Bucket Truck manufacturing at Versalift

Electric Drive: Innovation in Aerial Lift Efficiency

Versalift Electric Drive increases the efficiency of our bucket trucks and results in an immediate return on investment. Electric Drive is an option on nearly every Versalift bucket truck.

Electric Drive

Electric Drive

Tired of burning fuel at the jobsite?

Electric Drive from Versalift saves you fuel for the getting to the jobsite. During its nearly 40 years of field operation, Electric Drive has been extensively tested and proven to save you fuel costs. Electric Drive operates during aerial run time and includes features like full flow for hyrdraulic tool circuit operation, battery recharge of existing truck alternator, and full power-to-tool circuit operation. The self-contained electro-hydraulic package operates aerial lifts with maximum efficiency. Electric Drive is designed to save you fuel costs without sacrificing efficiency on the job.

Other benefits of Electric Drive include…

  • 100% Elimination of Exhaust Fumes
  • Immediate Return on Investment
  • Operation of Bucket, Tools & Outriggers at Normal Speeds
  • Engine Turns ON/OFF Automatically to Charge Batteries
  • Up to 90% Less Expensive Than a Hybrid Chassis
  • Can be Retrofitted to Trucks in Your Existing Fleet