Aerial Lifts in Massachusetts

Aerial lifts support the flow of information and electric power across Massachusetts

Aerial lifts are important to Massachusetts homes and businesses, because aerial lifts support the flow of power and information through overhead networks of cable that crisscross on of most dense states in the country. It is a very common sight to see vehicle-mounted aerial lifts along roadways or in neighborhoods across Massachusetts. Forestry and tree care lifts are also very common in the state. Despite the density of Boston and other major cities in Massachusetts, there are wild places and forested areas the blanket the state. Aerial lifts are also common to Massachusetts sign and light contractors, as well as departments of transportation and highway safety, who are responsible for lighting, signage and traffic signals across the state. Versalift aerial lifts are well suited to most high-reach applications and can perform most tasks without impeding vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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Electric Power and Utility Industry in Massachusetts

Aerial lifts that support electric utility infrastructure stay very busy in Massachusetts. People across the state tend to be very efficient in how they use energy. As a matter of fact, Massachusetts is well on its way to installing 2,000 megawatts of solar energy generation, which is in significant excess of its goal of 1600 megawatts.

Aerial lifts support the work of all of the electric utility companies, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives that provide electric power to homes and businesses in Massachusetts. A list of some Electric Utilities in Massachusetts:

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Telecommunications Construction & Maintenance in Massachusetts

88.9% of households have a computer and 83% have an internet subscription.


Massachusetts Telecommunications & CATV companies

Aerial lifts are constantly in use in Massachusetts, where… (in line hyperlinks to companies)


Bucket Trucks and their applications for Forestry in Massachusetts

Forestry bucket trucks are utilized to tend and harvest the more than 3.1 million acres of forested land in Massachusetts. As a matter of fact, 60% of the state is covered by forest. Vehicle-mounted aerial lifts that support forestry, logging and vegetation management industries must be durable and rugged to withstand the heavy work they must do.

Many groups work to support healthy forests in the state, including the Massachusetts Forest Alliance, which works to support a strong sustainable forest economy and implements policy such as property zoning and building roadways. For more information about forestry equipment, please visit 

Aerial lifts for Bridge Inspection in Massachusetts

Bridge inspection equipment in Massachusetts is a priority for the engineers and contractors who must inspect every Massachusetts bridge every two years. According the Federal DOT, every state must report on the condition of its bridges every two years, and the state has more than 5,100 bridges for which it is responsible.

Massachusetts bridges are among some of the most scenic in the country. For example, the Tobin Bridge is a two level bridge that spans Charlestown and Chelsea- it is more than two miles long and more than 250 feet above sea level.

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With a population of nearly seven million people, Massachusetts is one of the most dense states in the USA. Home to 12 of the world’s Fortune 500 Companies and numerous top universities, Massachusetts is an important state for finance, technology, medicine and manufacturing. The capital city of the state, and largest, is Boston. Boston is one of the oldest American cities, with a past that defined the course of American History. With several major sports franchises, Boston is one of the most famous cities in the United States. Worcester is now a part of the greater Boston area, though it occupies the eastern center of the state. Largest economic drivers are mostly in healthcare and insurance. Amherst is a beautiful town in Massachusetts that is powered by several excellent colleges and universities.


Notes on Aerial Lift Safety from the United States Department of Labor

Massachusetts Aerial Lift Safety

Massachusetts Aerial Lift Safety is highly visible due to population density and the number of roads in the state. All safety codes are strictly enforced throughout the state, and are written to be in alignment with the United States Department of Labor’s OSHA regulations on Aerial Lift Safety.

You can find the OSHA Aerial lift factsheet here.