Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts engineered to be the bestAerial lifts by Versalift are the best in the business. This VST 6000 is world class.

Aerial lifts that are designed and built by Versalift are the safest and most reliable in the industry. Since 1965, Versalift has established a reputation as an innovative industry leader in aerial lifts. The company continues to make advancements in engineering for safety and stability, and prides itself on the reliability of its aerial lifts.


Aerial lifts that are insulated come standard with Versalift TruGuard™ 2.0Aerial Lift Safety

Aerial lift safety is a leading principle at Versalift. In 2012, Versalift launched TruGuard, a patented innovation in aerial lift engineering that added an additional layer of protection to linemen in the bucket. In 2017, Versalift introduced TruGuard 2.0™, an improved version of the original aerial lift operator isolation system, which eliminates thermal pressure points and increases dielectric protection by 44%.


Aerial Lift Reliability

Aerial lift reliability is hugely important to Versalift customers. The more time an aerial lifts spends out of service, the less profitable it is to own. Versalift does offer several advantages to its customers, one of which is that our aerial lifts only have one bearing that requires lubrication. Additionally, there are no mandatory tear-downs of Versalift aerial lifts, which allows them to stay in service and continue doing the work that must be done.  Our family of dealers keep ready to go parts available on hand.


Aerial Lift Supportversalift.com_warranty_cta

Aerial lifts from Versalift all come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which can be extended if the customer wishes. Aerial lift training is an area in which Versalift excels. The Versalift FIT online training program provides the most advanced and interactive aerial lift operator and maintenance training platform in the industry. Our training programs are programmatically aligned with OSHA standards,


Aerial lifts are used in a broad set of industries

Several major industries around the world rely upon being able to put linemen and other technicians safely into the air. These industries include telecommunications, electric utility, electric power distribution and transmission, signage & lighting, vegetation management and wind energy. Many of these industries are crucial to the normal operation of businesses and homes, and so are fundamental to daily life.


Aerial lifts, digger derricks and cable placers for telecommunications, electric utility, electric power distribution and transmission, signage & lighting and tree care.


Aerial lifts for telecommunications fleets

Aerial lifts for data, cable TV and telephone have been a major for Versalift for decades, and so the company has innovated by building the lightest aerial lifts in the industry. This means that Versalift is the only manufacturer who can install an aerial lift onto a Ford transit commercial van. The impact is immediate: telecommunications technicians will commonly carry a stock of equipment for sales and repair calls, and that equipment can be safely and securely stored within.


Aerial lifts that are mounted onto our TEL, VANTEL and SST lines of bucket trucks for the telecommunications industry provide Versalift customers with a high return on investment, with very high amounts of time in service, and no mandatory tear-down. Many Versalift clients from the Telecommunications industry buy aerial lifts with the expectation that they will last 15-20 years, though it is quite common to see them on the road 25 years later. The light-duty STP, and heavier duty VTP, lines of Versalift cable placers are essential equipment for the construction and maintenance of new and existing telecommunications cable networks. This means that Versalift offers a full line of aerial lifts for its customers in the telecommunications industry.


Aerial lifts for electric utility fleets

Aerial lifts are as important as they have ever been to the American electric power industry, because the industry itself faces several major challenges. Due to the fact that there is ballooning demand from customers, the industry is fully committed to upgrading the elements of infrastructure that are outdated, and in modernizing the grid. Organizations, including investor-owned utilities (IOUs), are investing more than a billion dollars per month in the grid, at both the power transmission and power distribution levels. Utility companies and co-ops are working to improve their efficiency and to lower their prices, and fleet managers are working to make sure they are purchasing or leasing the aerial lifts that will help their organizations continue to do just that. Because there are millions of miles of powered cable in the grid, utility industry players will need reliable insulated aerial lifts to continue doing the work of upgrading the grid for the foreseeable future.

Insulated aerial lifts from Versalift come standard with TruGuard 2.0™, our newly-engineered and patented upper control isolation system. The TruGuard 2.0™ Safety System, which was recently improved, provides an added layer of protection to linemen who are working at the platform. Truguard’ 2.0™ uses patented technology to allow hydraulic hoses to feed fluid through an insulation gap, which effectively isolates the platform and gives linemen access to all controls and tool ports in the bucket itself while at the same time remaining dielectrically secure. The improvements to TruGuard 2.0™ include the elimination of all thermal pressure points and a 44% increase in dielectric protection in every insulated aerial lift we build.


Aerial lifts for the electric power transmission industry

Aerial lifts make access to electric power transmission lines possible. With significant  pressure on state and regional electrical transmission companies to improve their efficiency and to lower costs for their customers, fleet managers and other key decision makers must make sure that they purchase or lease those insulated aerial lifts that will help their organizations continue to safely do just that.


