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Time Manufacturing Company through its Versalift, Ruthmann, FE Group, Aspen Aerials, and BrandFX brands will be showcasing at the Utility Expo this year, just as they have been for decades.

The Utility Expo showcases the perfect opportunity to learn about and better understand the bucket truck, aerial lift, digger derreck utility trucks as well as the line & service bodies that represent innovation, safety, and lightweight cost savings for the industry.

Utility Expo participants will visit Versalift’s large air conditioned booth where they will see and hear about product offering in the following industries:


Our staff of more than 40 people and our extended distribution network with more than 100 people will be there to show you our Utility Expo Demo Units and help you better understand why our products offer the Lowest True Cost of Ownership.

If you have not yet registered for Utility Expo – you can do so here:

Utility Expo – Time Manufacturing Growth Video

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We’re Looking Forward to Utility Expo 2023

Manufacturers, distributors and service providers who serve the utility construction and maintenance industries are gearing up for the 2023 Utility Expo. The event, which takes place every other year, occurs on September 26 – 28th in Louisville, KY and is the largest event of its kind. Specifically intended for utility professionals and construction contractors, it has since become the largest U.S. event for electric transmission and distribution, telecommunications, natural gas transmission and distribution, and water management equipment. For event attendees, a general admission badge at Utility Expo allows access to dozens of acres of utility equipment and thousands of exhibitors and manufacturers, as well as the chance to connect with top professionals in the utility industry.

Versalift Representatives, Aerial Lifts and a Spacious, Air Conditioned Booth

The Versalift team will be available to answer questions and provide demonstrations.  Visitors will experience our large, air conditioned booth, where they will be welcome to take a seat, have a cold drink and look around.  There are several meeting rooms in the Versalift booth, where spec sheets are available for our entire utility equipment offering. Booth visitors are welcome to take a ride on a Versalift high access aerial work platform.

Utility Expo – INDUSTRIES

  • Telecommunications – Bucket trucks, van-mounted aerials and cable placers that are built for telecommunication fleets. Among other units, we’ll be bringing the new Versalift 5G unit and a new cable placer.
  • Sign, Light & Traffic Equipment – Versatile, maneuverable bucket trucks for sign and light fleets. We’ll have a selection of units designed to match and meet municipal specifications.
  • Electric Utility Equipment – Insulated articulating telescopic and overcenter bucket trucks, with multiple bucket and material handling configurations.
  • Digger Derricks – Digger derricks used to build and maintain electric utility and telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Forestry – Insulated bucket trucks, forestry configurations and knuckle boom trucks for regular forestry and arbor fleet work.
  • High Access Work Platforms – High access aerial devices for electric utility transmission, wind turbine and other high reach maintenance applications.

UTILITY EXPO – Distributor Meeting

At Versalift, we use the Monday before the Utility Expo to hold our biannual distributor meeting. It’s an ideal place for our broad network of distribution partners to meet, learn and deepen ties. Our distributor meeting presents a great chance to meet as a cohesive distribution network. There, company leadership has an opportunity to hear from distributors, and to provide current information to the distribution network as well.  If you are an aerial lift distributor, please speak to your sales associate or Regional Sales Manager to get an invite. Time Manufacturing Company has grown tremendously in the past two years, and with all of this growth, we are excited to showcase some of what has changed. Announcements and seminars for our distributors will cover Technology and Innovation, Manufacturing Updates, Sales and Marketing, and Parts and Service initiatives.

An address from our leadership will also detail some of the tremendous growth we have had since the last meeting.  This will include a summary of operations from our Ruthmann, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Versalift and newly acquired France Elevator and MovexLift units.

Utility Expo – This year Versalift will have a ton of equipment on display

Versalift is bringing dozens of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, bucket trucks, digger derricks, high reach aerial work platforms to the Utility Expo. Versalift distributors serve the essential industries that maintain utility, municipal and telecommunications infrastructure across North America and around the world.

Utility Expo – Telecommunications Equipment

Utility Expo Bucket trucks, van-mounted aerials and cable placers that are built to spec for fleets that serve the telecommunications industry, including the new Versalift 5G unit:

  • TEL-29-NE
  • SST-36-NE
  • STP-36-NE
  • VTP-40-NE
  • VANTEL-29-NE
  • VANTEL-29-NE

Utility Expo – Sign, Light & Traffic Equipment

Versatile and maneuverable bucket trucks for the sign and lighting industry:

  • VST-47-AP
  • VST-50-TN
  • VST-55-TN
  • LT-62-NE

Utility Expo – Electric Utility Equipment

A wide variety of insulated bucket trucks, including articulating telescopic and overcenter, with several material handling options, predominantly for electric utility service and maintenance:

  • SST-40-EIH
  • SST-40-EIH
  • VST-40-MHI
  • VST-40-HDI
  • VO-40-MHI
  • VST-47-MHI
  • VST-52-MHI
  • VO-355-MHI
  • VST-6000-MHI
  • VN-555-MHI
  • VST-7500-E108

