• Aerial Lifts Built to Bring Your Linemen Home Safely

    Aerial lifts that are built and serviced by Versalift are used by linemen to manage, repair and maintain elevated powerlines. Linemen are the men and women who perform the dangerous work of maintaining overhead powerline networks. According to linemancentral.com, there are more than 120,000 linemen in the United States, and they spend their days and… Read more »

  • Aspen Aerials: Versalift Sister Company Keeps America’s Bridges Safe

    Aspen Aerials is a brand of the Time Manufacturing Company. Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, the manufacturer builds some of the most sought-after bridge inspection equipment in the world. Acquired by Time Manufacturing Company in October of 2018, Aspen Aerials has developed bridge inspection trucks that are efficient and effective at putting bridge engineers in position… Read more »

  • Bucket Truck Distributor Network

    Bucket trucks, high reach aerials, digger units, cable placers and other equipment that is manufactured by Versalift delivers a lower true cost of ownership to fleet and contractor customers. Smarter design results in greater reliability. The use of advanced high tensile strength materials on Versalift equipment results in less time spent in the shop, and… Read more »

  • Versalift Continues to Expand in Europe

    Versalift Ireland Ltd is Officially Open, as of February 2023 Versalift UK has developed strong relationships across the entire island, and has succeeded in providing equipment, service and support to valued customers. Versalift Ireland is built upon the success of these relationships. The managing director of Versalift Ireland, Andy Bray, is committed to delivering best-in-class… Read more »

  • Instructions

    Versalift No Tagline Logo

    Instructions on how to use Versalift.com   Tools and Features at Versalift.com At versalift.com, you have several tools at your disposal. This document is a brief overview of some of the features on the website that can create value for you and your customers. Lets start with the menu itself: NEW button is How to locate… Read more »

  • Bucket-Van-Aerial-Lift-Versalift-back-type

    Versalift VANTELs are aerial lifts that are mounted onto work vans, and are built for flexibility, convenience and maneuverability. Among other benefits, van mounted aerial lifts provide secure storage for necessary tools and materials, an interior workspace and a small enough footprint to not impede motor or pedestrian traffic to flow in busy areas. Telecommunications… Read more »

  • Hiring Veterans At Time Manufacturing Company

    Building A Growing Worldwide Team Time Manufacturing Company currently employs more than 2,600 people across North America and Europe, and around the world. Within our organization, we look for the opportunity to hire military veterans because veterans bring a strong sense of dedication, pride and unity to the work we do at Time Manufacturing Company…. Read more »

  • MEWP - PHX180i

    High Reach Aerial Lifts Available Now at Versalift High reach aerial lifts that are designed and built by Time Manufacturing Company are used by utility fleets to safely and efficiently build and maintain electric power transmission infrastructure. The linemen who perform electric power transmission maintenance work have a dangerous job, working on high voltage systems… Read more »

  • Time Manufacturing Company ESG Environmental Social Governance Factors

    Fleet Customers are Analyzing ESG Risk Factors Versalift, a Time Manufacturing Company brand, manufactures leading vehicle-mounted aerial lifts, digger derricks and other specialized equipment that support essential businesses across the country and around the world. These organizations work in industries such as electric utilities, telecommunications, forestry, sign & light, construction, and wind turbine blade maintenance…. Read more »

  • Ruthmann Bluelift Sa11p

    Versalift UK recently announced that it will assume exclusive representation of Bluelift, a premium brand of compact aerial lifts, in January 2023. As is the case with Versalift, Bluelift is a Time Manufacturing Company brand, having been acquired by Time when it acquired Ruthmann GmbH in 2020.  Bluelift Compact Aerials Solve Unique Access Challenges Bluelift… Read more »