Industries Served


Electric Power Distribution

Insulated bucket trucks, digger derricks, aerial lifts and cable placers built by Versalift create real value for our customers in electric power distribution network management.

Electric Power Transmission

Insulated aerial lifts, high reach bucket trucks and digger derricks built by Versalift create a lower true cost of ownership for electric utility transmission fleets.

Electric Utilities

Versalift insulated bucket trucks, digger derricks and high access aerials create a lower true cost of ownership for the fleets that build, manage and maintain electric utility grids, worldwide.


Bucket trucks by Versalift create the best value for its aerial lift customers in the tree care and vegetation management industry.

Sign, Light & Traffic

Versalift insulated and non-insulated bucket trucks are important to those organizations that maintain lighting, signage and traffic signals.


Versalift bucket trucks and cable placers create the best value for customers in the telecommunications industry.

Wind Energy

Growth in the wind energy industry has created demand for elevated work platforms used for blade maintenance.  We have built a strong and exclusive relationship with Ruthmann, the industry leading aerial lift for wind generation maintenance.