Bridge Inspection Equipment in Europe – Aspen Aerials (A Time Manufacturing Company)

Bridge Inspection Equipment in Europe - Vasco Da Gama Bridge

Bridge Inspection Equipment in Europe – Aspen Aerials

Bridge inspection equipment manufactured by Aspen Aerials is highly innovative and can handle the largest bridge inspection jobs. Aspen Aerials is owned by the Time Manufacturing Company, which is the parent company of three leading equipment brands: Versalift, BrandFX and Aspen Aerials. Each brand is a leader in its space. For example, Aspen Aerials manufactures the leading bridge inspection equipment in North America, and has a dominant market share in that market. At Versalift, we are proud that our sister company Aspen Aerials is expanding into Europe, and creating value for European bridge inspection organizations.

Aspen Aerials in Europe

Aspen Aerials bridge inspection equipment is being offered for sale across Europe, beginning in the summer of 2020. Initially available for demonstration and sale through Versalift Denmark, the Aspen Aerials A-62 bridge inspection truck is engineered for use on larger bridges.

Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge – connects Sweden and Denmark – Bridge-to-tunnel – Innovative – 5th longest in Europe at nearly 8 Km

Aspen Aerials A-62 – Equipment Built to Inspect Large Bridges

The Aspen Aerials A-62 is a unique bridge inspection truck because it is built for the specific purpose of thoroughly inspecting large bridges. The Aspen Aerials A-62 provides bridge inspection engineers clear access to the hardest-to-reach places. With 3.35 meters of fence clearance and nearly 4 meters of sidewalk clearance, this large bridge inspection unit has an underbridge reach of just under 19 meters.

Bridge Inspection Europe Aspen A 62 Inspecting Spillway

Aspen A-62 – showing superior underbridge reach

Regular bridge inspections are mandated on behalf of public safety by European law. The process of inspecting larger bridges will be made much more efficient through the use of Aspen Aerials equipment, like the A-62, which is designed expressly for large bridges.

Hochstrasse Elbmarsch

Hochstrasse Elbmarsch – Germany’s longest of more than 40,000 bridges – 4.2 Km long

Bridge Inspection Equipment Engineered To Deliver Unmatched Stability

Bridge inspection equipment built by Aspen Aerials delivers unmatched stability. Engineering innovations have made this stability possible. For the Aspen Aerials A-62, which is built upon a full-length subframe, there are several engineered features that create stability:

  • Axle locks unitize the chassis and the truck axles, which strengthens and stabilizes the unit.

  • At the base of the pedestal is a rotating counterweight that remains precisely within the width of the chassis at all times.

  • Delivering additional stability, The Aspen Aerials A-62 unit features an adjustable sliding counterweight installed under the truck, so that the platform can be optimally counterpositioned.

  • An interlock system, which is tied to the controls, maintains operation within the unit’s full stable range.

  • A full color monitor is provided, at the pedestal, enabling operators to constantly monitor boom and turret movements.

Longest Bridges in Europe

European Bridges

Many of Europe’s most famous bridges are ancient structures, like the Roman Pont Du Gard in Southern France or the beautiful, overbuilt canal bridges of Venice, Italy. Some of the continent’s most picturesque bridges are architectural marvels that have attracted droves of tourists for centuries, such as the Bastei Bridge in Germany and the Chain Bridge of Budapest.

Bridge Inspection Equipment in Europe - Vasco Da Gama Bridge

Vasco Da Gama Bridge Europe) – Vasco Da Gama Bridge – Portugal – 6 lanes – longest bridge in Europe – 12 Km

Most of Europe’s bridges are part of the essential, modern infrastructure, and they are used by people and companies to get where they are going. As is the case with all major infrastructure, the safety of Europe’s bridges will be ensured through regular inspection, improvement and maintenance.

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