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Bucket Truck Innovations Support Essential Industries  

Aug 16, 2022 | bucket truck, aerial devices, Aerial Lifts, innovation

Bucket trucks that are manufactured by Versalift are available for purchase in a variety of configurations that meet specific demands of essential industries. The engineering team at Versalift, a Time Manufacturing Company, has been advancing bucket truck capabilities and safety for decades, delivering operator safety innovations and other design innovations in equipment weight, durability and operational capacity.


Bucket Truck Safety Innovations

Bucket trucks manufactured by Versalift have the lowest warranty rate in the industry, demonstrating that they are the safest and the most reliable in North America. Several Versalift VST and SST bucket trucks include a complete set of advanced safety systems. These are the result of experienced engineers and product experts who are entirely focused upon operator safety. Safety innovations include:

  • SlopeMax® is a passive operating system that provides safer working conditions for aerial lift technicians. This innovation uses a set of omnidirectional sensors to measure the slope angle of the surface and boom, and limit the horizontal reach via the lower boom function whenever it is necessary, in order to prevent accidents.
  • TruGuard™ is an aerial lift safety system by Versalift ensures that the upper control panel is completely isolated from the rest of the aerial lift.
  • ElectroGuardis a passive safety system that ensures an insulation gap. These safety systems combine to offer the safest insulated bucket trucks on the market, at any height and position, including fully retracted.

Bucket Truck Innovation at Versalift

Versalift engineers invented the world’s first articulated telescopic aerial device in the late 1980’s. Articulated telescopic aerial lifts are an industry standard, providing unique access and maneuverability. The Versalift VST-5000-I is a good example. This is a compact and powerful insulated bucket truck with an insulated, articulating telescopic aerial lift. This versatile bucket truck has a working height of 54 feet, a horizontal reach of 36 feet, and offers several boom tip configurations and jib options. Versalift fleet customers benefit from easy maintenance and dependability, resulting in greater time spent operating, and less time in the shop.

Bucket Trucks For Municipal, Light & Sign and Telecommunications Applications

Telescopic bucket trucks, including van-mounted aerial lifts, are manufactured, upfitted and serviced by Versalift. With a network of distributors and service providers that spans the United States and Canada, Versalift equipment supports several essential industries. Lightweight and compact, Versalift telescopic aerial lifts are versatile and can reach surprising working heights on a footprint barely larger than a single parking space. The LT-62-NE offers surprising vertical reach in a lightweight package. The  LT-62-NE, with a working height of just under 69 feet, can be mounted on a non-CDL chassis, which offers greater flexibility to fleets that need that kind of access.

Van Mounted Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts that are mounted onto work vans offer incredible flexibility and maneuverability to fleet customers. Versalift is the first bucket truck manufacturer to mount an aerial lift on a Ford Transit Van under 9,000 lbs GVWR. These units are able to securely store necessary tools and materials while providing a workspace for technicians, making Versalift van mounted aerial lifts ideal for telecommunications service and maintenance tasks. The VANTEL-29-NE is a telescopic, van mounted aerial lift with a working height of just under 35 feet and horizontal reach of 22 feet. Ideal for telecommunications work in densely populated areas, Versalift VANTEL units don’t block traffic and do not require outriggers for stability.

Non-Overcenter Bucket Trucks for Utility Fleet Versatility

Non-overcenter bucket trucks manufactured and serviced by Versalift are most efficiently deployed at sites that have clear access and that do not require repositioning. Designed to provide electric utility fleets with power, versatility and a compact footprint, Versalift non-overcenter bucket trucks offer an economical option that complements other equipment. Utility fleets with various material handling requirements often choose Versalift VN-555-MHI non-overenter units. These are powerful non-overcenter material handling bucket trucks with a generous working envelope of 60 feet working height and 42 feet of horizontal reach.

Overcenter Bucket Trucks for Forestry Applications

Bucket trucks that are built for forestry applications must be highly maneuverable. Overcenter bucket trucks are popular service units for businesses operating in the forestry industry. Versalift overcenter bucket trucks feature industry leading horizontal reach and payload, and are upfitted for heavy-duty forestry work. As is the case with most Versalift equipment, these overcenter units have no required downtime, and no mandatory tear-downs. Versalift overcenter bucket trucks are available to customers in both rear-mounted and standard forestry configurations. The Versalift VO-260-REV is a 60 ft insulated overcenter articulated bucket truck. Built to customer specifications, the VO-260-REV has a horizontal reach of 46 feet, ideal for forestry jobs.