Utility Expo – Forestry Equipment

Utility Equipment that is durable and reliable bucket trucks and knuckle boom trucks for regular use in the forestry and tree care industries:

  • VO-270E Rear
  • VO-270E Rev
  • VO-270E Rev
  • VO-260 Rev
  • SST40EIH Metro

Utility Expo – Digger Derricks

Digger derricks at the Utility Expo will include those for use in construction and upgrade of electric utility and telecommunications infrastructure:

  • TMD-2045-T
  • TMD-2047-T
  • TMD-4050-T
  • TMD-4060-T

Utility Expo – High Access Work Platforms

Utility Expo – this years high access aerial devices for use in electric utility transmission construction and maintenance, wind turbine maintenance and other high reach applications:

  • CTA-104 Spare
  • CTA-130-I Spare
  • CTA-130-S
  • PHOENIX 150-I
  • CTA-150-S


Utility Expo – MAP



Utility Expo Versalift


Utility Expo – Covid-19 Guidelines

The Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) has announced new COVID-19 guidelines as of August 4,.   The Utility Expo is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all, including our safety policies related to equipment demonstrations. The Utility Expo has assured its participants that it will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC, the State of Kentucky, and KEC to ensure a safe experience for all show participants.

  • Masks are currently not required for outdoor show participants.

  • Masks are currently required for indoor show participants.

  • 85% of the Utility Expo is located outdoors.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the show.

  • To reduce crowding in indoor areas, aisle space will be wider than in previous years.

  • To reduce crowding around registration areas, we encourage attendees to pick up their name badges early, or to take advantage of remote badge pickup at the airport and outdoor locations at the show.

  • The Kentucky Exposition Center is a Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR Certified facility and upholds high standards for facility cleanliness, extra cleaning protocols for high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces, as well as proper ventilation.

Updated information from the Kentucky Expo Center is available to attendees at https://www.theutilityexpo.com/visit/health-safety-commitment

Utility Expo – Time Manufacturing Growth Video

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Versalift – Utility Expo – Growth Video

Jay Jeffrey, President, Time Manufacturing Company I’m Jay Jeffrey, and I’m President of Time Manufacturing. I’ve been with the company for over 34 years. With all the changes we’ve had in our industry, the one constant, the one thing that hasn’t changed, is that Versalift is known for innovation and excellence. Over the last few years, (there has been) significant growth both organically and through brand acquisition. We continue to expand through company-owned distribution and third party partners around the world. It’s very important to us that not only do we build an innovative product, to give you the right product, but also that we know how to service it and take care of it throughout its life. Don Fratus,VP Supply Chain The growth over the last three four years has been unprecedented with the recent acquisitions of distribution and manufacturers.

It’s making the supply chain a little easier to manage because of more help from additional manufacturers and additional volume. With them, plus we’re doing more procurement on the distribution side which we’ve never done before. With (added) distribution across the United States we’re able to share pricing volumes, combined volumes, and get optimum performance at all levels. In the last four years here at Versalift, through vertical integration we have grown the company to a size that brings a lot of efficiencies to our organization, knowledge to our organization, that helps us improve and innovate to an even greater scale than we’ve been able to before. Jay Jeffrey, President, Time Manufacturing Company Several of our acquisitions, one includes Ruthmann, which is a leading European manufacturer of 40 different models through three different brands, which continues to strengthen how strong we are in the European theater and also now across the world.

Ebbe Christiansen, President Ruthmann Reachmaster One of the things that Ruthmann has been famous for for many many years is the ability to develop very tall machines with still reasonable weight. Ruthmann has for many years developed a lot of different technologies, one is the way that they built the boom system which is capable of reaching significant reach without having a lot of weight to them. James Christian, VP Engineering With the acquisition we now have access to some of the best people in the industry. Engineers and manufacturing and distribution groups over there that really makes us a much stronger global company.

Time Manufacturing Company Aspen Aerials is our underbridge inspection unit which is the leading manufacturer of underbridge inspection units in north america John Stubenvoll, President Aspen Aerials Here at Aspen Aerials we build a variety of units to handle different sized bridges. We sell them to municipalities, state DOT’s, railroads, and also too many rental companies. Gary Heisterkamp, Chief Commercial Officer BrandFX BrandFX is the largest composite body manufacturer in the country, we manufacture all of our product out of composite fiberglass material starting from the small service bodies on a Ford Ranger truck up to a largest tandem-axle truck with a digger derricks or an aerial device on it. Our product is really the only one that you can walk up to, take your foot, kick it as hard as you want to. Kick it and you’re not going to ding it, you’re not going to dent it, and you’re not going to break it.

