Bucket Trucks With A Lower True Cost of Ownership

Bucket Truck Distributor Network

Bucket trucks, high reach aerials, digger units, cable placers and other equipment that is manufactured by Versalift delivers a lower true cost of ownership to fleet and contractor customers. Smarter design results in greater reliability. The use of advanced high tensile strength materials on Versalift equipment results in less time spent in the shop, and other lightweight benefits like more payload capacity and increased fuel efficiency.


Bucket Truck Distributor Network

Versalift distributors are well positioned to provide expert service to fleet customers across the United States. Versalift distributors provide equipment sales and upfits, as well as ongoing service of Versalift equipment. Distributors offer a broad range of services, including regular maintenance, hydraulic and electrical systems testing and parts.

VERSALIFT EAST – 2706 Brodhead Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18020

Proudly serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

VERSALIFT SOUTHWEST – 1200 Texas Central Parkway, Waco, TX,  76712

Serving customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas

VERSALIFT SOUTHEAST – 4816 Rutledge Pike, Knoxville, TN, 37914

Serving valued customers across Alabama and Tennessee

VERSALIFT SOUTHEAST – 614 E. Hanover Rd, Graham, NC, 27253

Serving fleet and contractors customers in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina

VERSALIFT NORTHWEST – 3770 Brooklake Rd, Salem, OR, 97305

Serving Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

VERSALIFT MIDWEST – 51761 Dansview Tech. Court, Shelby Township, MI, 48315

Serving fleet and contractor customers across Michigan


Bucket Truck Service and Scheduled Maintenance

Bucket truck distributors provide repair and regular maintenance to keep Versalift equipment running optimally. Repairs to hydraulic systems and pumps, ANSI inspection and dielectric testing are among the complete set of services available to Versalift customers. Scheduled maintenance at thirty days, three months and six months of ownership is part of keeping fleet equipment in top condition. All scheduled maintenance and service visits should be scheduled with your Versalift distributor. Additionally, mobile service technicians are available to perform unscheduled equipment maintenance at the jobsite.


Bucket Truck Parts & Accessories

Bucket truck parts and accessories are always available through Versalift distributors, who are the best source of equipment service and product knowledge. Parts, accessories and complete service kits can be conveniently purchased through the Versalift Parts Store, at any time. Complete service kits for popular models include Versalift VST-52N and Versalift TEL-29 units, and can be purchased with a single click. Browse by part number or search all parts in inventory. Parts Store customers can typically expect parts to ship within 24 hours.


Bucket Truck Warranty and Financing Service

Bucket trucks that are manufactured by Versalift have the lowest warranty claim rate in the industry. The Versalift warranty program comes standard with every new aerial lift we sell, which includes a one-year warranty for parts, and a lifetime warranty on structural components. Versalift Capital provides custom leasing and financing options for new and used equipment. With an emphasis on industry knowledge, responsiveness and personal service, Versalift Capital offers customers competitive financing options because we know our equipment, its durability, and its residual value better than anyone.


Bucket Truck Safety Systems

Bucket truck safety continues to be job number one at Versalift, where we continue our tradition of innovation. Passive safety systems like TruGuard and SlopeMax enable operators in the bucket to focus on the work at hand without worrying about other considerations. Both TruGuard and SlopeMax are standard safety systems on several of our most popular models.