Bridge Inspection Equipment

Bridge Inspection Equipment
Aspen Aerials

Bridge inspection is a demanding job, requiring specialized equipment designed to allow workers to maneuver safely into position allowing for hands-on inspection and maintenance work. To accomplish this, the right equipment is essential.

Bridge Inspection

Aspen Aerials is the undisputed North American market leader in bridge inspection equipment. Each of the six models that Aspen Aerials builds is designed to handle the highly specific set of jobs involved in safely conveying engineers and inspection technicians above, alongside and below a bridge. Recently acquired by Versalift/Time Manufacturing, Aspen Aerials continues to serve the bridge inspection industry with thoughtfully designed and versatile equipment. Aspen Aerials bridge inspection vehicles come in a number of sizes and includes a variety of capabilities. Horizontal reach, downward reach, under-bridge reach and sidewalk clearance are concerns that must be considered when purchasing bridge inspection equipment.

  • Horizontal reach – the horizontal distance that a unit can extend in any one direction
  • Under-bridge reach – the distance under a bridge that a platform can be extended
  • Downward reach – the downward distance that a bridge inspection unity can be extended
  • Sidewalk clearance – additional horizontal reach to clear pedestrian traffic.

Bridge inspection is a required activity for every state Department of Transportation in the United States. Guided by the United States Department of Transportation, state DOTs must complete a regular audit of each of the bridges in their purview. In cases where states do not have the equipment or resources to inspect a bridge, engineering firms that are qualified to inspect bridges use bridge inspection equipment to complete these required tasks. In the case of railroad bridges, which are owned by the federal government, special outfitted bridge inspection equipment is used by organizations that contract directly.

Aspen Aerials delivers market-leading bridge inspection units to customers across the USA and around the World

Please click the links below to browse our six base models of bridge inspection equipment

A-30 – The Aspen Aerials A-30 is a lightweight, versatile and efficient bridge inspection unit

B-32 – The B-32 Lightweight bridge inspection vehicle has a GVWR of under 26,000 lbs

A-40 – The Aspen Aerials A-40 provides efficiency combines with a three-person inspection platform

A-52 – The versatile A-52 enables both inspection and maintenance tasks on larger bridges

A-62 – The Aspen Aerials A-62 features 180 degree rotating platform and telescoping fourth boom

A-75 – Aspen Aerials largest bridge inspection vehicle, with greatest platform capacity and horizontal reach