Bucket Trucks For Sale – The Versalift VST-52-MHI Presented on Wheels In Motion

American bucket truck manufacturer Versalift presents the Versalift VST-52-MHI. The unit is presented by Brian Coleman, VP Sales, North & South America. In the four-minute video, Brian covers some company news and background before getting into the details of the equipment. The guys then take a couple of minutes to talk about the Versalift value proposition.

Versalift VST-52-MHI Creates Unique Value

The VST-52-MHI is very light for its reach. Offering 57′ of working height on a non CDL chassis, this unit has an exceptional working envelope. Because it is so lightweight, the VST-52-MHI is much easier to drive, set up and operate than any other unit on the market at that height. Other features of this unit include 1,000 lbs maximum jib capacity, with several platform & jib and winch packages available. At the platform, there are full-pressure hydraulic upper controls, which offer the operator greater responsiveness and control. Additionally, Versalift Electroguard and TruGuard safety systems combine to offer the safest telescopic insulated aerial units on the market, at any height and position, including fully retracted.

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Versalift VST-52-MHI Lightweight Advantage Results in Nearly 2 Tons of Payload

Versalift equipment offers a lower true cost of ownership due to smarter design and more reliable design. Smarter design has resulted in the lightweight advantage of Versalift equipment. The VST-52-MHI offers more than 3,800 lbs of payload. Some competing equipment has as little as 500 lbs of payload, which demonstrates that there is no comparison in payload capacity.


Versalift Equipment is Built to be Safe, Reliable and Easy to Maintain

Some examples of how we build ease of maintenance into our equipment are non-lube bearings, an open center hydraulic system, infinitely adjustable inner boom slide pads and torque seal stripe marks on all critical fasteners. Additionally, Versalift aerial lifts do not have a mandatory tear-down, saving both time and money.