Truck Bodies for Fleet Use

For the service fleets that use them, truck bodies and toppers act as a mobile office, tool box, warehouse and billboard. As such, truck bodies deliver powerful value and are a significant investment for any commercial fleet. The truck body choices that fleet managers and other stakeholders make have a direct impact on the fleet’s next several years of operations. There are important considerations for truck body buyers including weight, durability, resistance to corrosion, maintenance, safety and cost.  For this reason versalift recommends that you consider Fiberglass Bodies from BrandFX.
Below is a discussion that takes a closer look at how steel truck bodies and aluminum truck bodies can be compared. There’s also a discussion of the benefits of truck bodies made from each material. It’s not an easy decision for fleet managers and other truck body buyers.

Steel Truck Bodies

Steel truck bodies are the most popular kind of truck body in the world. Steel is reliable and has historically been the most depended-upon material for equipment and truck bodies. Steel has rightly earned its reputation for reliability: “strong as steel.” Some of the drawbacks of steel truck bodies are that they are heavier than alternative materials, they can rust and corrode


Key Benefits of Steel Truck Bodies:
  • Steel truck bodies are about one third less costly than aluminum truck bodies
  • Steel has been a reliable material that has created an expected result.
  • Steel is less expensive to repair than aluminum and can be recycled.

Versalift carries several Steel Truck Body Manufacturers as options.

Aluminum Truck Bodies

Aluminum truck bodies are a recent innovation in the world of truck bodies. As such, there is plenty of excitement about them. As a material, aluminum is about one third of the weight of steel.


Key Benefits of Aluminum Truck Bodies 
  • Aluminum has a lightweight advantage over steel. It is much lighter, so there is less of an impact on brakes, tires, suspension and other wear parts.
  • Aluminum truck bodies allow for much greater payload capacity.
  • Like steel, aluminum is a material that can be recycled, though it can be done so more efficiently and cleanly than steel.

Versalift carries several Aluminum Truck Body Manufacturers as options.

Truck Body Attributes

Truck Body Weight: A lighter weight enables several advantages that play into overall durability, maintenance and safety.
Truck Body Durability: A more durable truck body lasts longer and saves money
Truck Body Corrosion Resistance: Colder wetter climates are more demanding on metals, and can cause rust and corrosion on commercial fleet vehicles.
Truck Body Maintenance: Both aluminum and steel truck bodies require ongoing maintenance to avoid rust and corrosion.
Truck Body Safety: All American-made commercial truck bodies are built to a high safety standard, though lighter truck bodies have the advantage of shorter stopping distances and decreased likelihood of operating at unsafe levels of overweight.
Truck Body Cost: Steel stuck bodies are the most common and least expensive material out of which to build truck bodies. 

Learn more about BrandFX Fiberglass Truck Bodies – the smarter design that provides lower true cost of ownership. VersaliftBrandFXEUFMCVideo

Truck Bodies: Lightweighting

Truck body manufacturer BrandFX is the North American leader in advanced composite truck bodies. Lightweight, durable and long-lasting, fiberglass truck bodies can be remounted on chassis three or more times, extending the savings to your fleet.


Fiberglass Truck Body Advantages

Fiberglass truck bodies have a list of advantages that every fleet manager should consider when purchasing new vehicles:

  • Lower Emissions – Lightweight truck bodies burn less fuel.

  • Long Fleet Life – Our fiberglass truck bodies can last 30 years in fleet use.

  • Minimal Impact On Payload – Lighter bodies save payload for additional equipment.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Fewer trips to the repair shop for wear and tear issues.

  • lighter than steel – Composite bodies have improved payload capacity & fuel economy.

  • stronger than aluminum – Fiberglass is more resistant to damage than aluminum.

  • never corrode – Composite truck bodies are resistant to elements that cause corrosion.

  • lesser CDL requirements – Fleets have greater flexibility in the operation of their trucks.

  • improved stopping distance – Lighter truck bodies offer greater safety when braking.

  • Ready for the Future – offset the added weight of batteries and electrification equipment

  • no need for repainting or dent repair – Our color is embedded in the fiberglass material.


Steel Truck Bodies

Steel truck bodies can be less expensive than composite truck bodies to install, in terms of the initial upfit and cost of the body. Though steel is strong, it corrodes faster than composite or aluminum truck bodies. As the heaviest of the three options, steel body work trucks generally have less payload capacity and burn more fuel than work trucks with composite truck bodies.


Truck Bodies at BrandFX

BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are up to 50% lighter than similarly sized steel bodies. Despite being lighter weight, BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are ideal for heavy-duty use. Truck body utility should be measured by durability over time. Our composite truck bodies reduce the total cost of ownership significantly because they last longer and cost less to operate and maintain in your fleet.


Fiberglass Truck Bodies – Ease of Maintenance

BrandFX fiberglass truck bodies resist damage that typically occurs from climate and the heavy-duty industrial use like construction, HVAC and electric utility. In coastal climates where salt is present, and northern regions where winter roadways are treated with salt, fiberglass truck bodies do not corrode like steel bodies will despite preventative coating. Composite truck bodies will not dent, crack or break, making ease of maintenance and less downtime in the repair shop.

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