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Aerial Lifts Built to Bring Your Linemen Home Safely 

Feb 28, 2023 | Electric Distribution, Electric Utility, transmission, transmission power

Aerial lifts that are built and serviced by Versalift are used by linemen to manage, repair and maintain elevated powerlines. Linemen are the men and women who perform the dangerous work of maintaining overhead powerline networks. According to linemancentral.com, there are more than 120,000 linemen in the United States, and they spend their days and nights maintaining electrical service and restoring power after storms, floods, hurricanes and other weather events.


Versalift Aerial Lifts Support Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution

There are two kinds of electric utility networks in the U.S. Utility transmission grids carry the largest amount of current the longest distance. Transmission lines are located at least 100 feet from the ground, and they can carry hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity for hundreds of miles. Utility distribution lines connect homes and businesses to electric power. The vast majority of all overhead utility lines are for utility distribution, and the majority of American linemen work on utility distribution networks.

  • Aerial Lifts for Electric Utility Transmission – Versalift has the broadest range of high access equipment in North America. Linemen deserve safe and efficient access to the transmission networks they service, and their job is both difficult and important. Versalift high-access aerial lifts for electric utility transmission reach to nearly 220 feet. Current options on high access units include insulation and material handling.  Available high reach units include Versalift VSTs, 104’ and 130’ CTA units, 150’ and 180’ PHX units, and an insulated 217’ Skybird unit.

  • Aerial Lifts for Electric Utility Distribution – Linemen who work in the electric utility distribution industry rely upon aerial lifts that have a horizontal reach of between 36 feet and 80 feet. Versalift insulated aerial lifts for electric utility distribution include articulating telescopic SSTs and VSTs. Additionally, Versalift cable placing equipment, which is used for utility construction, is available for purchase through Versalift distributors.


Versalift Heavy Digger Derricks and Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts for the electric utility industry are complemented by the powerful, innovative TMD digger derrick series. Models like the TMD-4060-T are especially valuable in construction of new networks, and in repairing infrastructure damaged by inclement weather or disaster. Versalift digger derricks are easy to maintain and easy to operate. They feature non-lube bearings and a single grease fitting for the rotation bearing. Two sets of controls are available: full pressure Hydraulic controls with open center system, and radio remote controls with closed center hydraulic system. Additional operator training is available through Versalift online training programs, which provide the most advanced and interactive training support in the industry.


Versalift Insulated Aerial Lifts Feature Passive Safety Systems

Aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift and serviced by Versalift distributors deliver a lower true cost of ownership to utility fleets with safe, reliable fleet solutions. Versalift aerial lifts feature several passive safety systems including TruGuard and SlopeMax. These systems function passively, providing protection to linemen in the bucket. Linemen perform dangerous tasks involved with the installation, maintenance and repair of electric power transmission and distribution infrastructure.


  • TruGuard is an innovation that creates an isolation barrier, protecting the lineman in the bucket, while enabling them to use their familiar hydraulic upper controls.

  • SlopeMax is a lightweight system of omnidirectional angle sensors, enabling linemen to safely work from the platform on base slopes of up to ten degrees. Previous ANSI recommendations required operators to maintain a base angle of five degrees or fewer. The 2022 ANSI standards update has removed this requirement, and put the onus on the manufacturer to protect the lineman.


Insulated Aerial Lift Sales and Service Available through Versalift Distributors

Insulated aerial lifts require ongoing maintenance and systems testing. The Versalift network of distributors includes both company-owned and third-party locations. Versalift distributors provide a variety of services, including:

  • Fully equipped mobile service vehicles for on-location service coverage

  • Service contracts available

  • ANSI safety inspections

  • Dielectric testing

  • Planned maintenance programs

  • Complete reconditioning and complete rebuilds available


Aerial Lifts Protect Electric Utility Linemen

Versalift insulated aerial lifts are utilized by professional linemen who work in a wide variety of electric utility companies and fleets, both in the United States and around the world. While the electric utility industry is supplied by investor-owned utility companies (IOUs), electric cooperatives, and public utilities, it is the linemen who rely upon our equipment who make the difference every day.