• For the service fleets that use them, truck bodies and toppers act as a mobile office, tool box, warehouse and billboard. As such, truck bodies deliver powerful value and are a significant investment for any commercial fleet. The truck body choices that fleet managers and other stakeholders make have a direct impact on the fleet’s… Read more »

  • Versalift Ireland Operations Launch The new Versalift Ireland location in Tallaght, South West Dublin will now exclusively carry Versalift, Ruthmann and France Elevator products.  The office opened earlier this year and is head up by Niall Brannigan.  Niall joined Versalift back in 2021 after 15 years in the industry. The office is supported by the… Read more »

  • China’s Electric Power Industry Expects Continued Growth, Improvement And Success China’s electric power industry is the world’s largest generator of electric power. China’s transmission network features two wide-area synchronous grids, the State Grid and the China Southern Power Grid. The grids continue to effectively manage and improve the reliable power supply and quality service levels… Read more »

  • MEWPs-Ruthmann-Aerial-Lift-Versalift-Hero-Image

    MEWPs support several crucial infrastructure systems across the globe. Telecommunications, electric utility (including power distribution and power transmission), public safety and lighting, and the rapidly growing wind energy programs are critical pieces of our country’s infrastructure and future. Each system is either connected or accessible through overhead means. MEWPs are a safe and relatively inexpensive… Read more »

  • Manufacturing Safer Access Equipment for Electric Utility Distribution As a leading manufacturer of aerial lifts, Versalift continues to make operator safety the number one priority. Versalift engineers continue to lead the aerial device industry in safety innovation, and take every opportunity to protect the operator without limiting equipment performance. Versalift equipment has the lowest warranty… Read more »

  • High access equipment offered by Versalift includes the iconic PHX line. Formerly known as Phoenix Aerials, PHX high access aerial lifts, with working heights of 150 and 180 feet, are available as both insulated (I) and non-insulated (S) units. Versalift PHX aerial lifts are designed with a unique boom configuration that allows for more efficient… Read more »

  • Sign, Light and Traffic Signal Maintenance In American cities and towns, sign, light and traffic signal maintenance requires a variety of equipment. Depending upon weather and climate conditions, municipal fleets use bucket trucks, which are vehicle-mounted aerial lifts to put technicians in position to perform maintenance tasks. Bucket trucks are used by municipal fleets, business… Read more »

  • High Access Equipment Spotlight - Versalift CTA

    High Access Equipment Typically, Versalift high-access equipment starts at 100 feet of horizontal access, and goes up from there. High-access aerial lifts that can be purchased through our high reach group include three iconic brands: Versalift CTA, Versalift PHX and Versalift SKY. Versalift CTA (formerly Condor Transmission Aerials) – max working height of 104’ &… Read more »

  • Versalift Forestry

    Bucket trucks that are utilized for forestry and land management tasks are built to safely and efficiently perform a variety of tree care tasks while withstanding tough conditions: SST 40 – The Versalift SST-40-EIH is a heavy duty insulated forestry bucket truck with excellent reach capacity on a smaller frame. This articulated telescopic aerial device… Read more »

  • Aerial lifts built for the telecommunications industry are vital in the construction, expansion and maintenance of overhead telecommunication networks. New initiatives to install 5G antennas and upgrade and improve the larger wired network have boosted demand for vehicle mounted aerial lifts. Designed with telecommunications technicians in mind, Versalift van-mounted and truck-mounted aerial lifts are smart… Read more »