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BrandFX Joins Versalift With Time Manufacturing Acquisition

Nov 7, 2019 | Aerial Lifts, bucket truck, News, Press Releases

In a release made public on November 6, 2019, Time Manufacturing Company, the parent company of Versalift, has announced that it has acquired BrandFX, the world’s largest composite body manufacturer. Established in 1984, BrandFX provides innovative, lightweight “line” and “service” bodies to fleets throughout North America. BrandFX bodies are widely considered to be the best composite utility bodies in the world.


Versalift, a Smarter Choice

BrandFX and Versalift teams have been working closely for decades, delivering the most durable and lightweight bucket trucks available to the market. With the acquisition of BrandFX, Versalift will integrate its supply chain, bringing faster manufacturing and the ability to shorten delivery times. 


The acquisition of BrandFX creates bottom-line value for Versalift customers. BrandFX lightweight composite bodies weigh up to 60% less than conventional steel bodies. This lower weight load improves fuel efficiency, while lessening the stress forced on tires, brakes and suspension systems—reducing the costs of routine maintenance and adding payload capacity. Versalift equipment has a smarter, more reliable design that results in ease of maintenance and less overall downtime. BrandFX and Versalift are an excellent fit, because both companies deliver lightweight, durable equipment that results in a lower true cost of ownership.


Smarter-Designed Utility Fleets

“BrandFX and Versalift have worked together for over 25 years. Together, our engineering teams have built the best equipment available for any price. As part of the Time Manufacturing family, we will extend the resources needed to help grow BrandFX internationally, just as we have done with Versalift.” said CEO Curt Howell. “With this acquisition, we are better prepared to offer smarter-designed utility fleets with the lightweight durable design that leads to the lowest true cost of ownership, and to extend that value to all BrandFX customers.”


BrandFX has grown to become the largest manufacturer of advanced composite service bodies, line bodies, toppers, and other fiberglass components for specialty equipment in the world. Among its many fleet customers, the company has earned its reputation for manufacturing bodies that often outlive their chassis. Now known as “BrandFX, a Time Manufacturing Company,” the company will continue its normal operations serving all of its fleet customers in telecommunications, electric utility, sign and light, forestry, municipal and other service body applications.  


By expanding its already diverse line of premium equipment brands, Time Manufacturing Company extends its culture of safety, innovation, and superior manufacturing processes to serve a growing base of customers around the world. Time Manufacturing Company now leverages a team of more than 1,400 associates, working across 5 continents.


Read the official Time Manufacturing Company Press Release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/time-manufacturing-companyversalift-acquires-market-leading-composite-service-body-manufacturer-brandfx-300953077.html