Legacy of Success

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Legacy of Success

Humble Beginnings

Back in 1965, America was talking. With both the telephone and cable television industries booming…

lines stretched from coast-to-coast containing the chatter of news, opinions, ball games, and more. These two technologies had rapt a nation, and both industries were scrambling to fulfill the demand. And through it all, line installers and repairers were working countless hours keeping those calls and cables connected while tethered dangerously onto their poles.

The physical demands on these line workers was obvious and in the small town of Clifton, TX, two men, Bill Blewett and Russell Howard (a mechanical engineer from Rice University), agreed, the safety and efficiency for these jobs needed improvement.

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With the guidance of their friend, Charlie Turner, whose father owned the local telephone company, they created their first small bucket aerial lift truck, the V-24. The Blew-How Corporation, now Versalift, had their first aerial lift, and Turner’s father’s company, Palo Pinto County Telephone Company, was their first customer.

In 1967, Turner bought Blewett’s partnership, and he and Howard moved to Waco to create TIME Manufacturing Company in 1968. They built our current Central Texas location in 1972, shortly after aerial lift orders rapidly increased with our first large sale of 37 units to the Michigan Bell Telephone Company.

In the late 70s, Versalift’s customer base stretched globally as we introduced our product to the European market. Product lines, sales, and customer relationships continued to build, and in 1985, Time Export was established in Farso, Denmark. In the 90s and 2000s, we continued putting down international roots with Versalift UK, Time France, and Time Benelux. But here in the US, we were growing as well with the addition of Versalift East in Bethlehem, PA.

As the #1 aerial lift manufacturer in the world, our modest, ambitious beginnings are not far from how we do things today. Though we’ve grown in both employees and global reach, our mindset is still the same as our founders: the solutions to your aerial lift needs should always be within your reach.

A History of Innovation

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Our Future

With our global manufacturing resources and highly trained expert employees, the heights for the future of Versalift are limitless. With 50 years in business, our stable ownership, consistent management, and full production schedule have empowered our plans for tomorrow to be bold.

Within these plans are the expansion of markets, implementing a rental and leasing fleet, and cultivating our used equipment business. Though the Versalift presence in our current industries is vast, we’re looking toward what’s next, such as aerial lift needs in the emerging wind energy industry. New entry points for lifts in utility processes are also a priority, such as distribution, transmission, contracting, and more.

We are also making plans with you in mind. Soon, Versalift and our distributors will be an all-inclusive lift resource, where you can rent, buy, replace, and resell your lift or fleet of lifts with ease.

We’re excited for the future of Versalift.