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TruGuard™ is now included as standard equipment on every insulated aerial lift we manufacture. Versalift meets and exceeds the highest standards of operator safety equipment in the industry.



No matter if they’re in the bucket or on the ground, aerial lift operator safety must be a top priority.

Whenever a person works around electricity, there is a real risk of injury or worse, and there are safety risks that no operator or business should tolerate without doing everything they can. In the past, some aerial lift manufacturers have offered a solution that includes plastic handles for isolation of the upper controls. These handle covers are useful but they are not a complete solution, as safety is still a concern, with dirt and grime contamination, breakage and repair, and incomplete dielectric isolation.

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How is TruGuard™ DIFFERENT?

With TruGuard™, lift operators get unprecedented security and safety while working near electrical phases.

At Versalift, our world-class engineers have created, tested and verified a uniquely engineered polymer with high dielectric insulation properties and ultra high strength. By completely isolating the work platform, TruGuard™ is the only true upper control safety system that protects all control handles at the platform, including hydraulic tool power ports and the console area itself. Giving linemen the power they need when operating an aerial lift, TruGuard™ has full hydraulic controls and durable metal handles. Because TruGuard™ is engineered to be a long lasting solution, it is preferred both by mechanics and operators. TruGuard™ meets and exceeds ANSI 92.2 requirements for dielectric integrity. Part of this is its ability to resist dirt and grime that is regularly encountered throughout the life of any lift. We’ve tested it in a broad set of challenging situations that linemen have faced while on the job. Additionally, we have tested it against very high pressures and extreme temperatures. TruGuard™ has tested extremely well, exceeding all expectations, including our own.

A stronger measure of safety and security for lift operators who work with high phase electrical currents is possible. If you are interested in learning more about TruGuard™ or how to add it to your lifts, please contact one of our knowledgeable VERSALIFT distributors today.

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