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Aerial Lift Distribution & Assembly Network | Versalift

Mar 2, 2018 | Electric Utility, telecommunications, transmission power, tree care

Versalift Distributor Network – Servicing, Value Creation, and Relationships

Aerial lift utility vehicles that are built by Versalift enable work in the electric power distribution, telecommunications, tree care and sign and light industries. The organizations that sell, support, and service the customers who use Versalift aerial lifts, digger derricks and cable placers are known collectively as the Versalift Distributor Network. Each of these organizations deliver world-class Versalift products with the highest levels of safety, reliability and overall quality in the world. Versalift Distributors are industry experts, engineers and technicians who provide sales, up-fitting and assembly of units, and service, repair, and preventative maintenance to our customers.  While Versalift is a global company, we firmly believe that local expertise is an essential driver of superior service for our customers. What differentiates our methodology is that the same people who assembled your unit in your area are the ones servicing it. The familiarity, experience, and relationships that come from this customer experience are second to none.

Aerial Lift Sales in the Versalift Distributor Network
Aerial lift sales are some of the most important aspects of the Versalift distributor network. Companies and organizations, contractually obligated to support and maintain segments of either electric power distribution and transmission and telecommunication networks, have a consistent appetite for aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks. The Versalift distribution network maintains relationships with these businesses and organizations, supporting their work and providing them with new equipment when they need it. Ideally situated to provide the kind of expert advice and feedback that customers need, Versalift distributors are locally focused, and their sales teams have industry experience in the territories where they operate. Some of our distributors have been in business and working with our customers for more than 50 years. These company’s know and understand the complicated set of specification requirements, options, and engagements that our customers need to be successful and guaranty uptime.  Since our distribution network also is responsible for mounting and assembly of aerial lifts, and body to the chassis, they are the best suited to service the unit for its operational lifetime. It makes sense to source your unit from an aerial lift distributor close to you.

Aerial Lift Assembly at your Versalift Distributor
Aerial lifts are incredibly complex equipment, and each company or organization that uses them has specific requirements. Aerial lifts can be upfitted with specific optional equipment, including a range of material handling capabilities, insulation, variable boom mount positions, a bucket elevator or our fuel-saving Electric Drive™. Our distributors are the right people to make informed recommendations to clients in various industries. Electric power distribution will always require insulation systems, and distributors are qualified to make recommendations around TruGuard™2.0, the world’s most advanced bucket truck safety system that is now available for no charge on Versalift insulated units. Lifts are manufactured and shipped to distributors all over the country to ensure fast delivery and in service access for our customers. Since the lifts come from one location and the bodies an chassis can be sourced from several others, we can ensure on time delivery every time.

Aerial Lift Service – Available Everywhere at Versalift Distributor Locations
Aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift can be incredibly durable equipment, and will remain effective tools for decades if they are correctly maintained. Preventative maintenance is one of the most important aspects of regular service that can extend the life of an aerial lift, creating value for an organization for years beyond an expected lifespan. Every Versalift bucket truck, cable placer and digger derrick comes with its own operator’s manual and maintenance manual, and preventative maintenance schedules are included therein. Additionally, inspection guides are included in this documentation, providing a safe way forward for evaluating an aerial unit’s readiness on a daily, quarterly and annual basis. Regardless of the age or location of purchase, you can Service your Versalift at any of our locations within the network.