High Reach Aerial Lift Demo Sales Program Promoted by Versalift


Versalift is pleased to promote its demo sales program for high reach aerial lifts.

Following recent company-wide facilities improvements, Versalift is promoting its inventory of high-reach aerial units for immediate delivery. Ranging from 130 – 235 feet in working height, these high-reach demonstration units are located throughout Texas. Available inventory features PHX, CTA, SKY and Ruthmann high reach aerial lifts.

In a newly developed section of versalift.com, we’ve taken the opportunity to list all of the specifications for each lift, chassis and body of every available high-reach unit. Included with every demo unit is a price and full set of specs. Several features create excellent value in this group of high reach aerial lifts, including industry-leading side reach and high-quality on-board diagnostic equipment.

High Reach Demo Units –  Available

Our high reach units can be broken down into two types: Lifts for Electric Power Transmission and non-Insulated Lifts for Wind & other Non-Energy Applications. Investor Owned Utilities around the United States maintain fleets of Insulated high-reach aerial lifts in order to maintain high voltage electric power transmission infrastructure. Non-insulated lifts are used for high-reach tasks that don’t involve exposure to electric current. One of the more common applications for non-insulated high-reach units is wind turbine blade maintenance. Other high-reach applications for non-insulated high-reach aerial lifts include bridge inspection, cell tower construction and refinery maintenance.

Please explore Versalift’s high-reach demo sales program.


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Steven Starling, Director High Access Sales – 254-717-1747