Versalift Parts

A walk through the Versalift Production line is like a journey through innovation. Certain aspects of your bucket truck design and build process are similar to what you may have seen back when Versalift launched its first Aerial Lift in 1965, whereas other aspects of the line are ultra modern, with technicians and engineers using Plasma and Laser cutting tools, modern chemical treatment processes and computer coding that follow the strictest ISO protocols. Picking local part suppliers is part of our way of doing business. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a local shop that works with Aluminum and other times it makes sense to build parts in-house. In all cases, we begin with raw materials, deliver finished product, and we paint and assemble in-house at our wholly-owned plants. Our manufacturing and engineering staff has been selecting parts and assembling aerial lifts for a good part of their lives, and in some case generations. When something is wrong, they can smell it.

Although our lifts are built to last a lifetime, every once and a while the day to day activity of Lineman, Tree Care Specialist or Telecommunications Technician can go sideways. We have know required replacement parts on our lifts, but we do periodically see parts the break for one reason or another. In this case we invite you to reach out to one of our dedicated members of our family of dealers, or to call our distribution hubs directly. If it is a small part, we can overnight it to you and get you back to the job site, if it is large we send the part to meet you at one of of 24 service centers and get you back up and running quickly.

Our proprietary Versalift Global Partner Program (VGPP) is available to you whether you have just one unit or if you would within a fleet. VGPP will allow you to order regular parts, or pull up a genuine Versalift Build List that includes part numbers and manufacturing dates for every part on your lift. If you need help, someone is available for you to talk to directly, or you know what you want, just order it online and it will ship out and bill to a PO or credit card.

We take our parts as seriously as we take our safety standards. If yous part is a painted component, it will go through the same wet-on-wet painting process to create the  world class automotive finish that all of our new lifts get.

Please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable staff at 800-825-1085 and get your lift back up in the air!