Bucket Truck – Versalift PHX 150-I – Innovative & Insulated Unit for the Highest-Reaching Jobs


Bucket truck manufacturer Versalift has recently introduced the PHX-150-I, a new and innovative Heavy Duty 150 Foot Transmission Aerial Lift, specifically designed for the construction and maintenance of electric power transmission lines. These lines connect power generation plants to substations, and are located high in the air because they carry the most powerful and potentially hazardous electric currents. Heavy duty insulated units that are able to access remote locations are needed where these lines exist.

Bucket truck innovations are at the heart of Versalift’s brand new, high-reach, heavy duty unit, a powerful insulated aerial lift with massive capabilities. The working envelope of the PHX-150-I is far larger than any competing equipment in the market. The unit’s oversized working envelope allows it to reach multiple elevated worksites without having to move the truck. The PHX-150-I was designed with a brand new, on-board telemetry system that captures data about the equipment and job. Unique boom and outrigger configurations on the high-reach unit help make it possible to be sure that the equipment and jobsite are safe while linemen are working in the elevated workplace. Outrigger flexibility is a feature that is especially useful on rough and uneven terrain.


The bundle of innovations on the PHX-150-I allow for a greater variety of safer and more efficient work, in more challenging environments, in a single, high-reach unit. Advantages of the unit include:

  • Generous working envelope – with twice the area of the competition

  • Unique boom configuration allows significantly easier jobsite set-up

  • Easily the highest combined platform and material handling capacity in its class – featuring unrestricted jib capacity

  • Multiple outrigger configurations allow for more compact footprint

  • Electric over hydraulic controls, telematics and on-board color-coded diagnostics with graphic user interface

Versalift equipment creates the lowest true cost of ownership for customers through smarter design and more reliable design. Our use of innovative and lightweight materials, as well as our commitment to operator safety, has led to the lowest recall rate and the fewest warranty claims in the industry.


For more information on the Versalift PHX-150-I, please visit https://versalift.com/bucket-truck/phx-150-i/.