Bucket Trucks Support Electric Power & Telecommunications Across America

Bucket Trucks Manufactured by Versalift Make It Safer To Maintain Power and Data Lines

Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift are engineered to build, access and maintain overhead systems that are fundamental to modern life, including communications and electric power cable networks, wind turbines, cellular towers and highway lighting systems. As the demand for consistent power and broadband internet access grows across the United States and around the world, Versalift aerial lifts, which are innovatively engineered to be lighter and stronger than the competition, all while requiring less maintenance, will be crucial to supporting needed infrastructure growth.

Bucket Trucks & Consistent Electric Power and Data for Every American

Bucket trucks make it possible for technicians to build power and data infrastructure. Massive national projects like the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 and Rural Broadband Initiative of 2018 are investments that the United States has always made to improve American quality of life and provide tools to be productive and successful. Access to electric power and broadband internet connections are very much a part of what it means to be an American in the 21st Century. Through a focus on cooperative purchasing channels, Versalift is able to provide safe, innovative and efficient equipment to Rural Electric Cooperatives and other organizations that build electrical infrastructure in the least densely populated areas of the United States.


Bucket Trucks & Rural Broadband Expansion

Reliable access to a broadband internet connection is a baseline for life in any developed country today. This is why the Rural Broadband Initiative is so important. As internet-based technologies evolve to address larger societal issues, Versalift equipment evolves to create value for fleets engaged in upgrading telecommunications infrastructure.


Bucket Trucks for 5G and the Internet of Things

Bucket trucks for the nationwide 5G rollout are an area of focus for Versalift. 5G will deliver a platform for the Internet of Things, which may be the most important evolution in mobile communications for fifty years. Major wireless providers will move to hire and employ thousands of new technicians to meet the demand for 5G across the United States and abroad.  It has been estimated that a nationwide 5G rollout could create as many as 3 million jobs and add $500 billion to the United States GDP. According to management and tech consultancy Accenture, the US wireless industry currently generates $475 billion in GDP, supports 4.7 million jobs, and creates $1 trillion in economic output. By designing, manufacturing, and distributing a newly developed 5G unit, Versalift will enable these technicians to safely install, maintain, and tune 5G devices for years to come.  It is not just towers that will need to go up high, but also security devices such as cameras, and relays for autonomous vehicles. Versalift is preparing with innovative equipment that safely meets the applications of the future.