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Bucket Trucks for Tree Care & Vegetation Management

Feb 23, 2018 | tree care

Bucket Trucks for Tree Care by Versalift

Bucket trucks that are specifically purposed for tree care and vegetation management create a safe and efficient platform for tree care technicians to clear paths for utility lines, to trim trees and to maintain trees and hard-to-reach vegetation that is located in public spaces.

At Versalift, we work with tree care and vegetation management companies to deliver bucket trucks that keep technicians safe, create value, and get the job accomplished.

Tree care in public spaces has traditionally been the purview of municipal parks and recreation departments in the United States. Parks and recreation departments operate on tight budgets, and must work to maximize their resources. As a result, they often look for equipment that can be used to cover a broad set of responsibilities. Versalift’s VO line of medium- to heavy-duty bucket trucks are highly versatile, and so they represent great value to these organizations. With a significant range of working heights, the ability to hoist material with a jib and winch assembly, powered tool port and insulation options, a single Versalift VO bucket truck can be configured to handle a diverse set of high-reach tasks. It is precisely because of the large set of configuration and use possibilities that VO are often thought of as the multi-tool of bucket trucks.

Bucket trucks make all the difference to utility companies and telecommunications organizations that are commonly responsible for creating and maintaining a clear path through dense vegetation, including trees. Power lines and communications cable are commonly mounted to poles that run alongside roads. As a result, the bucket trucks that are used for vegetation management should be capable of parking on the shoulder of a road, with the horizontal reach needed to reach utility poles located off the road’s shoulder.

Line clearance is probably one of the most common tasks for organizations in the tree care and vegetation management business. Technicians in bucket trucks work to prune back growth that is encroaching on transmission and distribution lines. The act of clearing vegetation does not end with only the areas in which utility lines run. Pipelines, and other forms of  infrastructure that require significant land use, must be kept clear of encroaching vegetation. Rights of way must be cleared, as well as additional pathways and places for technical or maintenance access. Other services provided by tree care organizations include ongoing aerial trimming and herbicide application. Hazard tree removal, which is perhaps more common than some might think, is a regular service provided by tree care organizations that use bucket trucks. Hazard trees include those that are leaning precariously, trees that have split and broken, and trees that present any challenge to the flow of electric power.

Bucket trucks enable companies to be there in a big way for their communities. Emergency storm response is a service offered by many tree care providers. Because fallen trees can be so devastating to electrical infrastructure, not to mention homes and businesses, bucket trucks are used by vegetation management organizations to support clean up efforts after storms have come and gone.

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