Aerial Lifts for Electric Utility Construction and Maintenance in Canada

Aerial Lifts in Canada

Aerial Lifts for Canadian Electric Utility Infrastructure

Aerial lifts that are manufactured by Versalift provide safe, reliable access to the electric utility network for the purpose of servicing, maintaining, and in some cases, restoring the Canadian grid. Electric utility infrastructure provides a throughput of electric power that provides heat and light to Canada’s homes and businesses, and enables the country to be the world’s fifth largest exporter of energy. While more than half of Canada’s energy is generated through hydroelectric means, electric power is transmitted across the country through the national power transmission grid. Aerial lifts play an important role in the Canadian electric power industry, as the power transmission network must be maintained by specialized electric power transmission linemen, whose work demands the safest possible equipment. Additionally, the electric power distribution network that connects homes and businesses to the grid are serviced by linemen who are supported by electric utility distribution fleets. Electric Utility Aerial Lifts for the Canada market are available at various locations around Alberta and British Columbia. 


Canadian Electric Utility Aerial Lift Sales, Service and Parts: Versalift Canada

Aerial lift distributor Versalift Canada is a company-owned distributor of Versalift equipment to a wide variety of contractor and fleet customers in the electric utility construction and maintenance industry. Providing new and used equipment, Versalift Canada upfits new equipment, and provides troubleshooting, testing and equipment service for valued customers. Additionally, Versalift Canada provides commonly requested parts for Versalift equipment and a variety of other premium equipment brands. 


Aerial Lifts, Digger Derricks and High Access Units  

Aerial lifts, digger derricks and high access units that are upfitted by Versalift Canada are available as both insulated and non-insulated, and can be mounted on a variety of chassis, including tracked vehicles. Ask your Versalift distributor for more information on Versalift safety systems for electric utility equipment. Versalift Canada supports the electric utility industry with durable, reliable Versalift digger derricks, cable placers and other specific equipment. Versalift Canada services all major brands of aerial lift from 9 to 90 meters of working.
Versalift Canada is a wholly-owned distributor of Versalift equipment, serving fleet and contractor customers across Canada from locations in Alberta and British Columbia.  Learn more about Electric Utility Aerial Lifts at the Versalift Canada website, where you can learn more information, access dealer network information, and explore a range of services and equipment.