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Jul 7, 2022 | bucket truck

Bucket trucks that are manufactured and serviced by Versalift are available for purchase through the Versalift distributor network. Our network of company-owned and third-party distribution and service providers offer Versalift customers premium equipment sales, service, parts, warranty and financing for their Versalift bucket trucks, cable placers and splicers, high access units and digger derrick units. Recent model bucket trucks, and other rental fleet equipment, are available nationwide through TRL Rents, a Time Manufacturing Company brand.


Bucket Trucks – Available Soon

Bucket trucks built specifically for fleet industries are available for purchase before they officially join the market. Website visitors at versalift.com can check the Available Soon page for a more detailed look at currently available demonstration units and upcoming available units. Additional information includes detailed equipment specifications and expected availability dates.


Bucket Trucks – High Reach Access Jobs

High reach bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift are designed for electric power utility and wind turbine maintenance, and other high-access applications. Transmission linemen and other operators in these industries rely upon smarter, more reliable design in order to provide greater safety and stability at heights exceeding one hundred feet.


Bucket Trucks – Electric Utility Industry Fleets

Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift and serviced by Versalift distributors deliver a lower true cost of ownership to utility fleets with safe, reliable fleet solutions. Versalift aerial lifts feature several passive safety systems including TruGuard and SlopeMax. These systems function all the time, providing additional protections to linemen in the bucket, who perform the installation, maintenance and repair of electric power transmission and distribution infrastructure.


Bucket Trucks – Telecommunications Industry

Bucket trucks that are designed specifically for fleets in the telecommunications industry include the Versalift 5G Cable Splicer unit, which features a climate controlled splicing cabin and an easily accessible aerial lift pedestal for easy access. Several other Versalift units are built with the specialized needs of telecommunications fleets in mind.


Bucket Truck Parts

Bucket truck parts are always available for purchase directly through Versalift distributors, which is generally recommended because they have exceptional product knowledge and local resources on hand. Bucket truck parts can be purchased online at any time of day through the Versalift Parts Store. Versalift creates a lower true cost of ownership through smarter, more reliable design, and boasting the fewest recalls and lowest warranty rate in the industry. When it becomes necessary to purchase a replacement part, our customers can feel confident that our bucket truck parts are manufactured with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality as the equipment itself.


Bucket Truck Models

Bucket truck models can be categorized by customer needs – by working height, boom function or task. Versalift has done the work for you by having all the models organized and described in one place. Customers can visit the Aerial Reach Equipment-Models page to see a breakdown of the range of equipment options available through Versalift.


Cable Placers

Cable placers manufactured by Versalift are a series of truck-mounted aerial devices mainly built to serve the telecommunications industry. Versalift STP and VTP cable placers are designed and built to handle the tasks involved in the installation and repair of overhead telecommunications networks. With more than one hundred million miles of cable in the domestic telecommunications network, Versalift cable placers help fleets deliver efficient work on the jobsite.


Digger Derricks

Digger derricks manufactured by Versalift include a broad range of sheave heights and digging radiuses. Digger derricks are traditionally used to dig holes and mount utility poles and phone poles, and are utilized by both utility and telecommunications fleets. Primarily used for construction and repair of overhead communications and electric power infrastructure, Versalift digger derricks deliver a lower true cost of ownership. Please visit this page for more information and detailed specifications on the full line of Versalift digger derricks.


Compact Aerials

Compact aerial lifts are available for purchase through Ruthmann Reachmaster, a Time Manufacturing Company brand. Ruthmann Reachmaster provides equipment sales and service of Blueline compact aerial lifts, which are compact enough to fit through public doorways and ride in elevators. Bluelift compact aerial lifts provide unique access solutions to difficult and unusual access problems. Please visit this page for more information on Bluelift compact aerial lifts.


Compare All Lifts

Website visitors at versalift.com are able to compare and sort the wide variety of bucket trucks, cable placer and splicer units, digger derricks and other equipment that Versalift has to offer. Visitors can browse all available inventory, or sort and compare bucket trucks using a series of filters. Visitors can sort by industry, by lift type, by height range, and also select material handling capability and insulation requirements. Take a moment to explore the Versalift Bucket TruckComparison Tool.


Bucket Truck Rentals

Bucket truck rentals are available, nationwide, through TRL Rents, a Time Manufacturing Company brand. TRL Rents offers a wide range of bucket trucks and other truck equipment through a nationwide network of Versalift distributors. Used bucket truck inventory is constantly changing and regularly updated. Learn more about bucket truck rentals, service and financing here.