Aerial lifts by Versalift are the safest and most reliable in the electric transmission industry. Our customers have the option of choosing from a huge variety of insulated aerial lifts, from articulated telescopic VSTs with material handling capabilities to the insulated Skybird 215, with a working height of 217’. At Versalift, our insulated aerial lifts are complemented by a line of powerful and innovative TMD Digger Derricks, which are able to increase productivity with full pressure hydraulic upper controls. Versalift insulated aerial lifts provide the key decision makers in organizations that work in electric power transmission with the tools that they need to safely maximize the capability and efficiency of their fleets. For our customers, this means less downtime, faster fleet response and greater profitability.


Aerial lifts for electric power distributionAerial Lifts for the electric power distribution industry

Bucket Trucks that have been designed and built by Versalift provide the highest level of operator safety to organizations that work in the electric power distribution industry. Our customers require insulated aerial lifts, in a variety of configurations, operating heights and material handling options, as well as digger derricks and cable placer units. Every electrical power distribution maintenance fleet around the world needs the best tools it can get to meet the challenges that the industry is facing. Versalift insulated aerial lifts are engineered to serve the specific set of functions that are generally required in the construction, maintenance and management of the electric distribution grid.

Aerial lifts that are engineered by Versalift are purchased by Investor owned utilities, electrical co-ops and other power distribution organizations, which focus first on ensuring the safety of their people. Because electricity is dangerous, it is crucial that fleet managers choose the safest aerial lifts available to them. At Versalift, safety is our highest priority. We have invented several safety innovations, including ElectroGuard and TruGuard 2.0™, our patented and recently re-engineered upper control isolation system. ElectroGuard is available on every insulated telescopic and articulated telescopic aerial lift up to 60 feet, and every insulated aerial lift now comes standard with TruGuard 2.0™. The TruGuard 2.0™ Safety System provides an added layer of protection to distribution linemen who are working at the platform of the aerial lift. A 44% increase in dielectric protection and an elimination of thermal pressure points makes TruGuard 2.0™ the most advanced operator safety system available on an aerial lift.


Aerial Lifts for the sign, light, and traffic industryAerial lifts for signage, lighting and traffic signals.

Aerial lifts are important to those organizations that maintain lighting, signage and traffic signals. These organizations range from private to municipal, and responsibilities and job requirements change dramatically from day to day.  Because lighting, signage and traffic signals are almost exclusively overhead, the aerial lifts that maintain them can be found throughout big cities and small towns, in suburban communities and business districts. Aerial lifts are perhaps the most important tools for making sure that the men and women who maintain them can do their jobs effectively and efficiently.


More than 30 years ago, Versalift invented the articulated telescopic aerial lift, which has become the most important tool for elevating technicians to perform signal maintenance, and it has continued to deliver the safest, most reliable and highest quality aerial lifts to Public Works Departments, Highway & Bridge Maintenance departments, State DOTS and its other customers who are responsible for lighting, signage and traffic signal maintenance.


Aerial lifts for wind turbine maintenanceAerial Lifts for theWind Energy Maintenance industry

Aerial lifts for wind turbine maintenance represent an expanding market in the high-reach work platform business. Versalift continues to support wind energy maintenance fleets around the world. At heights often exceeding 200 feet, it is essential that operators and fleet managers are confident in their equipment, and this is even more true when it isn’t clear what tasks will arise, and at what heights technicians will need to be working. These highest-reach aerial lifts are increasingly becoming some of the most important tools that are currently manufactured for inspecting and maintaining wind turbines and their blades. This is why if you are responsible for maintaining and inspecting wind turbines, Versalift’s high-quality set of aerial lift offerings should be an important piece of your strategy.


Wind turbine maintenance Boom Trucks require support to stay in service, and Versalift is committed to supporting its customers who maintain wind energy maintenance aerial lifts around the world. At heights ranging up to 72 meters, it is essential that each of our customers is confident in their equipment. With a family of distribution, parts and service centers, Versalift is dedicated to support our customers in the wind energy industry in keeping their aerial lift-equipped trucks on the road.


Aerial Lifts for the tree care industryAerial lifts for tree care and vegetation management

Squirt Booms that can support vegetation management and tree care efforts are a necessary piece of equipment for most telecommunications and electric utility fleets. Further, there are hundreds of individuals and corporate entities that focus specifically on tree care, and require aerial lifts to accomplish their work. Versalift offers overcenter bucket trucks to support the vegetation management needs of these organizations. Because overcenter aerial lifts are ordered and purchased most commonly to handle trees and other vegetation, they are built and then configured to accommodate a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s a single aerial lift for a family business or an order to update a fleet of 1,000 bucket trucks, the buying experience, on time delivery, support, training and maintenance provided by Versalift exceeds customer expectations. The broad set of available Versalift configurations and options for the vegetation management industry ensure that our customers get the exact tools that their organizations need to safely and efficiently get the job done right.


Squirt Booms by Versalift industry in overall quality and innovation. Some models in the VO line of Versalift aerial lifts feature industry leading horizontal reach, while allowing for configurations that add specific value for vegetation management work. These kinds of feature make Versalift bucket trucks especially appealing, because efficient tools make the necessary work of vegetation management a more profitable and sustainable business.