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Versalift Government Services is proud to support Federal, State and Local Governments in their efforts to make the procurement and service of our products as easy as possible.

Government Services

Bucket Trucks, Aerial Lifts & Bridge Inspection Trucks for Cooperatives (Co-op) and Municipal Buyers

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Government Cooperative Buying. 

Purchased bucket trucks, digger derricks, and compact lifts through our Sourcewell contract.  Pre-negotiated deals will save you as much as 30% off the purchase price. Maximize budgets and resources by optimizing their dollars and limiting time spent on open solicitations.

An advantage of buying through us is that our staff can help with configurations, specifications, and warranty/service requirements on not only Versalift, but also Bluelift, Ruthmann, and Aspen Aerials equipment as well. We can help with RFPs and single source supplier challenges.

In addition to new equipment, we offer many ancillary services to support government entities throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.

  • Service and Parts – Available in every State
  • Versalift Training – Safety, Operation & Maintenance Training Programs
  • Versalift Finance – Competitive Capitalization Rates
  • Equipment Leasing – Low cost Operating, Municipal, and Trac Leases Available
  • Short term Rental – We have units available now

Versalift offers green solutions which comply with current federal mandates and goals in support of sustainability and Green Initiatives.



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Sourcewell, a major public cooperative purchasing organization with tens of thousands of members. Sourcewell membership is loosely composed of three kinds of organizations:

  • Government Entities – Government entities that participate in cooperative purchasing through Soucewell include municipalities, cities, counties and state agencies, water districts, parks departments, tribal governments and transportation authorities.

  • Non-Profit Entities –  are tax exempt organizations, and represent a huge variety of member organizations, including foundations, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, housing authorities,.

  • Educational Entities include a wide variety of pre-kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, special education districts, charter schools, technical colleges and Universities


Check to see if you qualify for pre-negotiated pricing and the ability to purchase without going through the compliance bidding process.

Sourcewell Membership Benefits

Members of Sourcewell are able to source a huge variety of items, including other heavy equipment, office supplies, furniture, building materials and technology. Sourcewell creates powerful value for its members by simplifying the entire procurement experience. Versalift is one of six vendors authorized for public utility equipment, and one of hundreds of Sourcewell vendors.

Versalift Provides Ongoing Service Support for Sourcewell Customers

In addition to new equipment manufacturing, we continue to provide ancillary services to support government entities throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. Versalift continues to support Sourcewell members with the following additional services:

  • Equipment Parts and Service through Versalift Distributors nationwide

  • Versalift Training provides Safety, Operation & Maintenance Training Programs

  • Versalift Capital offers Competitive Capitalization Rates, Flexible Financing Plans and Expert Guidance

  • Equipment Leasing & Short term Rental is available through Low Cost Operating, Municipal, and Trac Leases

Versalift has staff in place to help with configurations, specifications, and warranty/service requirements. We can also help with RFP initiatives and single source supplier challenges.

Benefits of Purchasing Versalift Bucket Trucks through Sourcewell:

  • Transparency – Sourcewell members are able to clearly understand what they are buying

  • Pre-negotiated Price – Sourcewell members will automatically receive volume-based pricing that has been negotiated and established in advance by Versalift and Sourcewell. Buyers can rest assured, knowing that Sourcewell has negotiated a strong deal.

  • Convenience – customer administrative processes are streamlined and simplified

  • Quality – customers avoid “low-bid, low-quality” experiences, where they purchase a unit for the lowest cost, but end up dissatisfied. Instead, Versalift, and every other Sourcewell vendor, has been pre-qualified and selected by Sourcewell to provide goods and services to their members.

Become A Sourcewell Member

Is your organization already a Sourcewell member? Find out here. If you are not already a member, you can easily become one and purchase your equipment more efficiently at




Phone: (254) 399-2167


Federal Government & Military

Versalift proudly supports the Federal Government with a dedicated sales and service team, and is committed to complying with the specific requirements of each United States Federal Department and Agency customer.

Versalift offers a wide variety of standard configurations, available for acquisition through our General Services Administration (GSA), and Sourcewell (formally NJPA) relationships. Versalift regularly performs customized engineering tasks for its customers, and provides contract support for all products that are custom engineered to meet or exceed established standards.

