Aerial Lifts in Delaware

Aerial lifts support many of Delaware’s most important industries

Aerial lifts are important to Delaware’s people for many reasons, including making sure that homes and businesses have access to information and electric power. Because vehicle-mounted aerial lifts are essential equipment for servicing overhead electrical lines and telecommunications cable, they are ubiquitous along the east coast of the United States, where millions of Americans live in relative density. In the majority of the United States, electric power distribution networks are built above ground, and are a loose collection of legacy systems which have been built and upgraded over the past century. Delaware is one of the oldest states in the Union, and so it has some of the oldest utility infrastructure in the United States. Aerial lifts are used for forestry and land management purposes and for sign, light and traffic sign maintenance across the state.

Distributors for Delaware

Electric Power and Utility Industry in Delaware

Aerial lifts that support electric utility infrastructure are available to Investor Owned Utility companies and to Electric Cooperatives in Delaware through Versalift East, a wholly-owned distributor. In producing its electricity, Delaware has made a massive transition away from coal and toward natural gas. Additionally, the state has a strong renewables program that includes a strong consumer solar program and a massive new offshore wind energy farm that is budgeted and planned. As the majority of the petroleum that is consumed in the state is used in automobiles, the roadways are heavily trafficked. Delaware is a heavy net consumer of energy, which means that its electricity is being imported from other states in the region. Aerial lifts play an important role in maintaining the consistent and inexpensive flow of electric power into and throughout the state of Delaware.

State Utility Companies

Aerial lifts support the work of all of the electric utility organizations in the state of Delaware. Three major suppliers of electricity to consumers and businesses are Ambit Energy, the Delaware Electric Cooperative and the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation. Versalift works with Investor Owned Utility companies, Electric Cooperatives and Municipal Organizations to deliver the safest and most reliable insulated, vehicle-mounted aerial lifts available on the market today. Delaware’s largest providers of electric power include:


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Telecommunications Construction & Maintenance in Delaware

In Delaware, the Public Services Commission is only responsible for regulating some cable providers who offer service in unincorporated areas, and so it is true that different regulations apply to different areas of the state. For example the Delaware PSC regulates approximately half of the Cable TV providers in the state. Satellite providers are not regulated at the state level in the United States. There is a cohesiveness to the way the major cable providers work with the Public Service Commission to keep an open line of communication. This appears to benefit consumers and businesses across the state of Delaware.


State Telecomm and CATV companies

Aerial lifts are constantly in use across the state of Delaware, where there is relatively high population density and a lot of traffic. Telecommunications providers manage fleets of maneuverable and lightweight vehicles that have the vertical reach, payload capacity and equipment storage capability to help technicians efficiently do their jobs. Cable placer trucks, which are used primarily for the construction of new overhead networks of telecommunications cable, offer versatility and diversity to any telecommunications fleet. Aerial lifts give Delaware telecommunications providers the reach, capacity and storage they need to build value for their customers. Some of Delaware’s providers of telecommunications services are:


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With a population of just under one million people, Delaware is the second smallest state in the Union. Located to the south and east of New York City and east of Philadelphia, Delaware is one of the densest and most affluent states in the country. Interestingly, there are more than one million corporations that call Delaware home, and this is because of the way the Delaware Tax Code works. Delaware’s largest economic drivers are in the corporate services and finance businesses, yet agriculture and manufacturing do contribute meaningfully to the state’s GDP.

Dover is the capital of the state of Delaware

Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city

Notes on Aerial Lift Safety from the United States Department of Labor

Delaware Aerial Lift Safety

In Delaware, aerial lift safety is regularly monitored and strictly enforced throughout the state. At the same time, aerial lift safety is an ongoing concern at the United States Department of Labor’s OSHA office. As is the case with most American states, the Delaware regulations reflect national regulations, which continue to highlight the importance of clearly marked safety warnings and regular equipment inspections.


Aerial Lifts and their applications for Forestry in Delaware

Aerial lifts that are built for forestry applications must be incredibly rugged and equipped with the tools, configuration and safety precautions that make the sometimes hazardous work of vegetation management less risky. The State Forest Service of Delaware is run through its Department of Agriculture. With a mission of conserving, protecting and educating, the Delaware Department of Forestry is not a major user of vehicle-mounted aerial lifts for forestry applications. Instead, private forestry operations, electric utility and telecommunications organizations are more likely to require vehicle-mounted aerial lifts for forestry applications.

Bridge Inspection Equipment in Delaware

Bridge inspection equipment in Delaware is a busy and ongoing process that directly impacts public safety. Managed by the Delaware Department of Transportation, the process of bridge inspection requires that every bridge in the state be inspected and evaluated for safety every other year. Delaware’s most famous bridge is the Delaware Bridge, which is more than two miles long and spans the Delaware river.    To browse and learn more about the best bridge inspection equipment available on the market, visit Aspen Aerials at