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High access aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift deliver a lower true cost of ownership through smarter, more reliable design. As a leader in the industry, Versalift listens to what customers are saying. Versalift offers the broadest range of high-access equipment in North America.

High Access

Versalift High Access


Versalift high access equipment has the broadest range of product offerings in North America  between 104’-220’ of working height. High access units are available in both insulated and non-insulated aerials up to 220’. 

Versalift High Access – Product Lines

Versalift high access equipment includes CTA, PHX and Skybird units. CTA insulated and non-insulated high access aerial lifts create vertical access for up to 130’ of working height. Versalift high access lifts also include PHX units with working heights of up to 180’. PHX units are also available in both insulated and non-insulated variations. Additionally, Versalift manufactures Skybird high access aerial lifts. Skybird is available as insulated and non-insulated, with a working height of 220’.   

Versalift high access aerial equipment puts the operator first by focusing on innovation and safety.  New, reliable technology features, like Bluetooth-enabled controls, telematics and network diagnostics are supported with focused operator training sessions. Uniquely designed features include specialized outriggers to reduce the footprint of the vehicle, which creates efficiency on the job site. Innovation in safety and efficiency makes Versalift high access equipment the best choice. 

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  • Working Height

    Up to 220’

  • Horizontal Reach

    Up to 102’

  • Stowed Travel Height


  • Platform Capacity

    Up tp 2,200 LBS

  • Platform Rotation

    180 degrees

  • Insulated/Non-insulated


  • Material Handling


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Versalift High Access Equipment

Versalift high access equipment reaches from 104’ to 220’ of working height. New safety features and technology tools on Versalift high reach equipment create unique value for the companies and agencies that use it.  Versalift has earned its reputation for innovation and is proud to offer the broadest high-reach aerial lift product offering in the North American market. Our market-leading high access aerial lifts are custom-built to serve the organizations that perform large electric utility construction and maintenance projects, and other construction and ongoing infrastructure maintenance tasks. 

Ease of maintenance is a hallmark of Versalift products, and high access units are not an exception to this fact. With an absolute minimum quantity of lubrication points on our North American high access aerial lifts, all of the pin bearings and slide pads on our equipment are non-lube type. Additionally, we are using reliably proven and tested technology to eliminate the need for fiber optic conductors in our insulated aerial lifts.

CTA High-Reach Workhorse Aerial Platforms

CTA high access aerial lifts are available as both insulated and non-insulated units. With wireless data communications that do not use fiber optics, CTA units feature on-board diagnostics with text display. On-board diagnostics monitor and support the use of electric-over-hydraulic controls. CTA units come with operator displays at both the upper and lower controls. These advancements have been tested for reliability, and are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy work. Additionally, these units have 2,200 lbs of combined platform and 1,500 lbs of jib capacity, and unrestricted work envelop. These high access units feature outriggers that can be short-jacked, which eliminates some access considerations.


The CTA-104 is available as insulated (CTA-104-I) or as non-insulated (CTA-104-S) With a working height of 104’3” and a horizontal reach of 49’8”, this CTA unit has a maximum platform capacity of 2,200 lbs. 


The CTA-130 is available as insulated (CTA-130-I) or as non-insulated (CTA-130-S) With a working height of 129’3” and a horizontal reach of 50’, this CTA unit has a similar platform capacity as the CTA-104.

PHX Heavy Duty High Reach Aerial Platforms

The PHX line of high access aerials built by Versalift is available in insulated and non-insulated models, ranging in working height from 149’6”’ to 182’11”. Known for their generous working envelope, Versalift PHX high access units feature a unique boom configuration that allows for significantly easier jobsite setup. The PHX units have 2,000 lbs of platform capacity and 1,500 lbs of jib capacity and unrestricted work envelope. PHX units have Industry leading side reach at full capacity and at elevated height. These high access aerial lifts provide exceptional reach and increase productivity by avoiding multiple worksite set ups. Multiple outrigger configurations allow this unit to be shorjacked, which creates the opportunity for a more compact footprint. All units have On-board graphic operators displays with color coded diagnostics, telemetric and GPS.


The PHX-150 is available as insulated (PHX-150-I) or as non-insulated (PHX-150-S). With a working height of 149’6” and a horizontal reach of 75’.


The PHX-180 is available as insulated (PHX-180-I) or as non-insulated (PHX-180-S) with a working height of 183′ and a horizontal reach of 80′.

Skybird High Access Aerial Platforms 

Skybird high access aerial platforms have a maximum working height of 220’ and industry leading horizontal reach of 102’. The Skybird is available as insulated or non-insulated, and has the largest working envelope in the industry. With 1,325 lbs of platform capacity, Skybird units support several high-reach applications including the construction and maintenance of electric utility and wind energy infrastructure.


The SKY-220 is available as either an insulated or non-insulated high reach unit. The SKY-220 has tremendous reach, with 102’ of horizontal reach and 220’ of vertical reach.

Versalift High Access Aerial Lifts – Contact Us

Versalift high access equipment is supported by a team of sales engineers, and is available through Versalift distributors. We work to design an efficient solution for the construction and maintenance of Transmission Electric Utility networks and other high access applications.

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Industries Served

The Versalift high access series of bucket trucks is used in the transmission, wind power, electric utility, and structure/ building maintenance industries.

Versalift Customer Service

Customer service is a point of pride within our family of distributors, and we all take ownership in providing it. We have grown to become a global leader in safety, reliability and overall quality in aerial lifts because we pay attention to detail and we take the time to put our customers first. We listen to you so that we can understand your concerns, and get you back on your way to the job as efficiently as possible. Our Versalift Global Partner Portal (VGPP) and Versalift FIT online operator training programs allow each of our customers to manage, support and maintain their aerial lifts from a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.  When using the VGPP, customers can access their aerial lift manual, order parts, schedule a maintenance call, or speak directly with a Versalift service representative.

Aerial lifts are increasingly becoming some of the most important tools currently manufactured for inspecting and maintaining wind turbines.
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Greater Stability, More Safety, Game-changing Efficiency

Highly stable in windy conditions (12.5 meters/second), at full working height and load, the  aerial lift allows for work to continue efficiently. Ruthmann equipment stows very quickly: following notification of incoming inclement weather conditions, Ruthmann higher-reach wind energy aerial lifts are designed to return to their stowed travelling position in minutes. Also, these aerial lifts are as many as six times more efficient and productive than yesterday’s conventional approaches to wind turbine blade maintenance.

  • Non-lube Lift BearingsNon-Lube lift bearings require little to no maintenance and are designed to last the life of the truck
  • No Mandatory Tear-downsVersalift bucket trucks are engineered to the highest standard of quality so that they last safely and reliably

About Versalift

As the industry quality leader in bucket trucks, Versalift also manufacturers aerial devices, digger derricks and other specialty equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution, investor-owned utility, telecommunication, light & sign, and tree care industries. Working with co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and family of distributors, the company manufactures, sells and services bucket trucks in North America, South America, and Europe and employs nearly 1400 associates worldwide. For further information about telescopic articulated bucket trucks please contact us at