State Government

Versalift is committed to presenting, and delivering upon, contract solutions to support states in their efforts to procure and acquire specialized equipment. Versalift’s government sales and support team is experienced and knowledgeable, and is committed to delivering value to state customers.

Municipal Government & Cooperatives (Co-ops)

Versalift is committed to participating in several cooperative contracts that support county and municipal governments. We are a supplier on many municipal contracts. Versalift provides straight forward procurement services to municipal and local government customers, ensuring added value in several key ways

  • A wide variety of equipment solutions to meet or exceed customer requirements.
  • Efficient and straight-forward procurement process
  • Established pricing schedule, including bulk purchasing, which is not available to individual entities.
  • Product support, operator and maintenance training, and digital resources available to every customer.

Departments of Transportation (DOTs)

Among government, and NGOs there exists many responsibilities for which Versalift and its fleet of bucket trucks, digger derricks, and cable placers provides.

For example, Federal, State, and local municipal governments must design, build, and maintain safe, efficient and economically feasible roads throughout the country.  Some further discussion is below.

Versalift Supports Departments of Transportation in Keeping American Roads Safe

Bucket trucks have a number of applications and uses in the service of federal, state, county and community DOTs. One significant use for bucket trucks by Departments of Transportation is to maintain street and highway lighting. Because lighting has an immediate impact on the safety of drivers and pedestrians, it is vital that it be maintained well. If a street isn’t well-lit, it is certainly still safe to drive, but perhaps not as safe to cross. Most American Departments of Transportation normally include public safety as part of the core of their mission statements. Making streets and highways safe for drivers and pedestrians, by ensuring that they are well lit, is an essential part of the important work of employees at transportation departments, at every level, around the United States.
  • Bucket trucks, capable of safely putting technicians into the air, are maintained by DOTs around the United States.
  • Companies and municipalities alike purchase bucket trucks in order to manage a set of high-reach tasks and responsibilities. Many DOTs work with private contractors to manage these responsibilities, if the state or county departments do not have bucket trucks in their fleets

Departments of Transportation have a broad set of responsibilities, including maintaining roadways to be fast, safe and efficient.

Bucket trucks make it easier for Departments of Transportation to perform the many varied tasks that support their mission statements. The United States Department of Transportation has been operating for fifty years, with a mission of serving the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future. While the mission of the Federal Department of Transportation is very broad, state-level DOTs reflect the same ideas, focusing mostly upon the safety and accessibility of transportation systems.

  • Bucket trucks that are in the employ of state departments of transportation must create value. This is because state DOTs have a tight budget, and are funded most significantly by fuel surcharges and taxes.
  • Improving fuel efficiency in vehicles results in less fuel sales, which has the impact of decreasing DOT budgets.
  • With budgets that are in danger of decreasing, state DOTs must purchase the most efficient and effective utility vehicles that can help them achieve their goals.

Bucket Trucks provide a safe and efficient way for State and Local Transportation Departments to deliver upon their missions

Many State Departments of Transportation have a mission to provide a safe transportation system that ensures the mobility of people and goods, enhances economic prosperity, and preserves the quality of the environment and communities. Additionally, many state DOTs have a goal of being completely free of both congestion and fatalities. Certainly, consistently maintaining street and highway lighting is a big step in the right direction. In larger urban areas, like Chicago, Boston or Dallas, bucket trucks are shared, and therefore used in a set of different bureaus within the department.

Inspections support the mission of a DOT and create safer working conditions

In addition to be being very useful tools for DOTs, bucket trucks, and most other commercial vehicles that weigh more than 5 tons, must be inspected each year by a State DOT official, or by a certified inspection service. With regular preventative maintenance and careful daily inspection, Versalift bucket trucks can create value for Departments of Transportation for decades.Because they are so safe and efficient when they are used correctly, bucket trucks are necessary tools to support American Departments of Transportation at any level. With safety at the heart of the mission of any transportation department, bucket trucks will continue to be used to efficiently maintain safe roadways across the United States.