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Jobs & Careers at Versalift


At Versalift, we are always looking for talented and driven people to join our team. Versalift is a global corporation that develops and builds the world’s safest, most reliable and highest quality aerial lifts. Our success hinges upon on quality: people, engineering and materials.

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Every person on the Versalift team plays a role in the success of our organization. Our engineers, tradesman, sales teams and clerical staff are a huge part of our success. We know that a decision to work for Versalift means that you are committing your time and talent to our team. In return, we make sure to provide you with a rewarding work environment and work experience.

Collaborate with experts from across the globe

With offices and facilities around the world, what you help to create at Versalift travels and supports businesses and communities around the world. Work directly with smart, engaged team members who can help you grow within your career. Versalift may be a global corporation, but to our employees, it is a family.

We create an inclusive and diverse work environment because different perspectives result in the best ideas. To support our team, we provide competitive benefits, training, knowledge-sharing and career development, all within a positive work culture.

Your career at Versalift  matters to you and to us. You can experience different career opportunities within Versalift by moving between our business units and job functions without ever having to start over at a new company.

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