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Our process

We build the finest aerial lifts in the world by hand in Waco, TX. Our dedicated people make it possible for us to be the best.

Our Process

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At Versalift, a lot has changed since the building of our first aerial lift in 1965. But what hasn’t changed is our approach: build them to last so you can get the job done.

To ensure the dependable quality we’ve built over the years, we’ve learned we have to start at the beginning with our customers’ needs. Our experienced engineers intentionally develop and test a fleet of Versalift products based on our customers’ feedback that successfully tackle your daily job challenges.

When you order a Versalift product, it comes to our manufacturing plant with a shop order and a raw piece of steel or aluminum. Our time-tested process routes that order through our manufacturing facility while pieces are laser-cut, welded, and processed. Metal quickly takes shape into our familiar Versalift product, and then we assemble and mount our lifts in-house.


We offer additional options for your employees’ safety and efficiency with features like fiberglass boom inserts and the TruGuard 2.0 isolation system,. Each aerial lift is thoroughly tested for the challenging tasks our customers face in the field. When our lifts are finally loaded onto trucks, the original shop order that started it all accompanies the aerial lift: a custom manual for a built-to order Versalift bucket truck.

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What began as raw materials is now one of the world’s safest and most reliable aerial lifts.

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There’s a reason why our Versalift lifts are built to last from the ground up: it’s the way we build our team.

Connect with us on the phone or in person, and you’ll notice the difference. Our knowledge and passion for Versalift doesn’t come from a script or hours in training; it’s because we’ve stuck around to see it succeed. Our executives have worked their way up from plant operators to leaders in our company, and our close-knit environment is why people stay. In fact, many have stuck around so long that we currently employ fathers and sons, and our rich history has become stories among us of “remember when.”

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Since 1965, we’ve committed to add value for our customers with our aerial lifts, and this goal has continued even today. As an ISO9001-certified quality standard company, our customers are always our focus. You know this in ways like seeing our welders’ stamps on each Versalift aerial lift, adding further accountability and trust for the life of the product.

Our experienced engineers are continually creating solutions based on the job needs and feedback from our customers, because that feedback helps us to enhance job safety and efficiency.

Our TruGuard 2.0 insulation technology was created to effectively isolate the upper controls, and is an added layer of protection to linemen who are in the lift itself.

Versalift may be #1 in aerial lift production for Steel Tail Shelf and Telescopic Articulating Aerial Lifts, but we emphasize customer value for every minute of manufacturing. Our production and assembly process is optimized to provide our customers with dependable, hard-working lifts that stand the test of time. Whether you purchase one Versalift aerial lift or a fleet, our assurance to you extends after the sale with our distributor network to offer parts, service, and support when you need it.