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    Versalift Capital – Financing Services Built Specifically for Versalift Customers Versalift Capital offers equipment financing services that are designed to suit the needs of varied customers.  Making a decision to finance, lease or capitalize your purchase depends upon the structure and accounting practices of your firm.  Often, leasing can present compelling financial and practical options… Read more »

  • Cable Placers - High Demand for Construction and Maintenance of Overhead Cable

    Versalift Cable Placers – Construction & Maintenance of Overhead Cable Networks Cable placers are truck-mounted aerial lifts that are specifically outfitted to string new overhead cable. Stringing cable is an important step in the construction of new telecommunication and electric power infrastructure. Versalift supports telecommunications providers, public utilities and investor owned utility companies that build… Read more »

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  • Versalift Announces National Aerial Lift Purchasing Contract through Sourcewell, formerly known as NJPA Aerial lift manufacturer Versalift has won a national purchasing contract by the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). The company’s products are available as Public Utility Equipment with Related Accessories and Supplies. Versalift aerial lifts are available to NJPA Members at a negotiated… Read more »

  • Versalift_blog_Aerial_Lift_Safety

    Aerial Lift Safety – Our Primary Focus Aerial lifts are an increasingly common sight around the world as economies continue to develop, and the demand for electric power and access to telecommunication service surges. Many important American industries depend on aerial lifts to safely guide technicians into the air. This group of industries includes sign,… Read more »

  • Versalift Manufacturing Improvements - Facilities and Systems

    Versalift Decreases Lead Time, Improves First Time Quality, revamps Facilities, and Improves Processes Since Curt Howell joined Versalift as CEO in March of 2017, he has brought important change to the company. A veteran leader of automotive manufacturing organizations, Mr. Howell, with his team, has initiated major facility improvements at the Waco, Texas-based manufacturer.  These… Read more »

  • Versalift_blog_Digger_Derricks

    Versalift Digger Derricks – powerful utility equipment for construction and maintenance of utility and telecommunications infrastructure. Versalift Digger Derricks are powerful, safe and extremely durable. Their primary function, digging holes for utility and telecommunications poles, is a tough job. They are versatile equipment, however, and can do a lot more than just dig. Equipped with… Read more »

  • Aerial lifts make the maintenance of Sign, Lighting, and Traffic signals safe and efficient. Aerial lifts are suited to the tasks of elevating technicians, their tools and equipment to hard-to-reach places. At Versalift, we know that there really are not simple alternatives to truck-mounted aerial lifts. Versalift invented articulating telescopic lifts more than 30 years… Read more »

  • Tariff-steal-aluminum-Versalift

    Government Imposed Harmonized Tariff Increases – Versalift Response The recently revised harmonized tariff schedule significantly increases the cost of imported steel and aluminum to American manufacturers. The recently revised tariff exclusions, however, present an opportunity for American manufacturers to work harder finding trade partners and avoiding passing price hikes on to the customer. WTO trade… Read more »