Aerial Reach Equipment – Models

Versalift manufactures bucket trucks, cable placers, digger derricks, high access aerial work platforms and other access equipment for utility and telecommunications infrastructure maintenance, construction, inspection and other specialized uses. Our equipment creates a lower true cost of ownership through smarter, more reliable design, resulting in the lowest warranty and product recall rates in the industry.  Equipment is grouped by model type.

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CTA aerial work platforms are one of the most iconic high-reach aerial lift brands in North America. Ranging in working height from 104 to 130 feet, CTA models have the highest combined platform and material handling capacity in their class, offering unrestricted jib capacity and a working envelope configuration. This high-reach workhorse has multiple outrigger configurations that make short jacking possible. Available in both insulated and non-insulated models, Versalift CTA aerials feature electric over hydraulic controls and on-board diagnostics with text display.


Versalift and Ruthmann have been known for their high access equipment for decades.  High access equipment has the broadest range of product offerings in North America  between 104’-295’ of working height. High access units are available in both insulated and non-insulated aerials up to 220’ and offered by both Versalift and Ruthmann premium brands. under the Versalift VST, CTA, PHX, SKY and Steiger, and Eagle brands of Ruthmann. Please see more available units to cover any of your high access needs.


Telescopic bucket trucks built by Versalift are extremely versatile and designed to be the highest quality, safest and most reliable companion vehicle to any lineman working in the telecom, utility, power distribution, tree care and sign & light industries. The Versalift LT-56-NE offers 56 feet of platform height and 62 feet working height. This non-insulated 3-stage telescopic unit has up to 27 feet of side reach and does not require a CDL to operate.


Versalift PHX (formerly known as Phoenix) high access aerial lifts are designed to deliver a uniquely capable combination of power, reach and maneuverability to fleets that support construction and maintenance of electric utility transmission infrastructure. With generous working envelopes, PHX heavy-duty transmission aerials feature the highest combined platform and material handling capacity in their class. Multiple outrigger configurations and an innovative boom configuration allow for a more efficient setup and more compact footprint. Electric over hydraulic controls, telematics, wireless technology and on-board color-coded diagnostics with graphic user interface makes for smoother, safer operation.


Ruthmann truck-mounted aerial lifts that are engineered and built in Germany for North American markets include the Steiger, and EcoLine brands, which range from 75 feet to 295 feet in working height. These premium brands are complementary to Versalift bucket trucks and high reach aerial lifts and known for their value in the wind turbine blades maintenance industry.


Versalift SKY (formerly known as Skybird) high access aerial lifts combine engineering quality, safety and reliability for uniquely challenging high reach work. With generous platform capacities and large working envelopes, Versalift SKY units combine exceptional vertical and horizontal reach with greater than 2,000 lbs of material handling. These units are engineered for stability, safety and reliability for essential fleets that manage, inspect and maintain electric power transmission networks, wind farms and other critical energy infrastructure.


Versalift SST articulated telescopic bucket trucks support a variety of industries as a practical workhorse unit, including telecommunications, sign & light, municipal and electric utility fleets. Manufactured to be the safest, most durable service vehicles in the market, insulated Versalift SST units are essential bucket trucks for electric power distribution fleets, offering unprecedented lineman protection at the platform.  Whether they are insulated or not, Versalift SST units provide technicians with a working height of 29-45 feet and horizontal reach of up to 27 feet.


Versalift STP cable placers are reliable, light-duty units that are designed and certified for towering. With single stick, two-speed platform controls, STP cable placers make new line constructions a much more efficient process. The STP-36-NE has 350 lbs of platform capacity and 400 lbs of side load capacity, making it an effective light-duty cable placer. Additionally, non-lube bearings, an open center system and no mandatory tear-downs make Versalift STP units more efficient for fleets to maintain over time.


Telescopic units like the T-30-SI have a working height of 34.5 feet, horizontal reach 20.75 feet, and a platform capacity of 450 lbs. The Versalift T-30-SI units have a height to bottom of platform 29.5 feet and a stowed travel height 11.5 feet. Insulated or Non-insulated, this equipment is built to support the electric power distribution and electric utility industry.


Versalift manufactures a line of versatile and maneuverable bucket trucks specifically for telecommunications fleets. Designed to the highest standards of quality and innovation, these bucket trucks are central to fleets that construct, maintain and service the millions of miles of cabling and hardware that support the wired and wireless telecommunications industries. Versalift TEL/LT/T models come in working heights from 29 to nearly 70 feet, and they are upfitted and tested to meet or exceed fleet specifications, providing unparalleled maneuverability on a smaller, non-CDL chassis.


Digger derrick units that are manufactured by Versalift are built to handle the ongoing and demanding work of digging, placing and securing utility poles. Versalift TMD units are medium-duty digger derricks, have a wide variety of horizontal reaches and sheave heights, and are built to fleet spec.  Multiple options and configurations are available.


Versalift supports hundreds of telecommunications maintenance fleets around the world. The augmented storage capacity and organized rack and shelving systems are features within our VANTEL line that match the needs and preferences of telecommunications technicians. VANTEL units provide unparalleled maneuverability, and come in three base models: Ford Transit van-mounted aerial, cut-away mounted aerial, and a new 5G oriented cut-away with a climate controlled splicing cabin.


Versalift Non-Overcenter bucket trucks are engineered to the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability. Non-overcenter bucket trucks are an excellent service vehicle, including VN-555, which features 2,000 lbs material handling. There are several options available on VN units that make it a popular unit, including easy ground access, simple mechanical linkage for compensation, no complex valves or over-center limit systems, and ease of maintenance, including non-lube bearings, open center system and full-pressure hydraulic controls.


Versalift overcenter aerial lifts are commonly used in tree care, forestry and line clearing industries because they are highly durable and versatile. VO units that are configured for forestry feature greater payload capacity, platform capacity and material handling capacity.  With a forestry configuration, Versalift VO units have upper control guards that are one piece only and open on the bottom allowing debris and wood shavings to escape. The VO unit has hydraulic outrigger valves with handles, so if the pump works, the outriggers will work as well.


VST bucket trucks have material handling capabilities, insulation and full boom articulation to provide reliability and safety. In the case of insulated material handling (MHI) VST units, there are several standard features, including unprecedented lineman protection with the Truguard® safety system and Electroguard® system which allows complete dielectric isolation, even when the boom is fully retracted. The VST-52-MHI aerial lift on a non-CDL lightweight chassis, offers 52 feet of working height & enhanced payload.


Versalift VTP cable placer bucket trucks are designed for quality, safety and reliability to support the ongoing maintenance and construction of telecommunications and electric utility infrastructure. VTP cable placer units feature full-pressure hydraulic, single stick platform controls for improved featherability. Versalift engineered this cable placer bucket truck to have the greatest platform size in its product category, and standard 500 lbs of platform capacity. click to learn more about how standardizing sound this unit can make your fleet more efficient.