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5G Bucket Trucks For Telecommunications Fleets

5G Bucket Trucks Versalift



5G Bucket Trucks and 5G Aerial Lifts by Versalift

5G bucket trucks are currently in high demand. Telecommunications fleets across the United States are implementing significant expansions in order to build a nationwide 5G mobile network. The bucket trucks and other specialized equipment that are built for current telecommunications networks is only going to be able to handle some of the work that is coming. As a result, more 5G bucket trucks will be needed to deploy and maintain an infrastructure that is strong enough to deliver reliable 5G mobile connections. In response, Versalift has developed a set of 5G bucket trucks that are specifically designed to safely and efficiently install 5G antennas.

5G Bucket Trucks – Configurations

5G bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift are used for the installation of lighter 5G antennas and systems maintenance. Heavier antennas can require specialized utility pole mounts, and require greater material handling capacity than what is available on a light unit. In many cases, 5G antennas can weigh as little as 50 lbs and as much as 350 lbs. Versalift 5G units are rolling off of the factory floor this month. These 5G bucket trucks are built to custom specifications for national accounts. Recognizing that there will be ongoing demand for this equipment, Versalift has developed a Ready-To-Go spec for 5G installers across the country. This ready-to-go 5G bucket truck will be available through multiple Versalift distributor locations.

5g Versalift Fifth Generation Internet5G Bucket Truck – VANTEL-29-TRANSIT (5G)

Versalift has modified its VANTEL-29 Transit to include splicing capability, and a fixed dropdown boom to aid in linemen access and to create two additional feet of working height. The Versalift VANTEL-29 is a popular choice of maintenance unit for telecommunications fleet customers. Offering unparalleled maneuverability, best in class payload and ease of maintenance, the VANTEL-29 is a safe and reliable tool for telecommunications technicians. Fleets know this unit well, and it will be familiar to technicians.

Versalift Universal 5G Bucket Truck – Versalift has created a Dedicated 5G Unit in conjunction with national and regional telecommunications partners. Versalift Universal 5G bucket trucks combine a truck and splicing trailer into one safe, clean and efficient system to allow linemen and telecommunications engineers and other technicians to connect, set up and support 5G antennas. The 5G aerial lift units allow the technicians to work in both hot and cold weather as the units are fully climate-controlled.

5G Aerial Lifts & The Internet of Things

Building a nationwide 5G network will take billions of dollars and decades to complete. Current projected demand for 5G mobile devices is massive, yet the supporting infrastructure for these new devices only exists in selected parts of major market cities scattered across the United States. The wireless industry is poised to grow substantially. According to a recent report by the CTIA, which is an American wireless industry advocacy group, the United States wireless industry creates $475 billion in GDP. As a major contributor to the job market, it currently supports 4.7 million American jobs and is projected to create many more. Through the nationwide implementation of a reliable 5G network, the US wireless industry is estimated to create more than three million jobs while adding $500 billion in annual economic value. (Read the entire report at https://www.ctia.org/the-wireless-industry/wireless-industry)

Industries Poised For Growth with 5G & The Internet of Things

5G bucket trucks will support the development of industry in many ways that have yet to be seen. According to McKinsey & Company, “the growth of 5G will benefit many businesses – both users and suppliers of this technology or related infrastructure…5G immensely improves speed, latency, reliability, and power consumption while supporting more device connections.” (The 5G Era, McKinsey & Co, Jan 2020) The cited report anticipates 25 billion internet-connected devices in the United States by 2024, and widespread adoption of 5G by businesses by 2030. In the meantime, digital spectrum and MIMO technology provide a runway for new business models and general adoption and advancement. Among the many industries that will evolve are communications, utilities, financial services, health services, manufacturing and transportation.

  • Mobile Communications Providers are offering new services for mobile phones and computers as a result of increased internet speeds and bandwidths.
  • Public and Private Electric Utility Providers are seeing gains in efficiency and reliability through 5G-enabled smart grid management.
  • Banks, Insurers and Other Financial Services Providers are offering enhanced security and identity protection through 5G-enhanced monitoring systems.
  • Hospitals, Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers are accessing precise, real-time information from 5G-enabled medical devices, and collaborating remotely.
  • Manufacturers of Equipment, Products and Goods are improving inventory management and optimizing production lines.
    5G-enabled vehicles and connected traffic infrastructure in the
  • Transportation Industry are offering new vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication with cars, boats, trains and other modes of transportation.