Whereas with the metal bodies, that happens all the time, once you bend it you can’t bend it back. Brian Coleman, VP Sales, North & South America, Versalift So what we’ve really done is we’ve made a machine that will pick up to 700 pounds of capacity in any position that you put the boom in. Meaning the operator no longer has to read a load chart to find out if he’s within the capacities of that machine. When you’ve got your lineman out during a storm, and he’s trying to replace transformers that have been taken down by wind or snow or hail. The last thing he wants to do, because he is in a hurry to get power up for your customers, is to have to stop and think how much weight I can pick up in this position with this machine? it eliminates that. There is no guesswork. There is no chart that has to be read to keep him in a safe working condition. it’ll pick up 25 kva transformers up to 37.5 kva without needing a load chart to look at. It’s just a safer, simpler solution

Jay Jeffrey, President, Time Manufacturing Company The path for Time Manufacturing forward is one of nothing but growth and possibility, through our innovation, the way we design products and build products. Our manufacturing capability, both domestically in North America and also worldwide, is fabulous. So that’s our growth plan: we continue to build the best product, the most innovative product, the highest quality product and we plan to be number one.


Utility Expo – 2019 Time Manufacturing Growth Video

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VERSALIFT is a leading manufacturer of bucket trucks, digger derricks, aerial lifts and other specialty equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution, investor-owned utility, telecommunications, light and sign, and tree care industries. (PRNewsfoto/Versalift)

Infrastructure Focused Equipment Demos at Utility Expo by Versalift, Ruthmann Reachmaster, & BrandFX Body

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Time Manufacturing Company is thrilled to announce its largest-ever presence at the 2021 Utility Expo. Continuing to execute upon its global growth plan, the manufacturer has deepened its portfolio of premium equipment brands and brings more people and equipment to the show than ever before. Time Manufacturing Company brands cover more than an acre of outdoor showroom space across three booths at this year’s Utility Expo, including Versalift, BrandFX, and Ruthmann Reachmaster. Each of these brands are industry leaders in safety, quality, and innovation.

The Utility Expo is the premier event for utility professionals and construction contractors, providing insight into the latest innovations and trends impacting the electric utility construction and maintenance industries.

The Versalift booth (E-833) shares a full series offering of equipment, featuring dozens of vehicle mounted aerial lifts. Highlights at the Versalift booth include:

  • 29 foot custom built 5G Aerial Lifts with Climate Controlled Splicing Cabins, revolutionizing the way that National Telecom Providers are building their new networks
  • Heavy Duty line of 40 foot Material Handling Aerials that provides a new passive safety system for lifting heavy transformers without the need to review a load chart.
  • Lithium battery powered electric operation for fleets that seek a sustainable alternative to carbon emitting boom operation
  • A range of extremely durable Forestry Equipment
  • Insulated and non-insulated High Reach Aerials ranging from 100 to 180 feet with custom designed cockpit design for Transmission Electric utility construction and Maintenance.

The company introduces patent pending innovation – SlopeMax, the Newest Safety System from Versalift

SlopeMax is a passive safety system for vehicle-mounted aerial lifts that measures the slope angle of the surface and boom, and limits the horizontal reach via the lower boom function, whenever it is necessary. This innovation serves to prevent avoidable accidents, and allows technicians to work in safer conditions without the need to constantly check slope angle indicators.

The BrandFX booth (E-821) presents several units, including a 24 year-old BrandFX service body demonstrating the longevity of their advanced composite design. Additional BrandFX booth highlights include:

  • 84TXT advanced composite line body, with mounted aerial device
  • UltimateFX all-composite service body on a half ton truck with an 8 foot bed
  • BrandFX Workpods to add security and functionality to truckbeds without reducing payload.

The Ruthmann Reachmaster booth (E-551) will feature several pieces of innovative equipment from the world-class engineers at Ruthmann, including:

  • Ruthmann Ecoline 75A, a 75 foot aerial with a GVWR of less than 10,000 lbs.
  • Ruthmann Eagle T-108A with 108 foot working height and no need for a CDL
  • Ruthmann Steiger® T-295A HF, the most capable 90 meter aerial in North America
  • BlueLift B-72 COMBO, offering both the choice of combustion engine and the Lithium Battery pack
  • BlueLift B-101, 20 foot long compact lift with over 100 feet of reach.

Additional products at the Ruthmann Reachmaster booth include a Winlet Lasius 2200 1 ton pick & carry crane, a Bibi BL26 and a Jibbi 52. Bibi and Jibbi are rough-terrain compact aerial lifts presented by Ruthmann Reachmaster.  The Ruthmann Reachmaster booth will also feature a Winlet ErgoMover 3300, which is a self-propelled 3,300 lb. capacity, all-terrain material carrier.

Time Manufacturing Company goes to market under the Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Eagle, EcoLine and BlueLift brands, serving infrastructure customers across North America, and around the world. The company now employs more than 2,000 associates worldwide.

Media Contact: Brent Berger, (323) 791-3722, brentberger@versalift.com

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