Bucket Truck – Versalift Non-Overcenter

Versalift Non-Overcenter bucket trucks are engineered to conform to the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability in the industry. Non-overcenter bucket trucks are an excellent companion vehicle to any lineman working in the telecom, utility, and power distribution and transmission industries.The non-overcenter series of Versalift bucket trucks has the flexibility to be used as a service truck for a variety of industries.  The broad set of available options that can be applied to Versalift Non-Overcenter Bucket Trucks ensure that you will receive the exact tool that your organization and people need to get the job done right the first time.

Versalift offers a broad line of non-overcenter bucket trucks to cover every need. These trucks have such a wide variety of uses and are built to accommodate almost any situation imaginable. Whatever your aerial lift need may be, Versalift prides itself on providing you with a buying experience, on time delivery, and support and maintenance that will exceed your expectations.

Versalift non-overcenter bucket trucks are available in a wide range of working heights, and an equally broad range of horizontal reach. Versalift designs these aerial lifts to be customized to include a high weight-rated winch and jib that will quickly manage any material handling needs.  While utility companies and electrical contractors are most likely to require material handling capability, arborists and parks management services tend not to require material handling on the bucket trucks they need. Our customers note that they like that our non-overcenter lifts feature a faster, more maneuverable bucket. This is because Versalift uses a Comp Link system, which allows the upper and lower booms to operate simultaneously.

As a global company with Manufacturing, Service and Distribution Centers across North America, Latin America, and Europe, we have built lasting relationships with the largest Utility and Telecom companies in the world.  With extensive on the ground experience with all climates, countries and geographies our trained Sales Management Staff will help you select and build the perfect companion for your business.

Our manufacturing plant has been building non-overcenter Bucket Trucks for decades!  Because each Versalift bucket truck is crafted with very close attention to detail, you can expect the same levels of safety, quality and reliability no matter what size of lift, options, or set of options you choose.

Versalift customizations: TruGuard™

Articulated telescopic bucket trucks are easily customized to include additional equipment that serves to  improve and augment the capabilities of your people and your fleet. These customizations include TruGuard™ technology, Versalift’s proprietary upper control isolating system, which provides another level of protection to linemen working in an aerial lift from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground electrical contact. TruGuard™ provides unprecedented security and safety to linemen working near electrical phases.  Get home safe with TruGuard™, the safest isolation and insulation system available for bucket trucks today.

  • Working Height
    60 ft. 5 in. (18.3 m
    Horizontal Reach
    36 ft. 2 in. (11 m)
    Stowed Travel Height
    10 ft. 11 in. ( 3.2 m)
    Platform Capacity
    700 lbs. (318 kg)
    Insulated or Non-insulated
    Material Handling