offers several options to reduce environmental impact and add to your bottom line. These options include lightweight bodies, hybrid and alternative energy options and emissions control for nearly every bucket truck we build. Whatever your need, Versalift will continue to deliver the safest and most reliable bucket trucks in the business.

Versalift partners with several companies to provide hybrid, alternative energy and environmentally friendly options for its clients in the power generation, transmission and distribution, investor-owned utility, telecommunications, light/sign/traffic, tree care and wind energy industries. Versalift’s lineup of environmentally friendly and cost-saving solutions helps our customers reduce waste and operate with peak efficiency.

Versalift provides a carefully selected set of environmentally friendly and cost-saving options: a grouping of products and enhancements that represent low environmental impact and high efficiency.

Versalift Electric Drive™

Versalift Electric DriveDuring its nearly 40 years of field operation, Electric Drive has been extensively tested and proven to create significant savings on your fuel costs. Electric Drive operates during aerial run time and includes features like full flow for hydraulic tool circuit operation, battery recharge of existing truck alternator, and full power-to-tool circuit operation. Electric Drive offers fleet managers a way to save fuel and improve efficiency by powering the lift and other functional systems of a bucket truck without running its engine.

  • Eliminate idle time
  • Spend less money on fuel
  • Stop contributing to noise pollution
  • Decrease the amount of emissions your truck creates
  • Eliminate tailpipe emissions while working at the site
  • Minimize impact on payload
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Alternative Energy Partners built into Versalift

etaton logo

Eaton Corporation is a first mover and innovator in the fields of hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic systems for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Hybrid power is clean, reliable and highly efficient. Making the decision to use hybrid power isn’t just about fighting the rising costs of fuel. It’s also about creating and sustaining a greener future that we can feel good about leaving to our children. With years of successful development and extensive real-world testing, Eaton has emerged as a market leader in the development and production of hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic power systems for commercial vehicle fleets. Eaton has invested in three separate hybrid power solutions for commercial vehicles instead of a one-size-fits-all approach:

  • Eaton Hybrid Electric
  • Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist™ (HLA®) System
  • Eaton Series Hydraulic

Hybrid power is particularly appealing for Class 6, 7 and 8 vehicles, especially in stop-and-go applications.  Also, there are available Federal tax credits for hybrid-power commercial vehicles

Emissions control

Navistar Logo

Navistar systems manage emissions control for diesel engines. The technology in it’s Green Diesel Technology® vehicles captures the benefits of a catalyzed diesel particulate filter and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, combined with an exclusive International Engine performance design that significantly lowers the emissions and odor of diesel-powered trucks. International has always been at the leading edge of diesel technology, frequently showing how to reach clean-air goals efficiently and staying well ahead of government mandates. The Green Diesel Technology vehicle breakthrough is the next step toward diesel power without pollution. International has taken its high-performance, low-emission engine and fitted it with a special converter that runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The results are brilliant. Particle emissions are reduced by more than 90 percent, which exceeds the stringent truck emission standards proposed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. And it outperforms the emissions of the next best alternative — compressed natural gas.

Lightweight Body Materials: Aluminum bodies by Reading® and Fiberglass bodies by BrandFX

  • As much as 45% Lighter than Steel
  • As much as 12% Fuel Savings
  • Improves Payload
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Recyclable. sturdy material
  • Available on all service bodies
Reading Logo

Cut fuel costs and contribute to a positive change for the environment with all-aluminum Reading truck bodies.

Fleet managers who utilize less-weight truck bodies may realize fuel cost savings in excess of 10 percent, depending on body and chassis configuration. Aluminum bodies are typically 50 percent lighter than traditional steel bodies, which results in extended life for both suspensions and tires.

Every aluminum truck body is built with Reading’s strict standards for durability, and is backed by a 10-year structural, and corrosion limited warranty.

Reading Truck Body has a long and proven history – more than 25 years – of successfully manufacturing aluminum truck bodies of all sizes


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The U.S. Department of Energy states that for every 100 pounds of weight added to your vehicle you reduce your MPG by up to 2 percent. By reducing the weight of your vehicle, you’ll increase the MPG of your fleet. Many fleets are going green by incorporating hybrid and CNG trucks, but they shouldn’t stop there, By incorporating lightweight composite truck bodies, you’ll continue to see improved return on investment. With BrandFX, it’s all about efficiency.

When BrandFX truck bodies are specified it’s often possible to downsize to one of today’s beefier 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks. While there are plenty of applications that demand more, there are thousands of work trucks and vans that only carry 1200 lbs. or less as a typical payload. What does this mean to you? It means thousands of dollars in bottom line life cycle savings per fleet unit. Data suggests that by taking advantage of truck rightsizing, alternative fuels and lightweight materials, you can accomplish up to 50% fuel savings as well.
Versalift delivers the highest levels of safety, quality and reliability to its customers every day. The cost savings and reduced environmental impact that can be found within the Versalift Green Initiative represent another way the company delivers value to its customers.