Aerial lifts in Texas

Versalift Aerial Lifts Support Key Industries Across the State of Texas

Aerial lifts play a central role in the operation and management of telecommunications and electric utility plant in the state of Texas. Aerial lifts safely convey linemen and other technicians to the elevated workplace so they can maintain overhead networks of utility and telecommunications plant. There are several other industries in Texas that aerial lifts to conduct their business. For example, municipal fleets require vehicle mounted aerial lifts to manage roadway lighting, signage and traffic signals. Forestry and logging are significant industries in Texas, along with vegetation management, land management and tree care. In all cases, operators of aerial lifts are especially dependent on the safety, durability and reliability of their equipment. Versalift aerial lifts are manufactured in Waco, and serviced by a network of distributors across North America and around the world.

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Electric Power and Utility Industry in Texas

Aerial lifts support electric utility providers across the great state of Texas. As a state,Texas leads the nation as the top natural gas and crude oil producer, providing 37% of the crude oil and 24% of the natural gas output for the entire country. Additionally, Texas leads the country in wind energy generation, providing 25% of the national wind energy output. With a population of nearly thirty million people, Texas is both the largest energy producing state and largest energy consuming state in the country. Texas utility providers are either investor-owned utility companies, municipal utilities or member-owned cooperatives. All utility organizations require aerial lifts to perform their work. Vehicle mounted aerial lifts for the electric utility industry require insulation systems to protect linemen at the platform. Versalift insulated aerial lifts feature TruGuard®, the world’s most advanced bucket truck safety system, which provides an additional layer of protection at the platform.

Below is a short list of some organizations that provide electric power to consumers in Texas:

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Telecommunications Construction & Maintenance in Texas

Aerial lifts are in heavy use across Texas, supporting technicians in their work to maintain overhead networks of data cable that crisscross the state. 95% of Texans have broadband access to the internet, and a major effort is underway to provide rural broadband access to underserved parts of the state. Telecommunications fleets have diverse equipment requirements, including plenty of payload capacity, storage room, maneuverability and a large working envelope.  Versalift van-mounted aerial lifts deliver the lightest weight vehicles with the greatest payload in their peer group, while providing a 29’ working height to ensure that technicians can reach their work. Telecommunications fleets also require different kinds of vehicle-mounted equipment, including cable placer trucks and digger derricks that support the efficient construction of new networks of overhead plant.

Below is a short list of some telecommunications providers in Texas: 


Aerial Lifts and their applications for Forestry in Texas

Aerial lifts that are purposed for forestry have a special role in Texas. With nearly a quarter million square miles, Texas is the largest of the lower 48 United States. There are twelve million acres of forested land in Texas, and the majority of that land is classified as ‘timberland,’ which means that it can be used for commercial purposes. Logging, timber, furniture, pulp and paper are all forest products that generate revenue for the state.  Forestry requires bucket trucks that are especially durable and tough, as the landscape is incredibly rugged. Parks Services and State and Federal Land Management organizations, as well as telecommunications and electric power distribution companies, use vehicle-mounted aerial lifts for the purpose of vegetation management, forestry and tree care.  

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Aerial lifts for Bridge Inspection in Texas

Aerial lifts for bridge inspection provide an important element of public safety to the people of Texas. By virtue of being a large and populous state, Texas has many bridges. It is impressive that the state has nearly twice as many bridges as the state with the next most. With more than 53,000 bridges in Texas, inspection teams work all year long to make sure every bridge is inspected every twenty-four months. As is the case in most US states, the Texas DoT hires bridge engineering firms and contractors licensed for bridge inspection in Texas to perform the necessary tasks.

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Texas General Information

With a Population of nearly thirty million people, Texas is one of the biggest and most influential states in the USA. The state capital of Texas is Austin, which is home to the University of Texas and, more recently, several major technology companies. The biggest cities in Texas are Houston and Dallas, which are both driven by the energy and mineral extraction industries. Houston is the largest city in the state, with a city population of two and a half million. Phillips, Sysco and Halliburton are headquartered in Houston. Dallas is a World City, with a MSA numbering nearly 8 million people. AT&T, Southwest Airlines and Texas Instruments are three publicly traded companies based in Dallas. Major geographical features of Texas include the Rio Grande River to the south, a flat coastline on the Gulf of Mexico, and a gradual shift to hilly and rugged land in the north of the state. Tourist attractions in Texas include the Big Bend National Park, the Padre Island National Seashore and San Antonio’s Spectacular River Walk. Forested state parks that attract visitors from around the world include Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Big Thicket National Preserve

Notes on Aerial Lift Safety from the United States Department of Labor

Texas Aerial Lift Safety

Texas Aerial Lift Safety is highly visible due to population density and the number of roads in the state. All safety codes are strictly enforced throughout the state, and are written to be in alignment with the United States Department of Labor’s OSHA regulations on Aerial Lift Safety.

You can find the OSHA Aerial lift factsheet here.