Bucket Truck Spotlight – Versalift VST-52-MHI


Versalift bucket trucks deliver a lower true cost of ownership through smarter and more reliable design. One example of smarter bucket truck design at Versalift is the VST-52-MHI. The unit is built to be driveable, maneuverable and lightweight, while not sacrificing any power or reach. With industry-leading payload of 3,750 lbs, the VST-52-MHI can replace a considerably more expensive 55’ Overcenter material handler. In the case of a three truck line crew consisting of one digger derrick and two 55’ material handling bucket trucks, replacing the equipment would represent about $70,000 in savings per crew.

Dozens of Ready-to-Go VST-52-MHI units available in multiple configurations (FOB:Waco,TX):

Versalift VST-52-MHI – Overview

The Versalift VST-52-MHI is a versatile and powerful bucket truck. Offering a combination of large working envelope, material handling, payload and safety features, this insulated aerial lift can be mounted onto a non-CDL chassis. Smarter, lightweight design gives the VST-52-MHI nearly two tons of payload, easily the best in its class.

Versalift VST-52-MHI Articulated telescopic Lift

  • Working height – 56’6”
  • Horizontal reach – 30’4”
  • 3,750 lbs of Payload
  • 1,000 lbs material handling
  • Insulated in every position, all the time
  • Electroguard & TruGuard safety systems standard
  • Full-pressure hydraulic upper controls

Platform and Material Handling Capacity

The Versalift VST-52-MHI has a platform capacity of 600 lbs. Platform capacity varies depending on material handling systems. The maximum jib capacity on this lightweight insulated material handler is 1,000 lbs.

Versalift Safety

Equipment safety is the top priority at Versalift. The VST-52-MHI has two insulation systems: Electroguard and TruGuard. These two safety systems combine to offer the safest telescopic insulated aerial units on the market. Electroguard creates complete dielectric isolation at any height and position, including fully retracted. TruGuard provides an additional layer of safety to linemen, by isolating the entire upper control system at the platform. To watch a detailed explanation of the Versalift TruGuard safety system, please click here.