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Infrastructure – Sign Light & Traffic

Mar 27, 2023 | aerial devices, sign, sign light traffic

Sign, Light and Traffic Signal Maintenance

In American cities and towns, sign, light and traffic signal maintenance requires a variety of equipment. Depending upon weather and climate conditions, municipal fleets use bucket trucks, which are vehicle-mounted aerial lifts to put technicians in position to perform maintenance tasks. Bucket trucks are used by municipal fleets, business fleets and contractors to install, maintain and repair signage and lighting systems. Typically, bucket trucks for this kind of work are not insulated, and are not used for electric utility work at all.


Sign, Light & Traffic Bucket Truck Requirements

Commonly, a bucket truck for sign and light maintenance has a working height of around 40 feet or less and a range of horizontal reach between 20 and 47 feet. With material handling and more than enough platform capacity at 300 to 800 lbs, Versalift aerial lifts for the sign & light industry offer the flexibility and efficiency that fleets need to replace lighting fixtures and bulbs, repairing or cleaning permanent signage, and hanging temporary signage at different points of the year.


Every community has bucket trucks that are used to clean building facades, public sculpture and other art, maintain public lighting and street lights.


Sign, Light & Traffic Maintenance Fleets Protect Public Safety

Municipal fleets use bucket trucks to replace street lamp bulbs and other public lighting fixtures. Municipalities either own their own fleets or they work with contractors to maintain traffic lights and pedestrian signals. According to one state DOT, the primary purpose of traffic signals is the safe and orderly flow of vehicles and pedestrians. In this case, traffic signals are defined as ‘essential traffic control devices at intersections and other key locations on roads and highways.’


Some aerial lifts that are utilized for sign and light maintenance were originally designed by Versalift engineers in 1989. The Versalift VST-40 was the world’s first telescopic articulated truck- mounted aerial device. Having revolutionized the truck mounted aerial lift industry, it is commonly utilized for traffic signal maintenance, delivering safe, reliable and high quality bucket trucks to valued customers across the United States.


Sourcewell Members Have Special Pricing & Access

Aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift are available for purchase through Sourcewell, a cooperative purchasing organization with more than 70,000 members. The Sourcewell membership is unique because it includes cities, towns, counties, school districts, publicly owned universities and other governmental and nonprofit entities. Each of these entities is publicly funded and is required to purchase equipment for the efficient execution of their duties. Sourcewell promises cooperative purchasing advantages, so that customers know they are putting their public dollars to work efficiently, without settling for low cost/low quality equipment, supplies and services.


Insulated aerial lifts are sold and serviced through a nationwide network of Versalift distributors and third party distribution partners. The Versalift distributor network delivers world-class service and maintenance across North America with factory trained technicians and industry experts. Versalift distributors provide the highest levels of safety, reliability and overall quality in the equipment, service and support to their local Versalift customers.