• BrandFX Joins Versalift With Time Manufacturing Acquisition welcome message

    In a release made public on November 6, 2019, Time Manufacturing Company, the parent company of Versalift, has announced that it has acquired BrandFX, the world’s largest composite body manufacturer. Established in 1984, BrandFX provides innovative, lightweight “line” and “service” bodies to fleets throughout North America. BrandFX bodies are widely considered to be the best… Read more »

  • Aerial Lifts - Versalift Distributors are Quoting Faster Delivery

    Man lifts can be defined as equipment that is used for the vertical conveyance of personnel. Mounted upon trucks and tracked equipment and used across the world, man lifts are used to build, maintain and repair essential overhead equipment. Electric utility linemen and technicians from other fields have many responsibilities in the elevated workplace, though… Read more »

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  • It is the honor of several members of Versalift’s leadership team to help guide the organizations that play a role in keeping the aerial equipment industry competitive, safe, organized and continuously improving.  Mark Regan, who is Versalift’s Director of Sales for the Western United States and Canada, has joined the Executive Management Committee for the… Read more »

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 2, 2019, Louisville, KY – In alignment with its growth priorities, Versalift continues expansion. Versalift learned that it was under-serving the forestry bucket truck industry. To mitigate this, Versalift acquired TrueCo Inc, which became Versalift Forestry. At the ICUEE 2019 Expo, Versalift showcased its full line of Forestry Aerial lifts… Read more »

  • Versalift Launches Distribution Construction Units and Boom Speed Improvements at ICUEE 2019 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 1, 2019 – Louisville, KY –  Aerial Lift Manufacturer, Versalift, has brought its largest ever group of representatives to attend the International Construction and Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE) 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky.  With strong growth, both globally and… Read more »


    Bucket truck safety and efficiency drive innovation at Versalift. As a designer and manufacturer of bucket trucks, Versalift has an established history of changing the game, and leading change with important innovations in the design and manufacture of bucket trucks. Since 1965, the engineering and manufacturing teams at Versalift have led the industry by creating… Read more »

  • Bucket Trucks Manufactured by Versalift Make It Safer To Maintain Power and Data Lines Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift are engineered to build, access and maintain overhead systems that are fundamental to modern life, including communications and electric power cable networks, wind turbines, cellular towers and highway lighting systems. As the demand for consistent power… Read more »

  • Aerial-Lift-Versalift-PHX-150-I

    Bucket truck manufacturer Versalift has recently introduced the PHX-150-I, a new and innovative Heavy Duty 150 Foot Transmission Aerial Lift, specifically designed for the construction and maintenance of electric power transmission lines. These lines connect power generation plants to substations, and are located high in the air because they carry the most powerful and potentially… Read more »

  • Aerial Lift 5G – Versalift to Support the National Rollout of New System Aerial lifts are going to play an important role in the upcoming rollout of 5G across the United States. They will provide technicians with a safe working envelope for technicians to ensure that 5G hardware is installed and deployed correctly. Later, it… Read more »

  • Aerial Lift Manufacturer Versalift Hires Joey Ren as New China Country Manager Aerial lift manufacturer Versalift has been making moves quickly since December of 2018, when two major venture agreements between Versalift and XuJi Electric were signed. Most recently, the company has hired Joey Ren to be Versalift’s Country Manager for China. Mr Ren’s strong… Read more »